aden by aden + anais Wearable Blanket, Life’s A Hoot – Turtle, Small

aden by aden + anais Wearable Blanket, Life’s A Hoot – Turtle, Small

Designed to be worn over your baby’s favorite pajamas, this muslin wearable blanket does away with loose blankets in the crib-creating a safe sleep for baby and peaceful night for you. And with a zipper from the bottom up, our wearable blanket makes for easy nighttime changes.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • one pre-washed 100% cotton muslin wearable blanket
  • Breathable: helps reduce the risk of overheating
  • Comfy: the more you wash it, the softer it gets
  • Safe: eliminates loose crib blankets

Verified reviews


Expected higher quality

I bought two of these sleep sacks for my 4 month old after having friends who loved them. I like the softness of the muslin and thought they’d be perfect. However, I think they’re too thin and don’t really do anything to keep baby warmer than his footed pj’s already do. We have central A/C and ceiling fans and I’ve ended up putting a blanket over the baby on some nights. The 4 layer muslin ones would possily be a better choice. Also, the zipper isn’t very high quality, it’s come “off track” a couple times and I’ve had to fight to fix it while it’s on the baby. I’m glad I didn’t pay the full retail price for these.

Jacqueline Waverly, TN

Adorable design, high quality muslin, but zipper needs improvement

I’ve got many of the Aden & Anais swaddle blankets and sleep sacks .. and was delighted to find this new adorable design. The muslin material is very soft and washes well – better than many of the other A+A products I’ve bought, for some reason, which tend to pill up a lot more. The fit is great on my little one. He is getting pretty strong at 6mo, and hasn’t yet kicked through it (as I read in some other reviews) even though it’s a fairly thin material.Yes, the material is lightweight – but perfect for daytime summer naps here in the SF Bay Area (daytime room temps of 68-72F). This would not be a good purchase for nighttime use, or fall/spring/winter.The only thing that needs improvement on this bag is the zipper. It is a little flimsy and the zipper has become separated a couple times. I’ve always been able to get it back on track fairly easily (so far), but I’ve read in other reviews that the zipper has become irrevocably damaged so am aware this may be a problem in the future.

Joni Missouri Valley, IA

Works great but zipper challenge

We have three of these. We bought two in May and our baby has been wearing them almost every other day. We bought a third one (a large size) recently. The fabric of the two older ones holds well in washes and drying. One of them can no longer be zipped properly, so we threw it away. At the beginning, I’ve found it hard to put the zip together compared to the Halo cotton ones. After a few weeks, my fingers got a better feel for it and it was easier. The fabric is really comfortable for our baby during warm nights, compared to the Halo cotton sleep blankets.

Carmela Westwego, LA

Every newborn needs this sleep sack!

I love Aden + Anias products, they are expensive (thus why I gave 4 stars out of 5) – but the quality and softness of muslin cotton is worth the cost. As a parent of a newborn I was concerned about SIDS; my baby getting over heated during the night, rolling over and getting tangled in her blanket and worst of all getting a blanket wrapped over her face. This item gives me 100% confidence and ability to sleep through the night knowing that she is in a safe, breathable, soft and light weight blanket that she is zipped into keeping her safely in place and no worries of the sleep sack covering her face. Is absolutely a must have with a new born!Runs LargeI also had zipper issues, but A+A gladly swapped out for a new one!

Cathleen Newark, CA

Ruined in the wash

This item was torn to shreds after one run through the washing machine. None of my other blankets by this brand have had this problem. Amazon accepted the return easily, but I will be buying Halo sleep sacks exclusively from now on.Also, the wrong pattern was shipped to me – I ordered a gender neutral pattern and received one for boys.

Jeri Hormigueros, PR

Great Material but Cheap Zipper

I love the material of this sleeper. It’s perfect for warm nights. However, I’ve only used it for a couple of months and am having problems with the zipper. So far, I’ve been able to easily get the zipper back on track, but it’s obviously cheap. If buying this sleeper, I’d suggest buying one that’s discounted since you’re more likely to get your money’s worth this way.

Camille Long Eddy, NY


This is a good light weight sleep sack for the warmer months when baby still wants or needs to wear it.

Marisol Cashiers, NC

Soft material, light, perfect for summer

I love the sleep bags/sleep sacks! I know that my son is covered and comfortable without the worry of him being able to pull a blanket over his face. The arms are free and the his legs can move freely. There is plenty of room for him at 9 months.

Corina Mott, ND

Wow, big

Item arrived on time and well packaged, but wow, it’s big. Maybe it will fit my 6 month old son when he’s 3 or 4, I don’t know. Or I may give it away?

Tisha Morris, IL

Very Comfy and soft

I really like this product. It’s a nice weight and now that my daughter is getting older and more active we can’t swaddle her because she’s always escaping. The zipper can be a little tricky to use and did get stuck for me a few times but I’ve always been able to fix it.

Lara Brookston, TX


I live in AZ and it’s nice to put my twins in a light weight blanket sleeper at night.Great quality.

April Crescent City, IL

Extremely light weight

This is exactly what I wanted – an extremely light weight sleeping baby for or baby for the hot, humid Houston weather. Very breathable and extremely light weight.

Matilda Loxley, AL

Sleep sack

Bought for a friend! She loved it! It was on her wish list. Cannot speak of how it worked. Heard good things about material and brand.

Darlene Clarkson, KY

So perfect for the summer

My 1 year old loves the thin sleep sack since we live in a warmer climate and it is perfect for naps. And she is very tall (100% for her age) and there is plenty of room for her!

