aden by aden + anais Security Blankets kaija -Elephant, 2-Pack

aden by aden + anais Security Blankets kaija -Elephant, 2-Pack

Soft, gentle and breathable, our security blankets bring comforting thoughts and sweet dreams to newborns and toddlers alike. The perfect size for a constant companion, they’ll become of your child’s most cherished simple pleasures.

Main features

  • 90% Cotton/10% polyester
  • Imported
  • two pre-washed 100% cotton muslin security blankets with satin trim
  • Breathable: open weave allows for airflow
  • Practical: two identical security blankets; one for the wash and one for snuggling

Verified reviews


I don’t know what we would do without these…

I originally bought these tiny blankets on a baby deal site before my son was born. He immediately took to these and liked to put them over his face to sleep. The muslin is so breathable that I didn’t have to worry about how he used them. Now, at 2.5, he uses them as his "lovie" and likes to touch the satin gently to soothe himself. I’ve washed them hundreds of times and they still look brand new. I have 4 of these "night nights" so he’ll never be without one!

Nadia Minidoka, ID

Love These!

Perfect size for on the go. My son was raised with the full size Aden + Anais blankets and he transitioned to these smaller ones with no problem. He loves the silky edges. These are very small- about the size of a dinner plate.

Melinda Mount Eden, KY

Baby LOVES it

Our baby girl really loves this security blanket and it has made a tremendous difference in helping her put herself to sleep. Safety is always my top concern, so I love that it is made of muslin, which is breathable, and that it is small in size (little chance of getting tangled/wrapped). Also very practical is that it comes in a pack of two, so even on laundry day we have another ready to go. Highly recommend!

Adela Santa Fe, MO

Soft and Perfect Size

These are amazing. They are the perfect size for my daughter to take to daycare as a comfort item and I have an extra one just to be safe. They get softer every time you wash them. I love these blankets.

Mona Kootenai, ID

Best Security Blanket ever 🙂

Didn’t think I’d like this blanket because of the muslin material but I was mistaken. The material is very soft and washes well – holds up to wear and tear. Enjoy this one.

Molly Kalaupapa, HI

My baby immediately loved these

I purchased these beginning of June, 2014.Likes: baby immediately loved (had to take away to wash first), soft and breathableDislikes: I washed with some bibs with velcro snaps and the velcro snagged the satin edges. That’s probably my fault.

Dolly Lompoc, CA

I like it…and so does baby

Soft, snuggly – great that there are two so one can be in the wash. Disadvantage: the velcro on bibs really does a number on the binding in the wash if you’re not careful!

Monique Rutland, MA

did not replace the swaddling blanket as security item

My 7 month old uses the Aden and Anais swaddling blankets as his sleep/security item. Thinking these would be a little safer for him to have in his crib, I ordered a pack. He did not accept these as a replacement for the blanket, unfortunately. We’re back to using a blanket.

Betty Midway, TN

very soft, comes just as conveyed

I like these security blankets very much. I am hoping they help transition our baby from her binkie… only time will tell. As a message to the company though, I would say WHY would you package muslin the way you did with the little plastic tags going through that even when carefully cut can catch on the muslin and create snags not to mention the six permanent tiny holes there are in these blankets due to how they are packaged?? Do it in such a way that doesn’t damage your own product in the future.

Anna Jerseyville, IL

Truly breathable

You really can breate through these blankets. My 9 month old prefers them to his binky and likes to hold them while he drinks his bottle and when he sleeps. We have tried other blakies and he prefers these- plus they are the safest for him to sleep with. He sleeps with them over his face and has no trouble breathing. He also loves to play peek a boo with them.

Jami New Cuyama, CA


I was initially concerned about using a security blanket with my then 6 month old. But this one is thin and breathable, so I felt safe leaving it in bed with baby. And… oh how I wish I could capture the baby smell that’s on it now from all her cuddling! Order extra so that if one goes missing you won’t have an upset baby.

Bonita Owen, WI