aden by aden + anais Stroller Blanket, Jungle Jive

aden by aden + anais Stroller Blanket, Jungle Jive

Whether it’s a brisk walk in the park or just a stroll through a store, baby stays snug and warm with this stroller blanket. Made of two layers of cotton muslin, a soft breathable fabric, these blankets are large enough to fit ovr any stroller, yet make great swaddles, burp cloths, nursing covers and tummy-time blankets too!

Main features

  • Warm: features a double layer of muslin
  • Breathable: helps reduce the risk of overheating
  • Comfy: feels soft and cozy to the touch
  • one 44″ x 44″ pre-washed double layer 100% cotton muslin stroller blanket
  • Warm: features a double-layer of muslin
  • Breathable: helps reduce the risk of overheating
  • Comfy: feels soft and cozy to the touch

Verified reviews


Our SUPER Favorite blanket

First of all, I have to say, I’m addicted to Aden & Anais products. I swear I have more muslin blankets than the average mom, but they are so soft, its a must!This blanket is quite large 44×44″, its like two of the muslin swaddles sewn together. Its large, yet airy. My little girl sleeps with just this on, during hot summer nights. It seems after each wash, the blanket just gets softer and softer. The colors are delicate and do not fade with washes. I think this blanket is better than the Dream (Dream is much thicker), as the Dream gets a little frazzled due to all the layers.

Myrna Venice, CA

Great company, great product, just know this is a 2-ply blanket

I have used their swaddling blankets with both of my kids along with other brands, and aden + anais are far superior. They wash and wear well and are the perfect weight. I bought this recently and love the fabric and pattern. However, it is two ply and thus too thick for swaddling. I use it as a drape over him in the car seat or to protect him from the sun when I use a baby carrier.

Polly Orchard, NE

great blankie

I got this for my 15 month old boy and he likes it much better than any of his other blankets. I had bought him the nice cotton swaddling blankets but he seems to get too hot in those. This blankie is the perfect weight for him and he does not overheat in it. I also love the large size. The other blankets are only 30inch squares but these are 44 inches! I think part of the reason he likes these is because the fabric feels similar to his burb cloths(birdseye cloth diapers) which he uses as security blankets. I may have to look into getting him the heavier dream blanket for winter though.

Jana Gibbon, NE

Favorite Blanket!

This is by far my favorite blanket for my daughter! It is neutral for both genders, not too heavy and not too light! It’s not synthetic like a lot of baby blankets so I feel safe when she’s chewing on it or falls asleep with it. A lot bigger than I imagined which I am thrilled about. Great price too! I’d buy this blanket time and again for any new baby!

Latoya Maynard, IA

Preschooler loves this for naptime!

Great size and thickness for toddler and preschooler! This blanket is very soft. I generally love the A&A products but the one-ply blankets are too thin and haven’t gotten much use once we stopped swaddling. The heavenly blankets are great for nighttime but too heavy for naptime. This has been the perfect in-between blanket. The size fits my tall preschooler well.

Mara Elberfeld, IN

Wonderful Blanket

We love these blankets! Just the right weight and thickness to use both on cooler summer nights and into the winter months. Plenty big to double up for extra warmth or lay flat for baby to lay on and at a great price point too! Has held up to months of frequent washings and still looks brand new.

Michaela Umpire, AR

Great crib blanket

I couldn’t decide between the stroller size or the dream size but I was very happy with the stroller size blanket for my toddlers bed. We use it for naps/bedtime – it’s a generous size for a 2 year old, lightweight but her room is heated so it should keep her plenty warm in the winter anyway. Babies R Us has these for around $20 but not many patterns to chooes from. This washes well, no separating which I was worried about with the dream blanket but this has less layers. Great toddler blanket overall!!

Traci La Plata, MD

Great for the Florida weather

This blanket is wonderful, I’ve already purchased a couple of these. They are soft and breathable and great for the mild but changing Florida weather.

Gayla West Chatham, MA

Love love love

I love the giraffe print. We bought the stroller blanket, crib sheets and diaper changer cover. All aden and Anais products are soft, durable and adorable

Melody Monhegan, ME

Nice blanket!

I absolutely love the larger size & thickness of this blanket. It’s cute & functional as well. I was impressed with the price & quality of this blanket a definite recommend.

Esther Haywood, WV

Breathable warm for your little ones!

They are very SOFT and versatile! I use my stroller blanket as a tummy time floor blanket, fold it up as a little pillow, clip it up as a nursing cover…etc…! The thickness of this aden + anais stroller blanket is in between their famous swaddle blankets and their dream blankets (I have both and love them!). When the weather is cooler, I fold it up to keep my baby warm. In warmer days, I just open it up and it’s a very good light cover. Highly recommended to all Moms!