Gwen Sulphur Bluff, TX

Clothing and blanket in one!

A must get as it it so much more simpler than having to have separate blankets and clothes when we put our little one to sleep.We have several of them and baby sleeps so well in them.It can be somewhat large however for infants and the baby may keep grabbing at the excess cloth.

Adele Charlton Depot, MA

Great sleeping bag

This is a great sleeping bag if you want something this, light and breathable. Perfect for summer months or warmer climates. Like all Aden & anais products, this is another great product.

Polly Croydon, PA

So snuggly

My daughter loves snuggling with the swaddle blankets so we thought we’d purchase these for when the weather is warmer. She sleeps really well in them as they are so soft and they leave enough room for those kicking feet. They won’t provide a lot of warmth, but definitely gives them a snuggly comfy night of sleep.

Geneva Morse, TX

Cute and lightweight

Perfect for the summer, our daughter is safe, sound, cozy and adorable in this lightweight and well-made snuggie. Pattern is low-profile and good for girls or boys.

Henrietta Pine Island, NY


This sleep sack is all too adorable! It’s soft, durable, and just the right length. It’s light enough for summer use with no concern of overheating. I really enjoy the aden + anais line of products!

Sonja Emerald, WI

Great fabric, bad zip

I read the other reviews on here about the broken zips but ordered anyway. I love the soft, stretchy muslin and the print of these sleeping bags and we have used them for every sleep and nap all summer long. Our zips have not broken as such (we have 2 sleeping bags) but when the little man has been fighting us sometimes they have popped open up the top. I think it’s a sign that the zips are not poor quality that they were able to be zipped up afterwards normally again and they are still very useable.The real problem with the zip is getting the dang thing zipped up with a wriggling bubba is nearly impossible! You have to match the two pieces up the top in an awkward place across his chest so it is so hard to keep him still and engage each piece. It’s good that the zip opens at the bottom to make changes easy, but really a 2 way zip would be so much more practical and would make these sleeping bags an excellent, 5 star product.

Madeline Mobridge, SD

Good for warmer climates.

My baby has been using this for awhile now and she seems to like sleeping in it. She is a bit warm-bodied and sweats easily, but she doesn’t get overheated in this at all. It has been laundered many times and is holding up well.

Henrietta Williamsville, VA

Just what we needed.

I bought this for my 4 month old since we are not able to have blankets in the crib. It really keeps him warm. It is well made and I like the material. It is light enough that he doesn’t ever seem to overheat in it. I got the turtle design and it’s really cute!

Karen Taloga, OK

Good for warmer weather.

I love the blankets so I bought this for warmer months, and it has worked well. I haven’t noticed anything wrong with the zipper like other reviews. I bought the medium for my in between sized baby and it has plenty of room. I also have a halo fleece and one from babies r us, and I feel they all serve a different purpose and I have liked them all. I would recommend this.

Samantha Bradenton Beach, FL

perfect for summer

Great quality and perfect for the warm summer months. Would have a ton of these if I didn’t live in the mountains where it eventually turns cold. Excellent buy.

Jessica Elverta, CA

Great for southern cali weather

My daughter is 19 months and I still use these sleep sacks it keeps her for trying any escape attempts and I like that its a light blanket that will stay on her. During the hot days we put her in only this and a diaper and she is very comfortable. These are definitely more light weight as then the more expensive Aden and Anais sleeping bags, but i like the thinness of these.

Emma Garden City, LA

So light and soft!

I love this sleep sack– I actually like it more than the Halo ones which I believe started the sleep sack thing. It’s so soft and comfy and especially light for summer! Very pretty also!

Judith Glasgow, WV

Nice, very light weight for the warm summer months

Nice, very light weight for the warm summer months. I love that the sack zips to the bottom so there isn’t anything poking the baby by her face. Only slight complaint, is that it is really long. A little cumbersome.

Myra Mchenry, IL

Good for warm weather

This is a must have for the summertime. This allows a little bit more warmth for the baby without using a blanket. We have used it into the slightly colder months as well. What you have to remember about layering is, it’s not so much about the thickness of the layers, but more about the fact that there are any layers at all. The biggest benefit of a layer is trapping the air in between. This trapped air holds the heat just a little longer. Granted in the wintertime, it’s probably too thin, but there are other products for that.

Amelia Cornelius, OR

Runs Large

This OK. I probably wouldn’t buy it again. The fabric is light, which is nice during the summer, but it doesn’t feel very sturdy. My daughter kicks a lot and I’m worried she might rip it. It runs pretty large, too. She’s just 7 months and it’s still too big for her to wear comfortably. If I hadn’t washed it I’d probably return it as I don’t think it was worth the price.

Deidra Toeterville, IA

Over a Year In

We purchased a M when our daughter was a newborn. Living in Florida it has been worn pretty much exclusively since she was 3 or 4 months old, almost every night for a year now, with countless washings. It is so soft! She loves putting it on at night as part of her bedtime routine and although some chillier nights we’ll add a blanket on top, it’s enough to keep her warm if she kicks the blanket off but not so much as to stifle her with pajamas on. I think of it as the equivalent of a top sheet that you wear. We haven’t had any issue with the zipper or tearing and she is just now getting to a point where I’m thinking about upping the size to a large. She’s 23lbs & 30+inches at 14 months old. We will definitely stick with this type and this brand. We also ordered the 4 layer cozy sleep sack this past winter that she’s worn when we’ve traveled to colder places or on unusually cold nights here, that too has held up well with no zipper issues to speak of.

Tammi City Of Industry, CA