aden by aden + anais Easy Swaddle, Oh Boy! – Blue Stars, Small/Medium

aden by aden + anais Easy Swaddle, Oh Boy! – Blue Stars, Small/Medium

Creating the perfect swaddle is easier then ever with the aden® by aden + anais® easy swaddle. The simple snaps secure the swaddle while the breathable 100% cotton muslin fabric keeps baby comfy and calm, all through the night.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • one pre-washed 100% cotton muslin easy swaddle
  • Breathable: helps reduce the risk of overheating
  • Comfy: natural give ensures a comfortable swaddle
  • Easy: secures and adjusts with simple snaps

Verified reviews


Not stretchy at all

I love the muslin and bamboo fabrics that Aden & Anais uses but I’m a little torn on their Easy Swaddle Blanket. I purchased this because I felt that what I had been using was actually too warm for my baby and the breathability of this was very appealing. It’s cute, cool, and easy to use. I wanted something with snaps because the velcro fasteners on my other swaddlers have lost their adhesion (love the snaps) but here’s my beef with this product: there is no give. While it is incredibly soft, it has no stretch to it. Now that may not be an issue to some but it’s a big issue for me and my squirmer. My son really struggled against this swaddler and as I watched him struggle against the fabric I could tell he was frustrated and uncomfortable. I think that one of the things he likes about our other swaddle blankets is the freedom he has within the constriction, if that makes sense. Anyway, I got the impression he actually felt trapped instead of comforted and he did not like sleeping in this particular swaddle blanket.

Annmarie Dunellen, NJ

So Necessary

I found that swaddling my newborn was the most peaceful way to get her to sleep. I really like the A+A Easy Swaddles as they use snaps, not noisy velcro (you do not want your baby startled awake by a velcro ripping sound after youve spent an hour rocking her to sleep at 3am, when you are half asleep yourself!). Additionally, I live in a warm climate so I like the thin breathability of this swaddler. No worries about my girl getting too hot during the night. I actually bought this one as a gift for a fellow new mom as I thought so highly of the product.

Rachel Coral, PA


We used Aden + Anais swaddle blankets with our first child and loved them. We still love them but we thought we’d give this easier version a try with our second child. OMG! They are so easy to use and still soft and comfy like the blankets. We love them and so does our daughter. She never fights going in even though we had always swaddled with one arm out before switching to these.

Glenna Pattison, TX

not satisfied

I love Aden and anais swaddles – however this one came with a snap out of place which made swaddling difficult. It also seemed larger than the other aden and anais swaddles we own so our little one could wiggle her arms out. Not typical of this product but it was our experience. Wish I could get our money back but I washed it before using it with our baby- oh well

Jillian Stonewall, TX

I really like this

I already love Aden + Anais swaddle blankets, this makes swaddling so much easier. Plus that great material and cute print we already love. A winner back here!

Renee Coello, IL

Probably my favorite of all the ‘easy’ swaddles

My son is 8 weeks old but he is long and lean. I prefer the easy swaddles to the traditional swaddle blanket because my son has been able to wriggle out of the swaddle blankets (even when wrapped really well) since he was about two weeks old and generally seems to hate being swaddled but sleeps better in a swaddle. I tried the summer infant which I liked but it became too small for his long legs. My son used the large summer infant and it was too small after about 6 weeks and he is only 8 pounds, 22 inches. I also have the HALO sleep sack which is very good too but the stretchy fabric can sometimes make baby too hot. Both the summer infant and Halo sleep sack have velcro strips to attach the swaddle whereas this swaddle has snaps. The snaps are much better: they don’t get stuck on things in the washer; they have a little more give (if you don’t do the velcro tight enough they come loose) which means baby can wiggle around a little bit without unswaddling himself and the snaps are much quieter and don’t wake baby. Finally this was the only easy swaddle I could find that was lighter weight for summer (my son was born late Feb and we will probably swaddle him three months and it is starting to warm up). Its a very breathable fabric so it’s worth the extra expense compared to the summer infant I think.

Tamika Alton, MO

Love this

Great for my little winter newborn. He loves to be swaddled and bundled. He’s 9lbs and I have room to swaddle him with a receiving blanket and then this wrap. It’s easy to use and keeps him cozy.

Olive Pulaski, PA


This is a great buy. However, my son is a tall for his age (95% in height) but he is a new born. So I bought the bigger size hoping it’ll fit but it is too loose on him and thus putting it on would mean I’d be taking the risk of suffocating him. So I’ve had to put it aside until he’s a little older. But the material is great and I can totally see the advantages of using this vs. a velcro swaddling blanket. It’s just that for us it’s not working but that’s just because of his height and age.

Kitty Spring, TX

The snaps are weird, but awesome

I know it’s weird for it to have snaps instead of velcro, but it’s the right move. Yes, you do have to concentrate a little harder at the crucial moment of getting your babe fully swaddled. But it lasts all night, and my Houdini baby only ever escaped once- her little fingers were just waving out the top, haha. These are so soft, and the perfect weight. I highly recommend them.

Dolly Dalton, MN

Had some issues, but overall good

There were some quality control issues with the 2 swaddles I got from AA. First one didn’t have any snaps on the wrap (very weird), and the replacement had a snap come off the first time I tried to unsnap it (it was still functional and I didn’t feel like returning it, so I kept it). Having said that, my son was a fighter and only the microfleece halo and miracle blanket would keep him swaddled before we bought this one. Those swaddles were too hot for warm weather, but this AA swaddle was the perfect weight while still giving good arm control (he could break out of it, but not consistently). It does run small and narrow compared to the Halos. My son fit into the middle of the weight range for a medium and we ended up needing a large (he is 75 percentile for weight and around 60th for height)..

Ramona Lohn, TX