aden by aden + anais Security Blankets kaija -Elephant, 2-Pack

aden by aden + anais Security Blankets kaija -Elephant, 2-Pack

Soft, gentle and breathable, our security blankets bring comforting thoughts and sweet dreams to newborns and toddlers alike. The perfect size for a constant companion, they’ll become of your child’s most cherished simple pleasures.

Main features

  • 90% Cotton/10% polyester
  • Imported
  • two pre-washed 100% cotton muslin security blankets with satin trim
  • Breathable: open weave allows for airflow
  • Practical: two identical security blankets; one for the wash and one for snuggling

Verified reviews


Great quality

I love these little blankets. They get softer as you wash them. They are the perfect size for my toddler to carry around.

Loretta Biglerville, PA

2-Pack is genius

We love these little blankets because they aren’t so huge that our daughter trips or gets them caught on things as she drags them around. They are also light-weight enough that we feel comfortable putting her to bed with them. And the 2-pack was a genius idea as one can be in the laundry while she still has the other….she doesn’t even know the first one is gone.

Karla Camp Verde, AZ

Perfect for our little girl!

My daughter loves these blankies! She rubs the satin part on her face when she’s tired and holds it while she sleeps. I love that they come in 2 packs too because we have already lost one, but there is a replacement so she doesn’t even notice!

Maryanne Illiopolis, IL

cute but thin

These are very cute little blankets. The 20×20 is just right size but they a really thin. The quality is similar to the target brand Aden. Not the thicker Aden and anais blankets. I’m not sure how well these will hold up over the next few years but for the price, these are good.

Matilda Oraville, IL

Perfect lovey!

My 7 month old has loved these little blankets since birth! Now that she’s mobile she takes this everywhere and sleeps with it as well. I love that’s its breathable so that there are no worries of suffocation with this near baby’s face. I’ve even tested it out myself because my bany likes to out it right against her face. Do be careful not wash these with bibs that have the Velcro as it does cause pulls in the fabric. These are thin and small, but just perfect for little ones. Definitely get m ore than one pack! We keep one of these in the car, one in the diaper bag, one it the crib and one on our main living level!

Antionette Brawley, CA

Soft… Do the job

I was looking for a safe lovey for my son so I ordered these. These are very soft and durable. Having 2 is very convenient. So one is used and one is washed!

Caroline Hiram, ME

The best security blanket out there

I may have to restrain how long a review I actually write about a baby security blanket but I love, love, love these blankets!!We got them and started using them when my daughter (now 18 months) was about 4 months old. We would give them to her for short periods of time then (and I was never worried because they are so thin she can breathe right through them). It took a while for her to really love and want them, but I’m glad we kept offering it because now it’s her "go to" lovey object all the time. We actually have 4 blankets total and they are in constant rotation. And for constantly being used, dragged, washed and loved they have held up amazingly well (surprisingly so! I was prepared to keep buying a new set of two every 3-6 months, but we haven’t bought any others since we got these).It’s the perfect size blanket too and so, so soft. And, ultimately, the biggest pluses in my mind is that this blanket is super portable and washable (which are very important things when kids are involved!).This is also always a part of new baby gifts I give to all my friends!

Lea Backus, MN

My son loves these!

I ordered these to use as security blankets for my almost four month old son. He loves them, and I love the fact that the material is thin and breathable if they end up near his face. They are also just adorable! Great for your own baby or as a gift!

Nadia Effie, LA

A must have!

I wasn’t planning on getting a lovey for baby, but it was recommended by a sleep consultant, and it was definitely helpful! It has really made her naps longer. She loves the silky material around the edge, and it is super cute. Easy to wash and maintain.

Candace Marionville, VA

Great Security Blankets

These blanket squares are great! They are a smaller size of the same swaddle blanket muslin material that I loved when my baby was younger. The satin trim is silky, and my baby loves rubbing it between his fingers and sucking on the corners. I also appreciate that they come as a two-pack so that one can be in the laundry while the baby has the other one (or in the car, or in another room).Good quality, washes well.

Vicki Georgetown, IL

Love A&A products

My daughter loves her A&A security blankets. It’s also nice to have two so if one is in the wash. I think these were a great purchase, small enough to bring with you and not drag on the ground, soft enough as all of their products tend to be.

Jo O Kean, AR

good buy

I bought this for my infant and I’m glad there are two because my toddler decided she wanted one as well. This is the Aden version of Aden + Anais, I’m really not sure what the difference is for these security blankets.

Corrine Silver Spring, PA

Four Stars

These blankets are very well made but my then 4 month old never got attached to them.

Marisol Lenni, PA

Girls haven’t taken to them

I like them. They’re soft, light, and breathable, but so far the girls haven’t taken to them. Not the product’s fault, but I could’ve probably gone without buying this.

Alyssa Central, AZ

Good for my LO

Did the job, and helped my LO sleep better through the night. Light, perfect size did the trick. Yay Yay

Cortney Sidney, IA