aden by aden + anais Swaddleplus Oh My!, 4-Pack

aden by aden + anais Swaddleplus Oh My!, 4-Pack

For centuries, mothers have used soft, natural muslin to swaddle their little ones. But perhaps they’ve never done it so stylishly as with these aden + anais swaddle wraps. Each natural wrap comes in a clean, classic print that’s also soft to the touch for parents and baby. And the fabric is breathable so your child won’t overheat — ensuring a good day or night’s sleep!

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • four 44″ x 44″ pre-washed 100% cotton muslin swaddles
  • Breathable: helps reduce the risk of overheating
  • Comfy: the more you wash it, the softer it gets
  • Generous size: makes swaddling easy

Verified reviews


Something you NEED

Okay, I’m a simple momma. I try to avoid babies r us like the plague. I try to keep the “stuff” to a minimum. You need these. Yup. Diapers, car seat, place for kid to sleep, Aden and Anais blankets. I think they’re ugly. Yup. Ugly. But, they’re amazing. Sunny outside? Throw a blanket over the car seat. These are so breathable, you’ll be glad to have them. Kiddo won’t sleep? Swaddle him up in this! My 6 month old still loves to be swaddle- he fits in these. Breast feeding in the park? Yup! Works as a little shield too. Do you need a 20 dollar cover up? Nope! You’ve got these! Super cold? Swaddle him in one of these and then throw him in a sleep sack. Double bundle! Rawkin.

Petra Brewster, NY

this is ADEN by aden+anais, not to be mistaken for the original

This 1 star is simply for the description of the product. The ADEN by aden+anais brand is of lesser quality and is 3 inches shorter in both length and width than the original aden+anais brand swaddle cloths. There is a big difference. I just wanted to make people aware that they’re not ordering these:

Yvette Middleburg, KY

Great blanket

This is great blanket. It’s thin enough to swaddle a baby in summer. There are two sizes so be careful if you want the bigger one. I wanted to order the bigger one and when I received it, it was smaller. It still works but I like the bigger one better. I think the bigger one is 47×47. Even though this one is smaller, I’m still able to swaddle my 5 month old (soon to be 6 month) baby. Very recommended!

Roslyn Poca, WV


Please dont waste your money on these. They smell very bad (plastic) and they are NOT NOT NOT soft.They are actually very rough on the skin, I will defiantly return them.I bought the 3 pack bamboo swaddles as well, and those ones are the most softest ever. I will be buying more if the bamboo ones, even though they cost more, at least they dont smell and are not rough

John Callahan, FL

Nice blanket but smells

Hi! These blankets came highly recommended to me by a friend, but when I took them out of the package they smelled funny. I washed them with a bunch of other things and everything smelled like the detergent except the blankets still smell. The smell is like a plastic or chemical smell. I will probably be returning them. Has anyone else noticed a smell?

Megan Royal Oak, MI

The best.

No words other than that – For wrapping a baby, Aden + Anais swaddles far outweigh the competition!The competition is hardly that – they are mostly small, flannel, and not worth your time.These are expensive but quality, and they are LARGE enough to wrap a baby who is older than a month, unlike the others.They wash well, and they wear well alike for Summer and Winter babies.

Stefanie Abingdon, IL

Great blankets

I have swaddling blankets that are "Aden" and "Aden + Anais"… the "Aden" (these 4) are 100% cotton. The "Aden + Anais" are another fabric, and softer. These 4 are great, but it should be noted that they are not the same quality as other blankets made by this company. I still recommend them!

Wilda Decherd, TN

not original

the quality is not the same. Thin. scratchy. spent more and get the classic ones. size is smaller too ugh

Wendy Yadkinville, NC

Best Snugglie Ever

We bought this for our newborn (before he was born) and they were absolutely perfect. He is a summer baby, and these were just soft enough (perfect after a few washings), and definitely big enough, and most importantly, breathable. He felt swaddled and cozy without getting too hot. I imagine these would work in winter too, in a warm house. I’ve also used them as crib liners and we always have a couple lying around the house, for him to cuddle up with. Now he is four months and he still loves these snugglies (he didn’t really like a tight swaddle by the way); they are like a sheet for him that we use under a heavier blanket. They are classy and quite large, so you can double them, doubling the weight and warmth, and they are still big enough and cozy. We are looking forward to wearing them out. Everyone should have at least a couple of these blankies.

Delia Swarthmore, PA

Fabric doesn’t have any give to it

I debated giving only 2 stars… the fabric is breatheable, and it’s HUGE. But, in my opinion, not a good swaddle blanket because it doesn’t have any stretch to it. No matter how tight I tried to wrap my little one, he got out of it EVERY time. Then I had to worry if it was up around his face, and I ended up not using them for swaddling. So if you want to use it to put down on the floor, it gives room for baby to roll around on. Other than that… I’d find different options for swaddling.

Martina Lunenburg, VT

Only swaddling blanket I will ever buy!

As a first-time mom, I purchased a lot of really heavy swaddling blankets – thinking that because they were so soft and snuggly, baby would love them. However, our baby is always so warm, that when we would swaddle her she would get even warmer, start sweating and then upset.With these muslin swaddles, they are so lightweight that you can wrap the baby up without making her uncomfortable.

Ophelia Trezevant, TN

Great Product

This is a great product. The only reason I drop it a star is that they could just be a few inches bigger – and it would be easier to swaddle a bigger baby. But we used them for light weight blankets to throw on a stroller, for the car, and for her at daycare to have a little snuggler. GREAT product – check out their sleep sacks too!

Katelyn Briggsdale, CO

Best baby product ever!