Judith Fairfield, NE

Best Blanket Ever

We love this blanket. We used the swaddle blankets but we had a problem with our son stuffing them in his mouth while he was going to sleep. These are just thick enough that we don’t worry about them in his mouth but they have the same feel as the swaddle blankets.

Tracey Hesperus, CO

The best blanket to hold and carry baby.

The best blanket to hold and carry baby. Soft, durable, won’t overheat baby, great to hold babe while feeding, great to rock baby to sleep in, wonderful to warm up baby after bath, high quality, great value, awesome large size. I bought 3. They are fantastic for every day use and safe, too. Large enough to wrap baby up in your arms and relax comfortably.

Sherry Ellabell, GA

Perfect weight

Perfect weight for a car seat. Does not get too bulky yet isn’t as thin as a swaddle blanket so babe stays nice and cozy. Is "Aden" by Aden and Anais…but who cares, it’s inexpensive and cute!

Marjorie Milton Mills, NH

Love it

This is a very well made blanket. The fabric is soft and breathable. My son gets rashes from synthetics, and this blanket helps prevent them. The blanket is large enough for swaddling ( even at 6 mo my son loves it ), or for folding for a bit of extra warmth. I have a thicker ( 4 layers ) dream blanket for his crib, and very happy with both. I do wash these in cold water, as recommended, to keep the fabric soft.

Fern Clarksville, IA

Four Stars

lovely soft muslin

Bridgett South Naknek, AK

Very rough material………..

Not sure why there are so many good reviews, this blanket is not soft at all!!! In fact, it’s feels quite scratchy. I gave it 2 stars for at least it’s a decent size blanket.

Maryellen Harpursville, NY

Best Blanket

I got this blanket for my 14 month old son and he loves it. I got it for his crib to switch out his heavier winter blanket and this is great. It is so soft and the perfect size for him. After washing it a few times it has gotten softer and softer. Not too thin, but not too thick..Perfect summer blanket.

Bridget Rich Square, NC

Perfect Blanket for Many Purposes

We use it a blanket for our baby at home, or tummy time mat or as a carseat canopy when we are out and as a stroller blanket. We live in San Francisco, it is fall weather all year round, so it is perfect for our weather, not too thick and not too thin.

Lakisha Momence, IL

good thin blanket

my 2 year old loves this blanket its soft but not thick he usually doesn’t like any blankets as he sleeps but he will cuddle up to this one he drags it around the house all day. I wound up having to purchase 2 so he had one for day and a clean one at night while other one washes. The shape has stayed the same over many washes and it is still just as soft will be buying more for baby shower gifts.

Louise Lee, IL

Great summer blanket

My daughter loves this blanket. We also have the Dreams blanket. This one is much thinner but a great light weight summer blanket.

Madelyn Middleburg, KY

Very good

Lovely fabric, nice for hot weather and the coldWill recommend to friends And family. I use it very often

Bertha Quapaw, OK

Great all purpose blanket

If you are familiar with the weight and texture of Muslin then the best way to describe this blanket is like 2ply Muslin. It is heavier than the swaddles but lighter than the Dream blankets. It is a fantastic nap time blanket/cover up. Breathable so I don’t have to strip my toddler down but warm enough that he is still comfortable if he goes down in a onesie or just a diaper and tshirt. Slightly smaller than the Dream blankets but still large. Although the weight is lighter than the Dreams the fabric feel for these is the same to me. I’m a fan. For twenty bucks and Prime eligible shipping, can’t beat it. Wish they had more designs/patterns.

Daisy Buellton, CA

Great blanket

I love the aden + anais blankets. This stroller blanket is thicker than the regular receiving blanket and is a great multipurpose blanket. It washes great and my baby loves it.

Roseann Stephen, MN

This blanket is soft and very similar to the sets …

This blanket is soft and very similar to the sets of four you can purchase! This one just has the border, but it’s cute and will work for the stroller, nursing, or anything requiring a light blanket!

Abigail Maplewood, OH

Excellent, just as expected

Well..well..well..what is not to say about Aden+anais blankets!! Much better than expected! Very cozy and warm, this is an all purpose baby blanket..not just a stroller blanket.

Valarie Moriah, NY

Great size and good material

Good size to tuck baby. Love the softness of the blanket. Highly recommended for fall and spring time, when weather is moderate

Jewell Houghton Lake Heights, MI