These muslin blankets are the best!! I can’t explain to you how awesome they are! I am buying them for all of my friends baby showers/gifts from now on.I started off using the standard receiving blankets and they were mediocre at best. I was getting frustrated with swaddling since the other brands are too small and have very little give to them. These muslin swaddlers are huge and wrap up nice and tight. You can really get the arms and legs under control.Yes, they are pricey, but you only need 4 of them and they will come in handy well after the baby needs to be swaddled. I use them now as a normal blanket, burp cloth and a cover on the stroller. They get nice and soft as you wash them and they dont’ stain. They fabric is thin enough for warm days and warm enough to keep the bundled baby comfy.

Chelsey Dayville, CT


I purchased these as a gift, but I purchase these as a gift for every one of my expectant friends.I can not say enough good things about these blankets. They are nice and light, are large enough to do a really tight swaddle, they are super soft, and wash well. But beware, I washed and used them a lot and they ended up getting very worn and stretched and one of them even ripped, but we swaddled our daughter SUPER SUPER tightly until she was about 7 months old. They are a great nursing cover and a great seat cover as well, and now they are used as a changing table cover for when the actual cover is being washed. I will continue to recommend these to all my expectant friends.

Esther Jay, ME

hands down, best blankets for babies

These are not only cute,but because they’re light and airy, they’ll be the most versatile blankets you’ll own. i would love to have more.The are a great size for swaddling, but we also use them to toss over the baby’s legs in the stroller on a hot day to protect her from the sun.I plan to buy these for all my pregnant friends.

Tammie Alba, PA

Super soft and Large

I like these blankets. They are very large in size, but not too thick. They are very soft. I’d recommend these to anyone!

Roxanne Highland Park, NJ

Best blankets ever

So soft and breathable. We use them for everything – breastfeeding cover, stroller cover, car seat cover, anything and everything. Only downside is that they absorbed a color transfer easily while washing.

Adriana Jud, ND

Swaddling is such a lifesaver!

Swaddling blankets are a must have for anyone with a newborn. These blankets make the perfect wraps (use two so your little one doesn’t escape!). They are soft, breathable, and cling to themselves so you can get a tight wrap every time. I would be lost without these blankets!

Vicky Steilacoom, WA

Love love love

Yep, they’re worth the hype. These blankets are the best for swaddling, draping over car seats/strollers, covering floors/furniture, and even using as burp cloths. They are light weight, but perfect for stuffing inside a car seat cover or Bundle Me for extra warmth. Breathable, easy to roll up and toss in your diaper bag. An absolute baby necessity.

Marcella Brockport, PA

Best purchse!

These swaddling blankets were a treat to myself before baby arrived and I am so very happy with my purchase. These were the perfect weight for my summer baby, and he clearly loves the feel of them, as they are in his hands constantly. While baby never liked to be swaddled, I use them as stroller blankets, light-weight nap blankets, and even as a changing mat in a pinch. They wash beautifully and even get softer with each wash! While my other receiving blankets have already faded after 4 months, these still look new. The subtle colorful patterns are a positive as well.

Rosalie Gracewood, GA

Simple, safe, excellent quality

After having a bad experience with a HALO swaddling sack, my wife ordered these to swaddle our infant and they are great. They are extra large and easy to wrap up our baby in. Our infant is very active and tends to pull things over his face, such as with the HALO sack, but we feel entirely fine with wrapping him in these to sleep as they are totally breathable. They are also very comfortable to the touch and our baby really loves how snuggly they are. The soft texture only gets softer with repeated washes unlike many blankets that get rough with wear. I highly recommend these as the best and safest option for swaddling infants.

Stacie Chestertown, MD

Best baby blankets!

These are so versatile, lightweight and wonderful quality. I have two packs because I use them for everything! My son is 3.5 months and I have used several blankets each day since he was born.

Elda Saint Petersburg, PA

perfect Swaddlling blankets and more

These are not just great for swaddling but for placing on car seat or swing, keeps the new baby nice and cool.No sign of wear after scores of washes.

Janine Masterson, TX

Best baby blankets around! Super soft and perfect shower gift!

These are the aboslute best, especially while breast feeding. i used them for everything! Every wash they get a bit softer as well. i give it as a gift for every shower now!

Aimee Longmont, CO

Love them!

Very useful and nice quality! They could be a little less expensive tho! Otherwise a great product. I have 2 packs for my newborn baby! Works out perfect!

Terrie Jackson, OH

Large and soft

These blankets are perfect for swaddling your baby. They keep them nice and cool when you need them to be and you can double them up for extra warmth at the winter.

Kelli Pea Ridge, AR

These are great for everything

These are great for everything, swaddling, burp cloths, mini picnic blanket, warmth in the summer transitioning from outdoors to air conditioning. These are better quality than the same brand from target.

Josephine Gwynn, VA

Very Nice

I get so many compliments on these blankets. I use them mostly to cover up the car seat when it’s bright out and to cover myself when nursing in public. Nice size and light enough that baby isn’t boiling.

Carissa Beverly, MA


I have always been a big fan of Aden & anais products. I purchased these for my infant and they are great. Im not sure if they have changed the material, but these seem much softer that the ones I used with my toddler 2.5 years ago. In my opinion these are a must for a new baby.

Millie Fair Lawn, NJ

Best swaddle blankets there is

These are so soft, stretchy and adorable. They are perfect for the summer. We use them to swaddle her every night. We also use them to put over her carseat if it’s too sunny out, or when we go for walks because it blocks just enough light, but doesn’t make it a hot and dark. I’ve purchased several of these.

Milagros Adams, WI