Adiri BPA Free Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle Stage 1 White, Slow Flow

Adiri BPA Free Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle Stage 1 White, Slow Flow

The Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle is 100% polycarbonate-free and bisphenol-A free. It offers high quality materials, a graceful design, and the new Fill, Twist and Feed? system, engineered so that a parent or caregiver can quickly prepare a bottle, even with a hungry infant under one arm. A sleek cover protects the bottle from getting dirty and keeps the nipple from leaking during transport. The Adiri Natural Nurser comes in three stages for three different flow rates. Each stage holds 8 oz. of fluid and is dishwasher safe! 1 Bottle Per Pack. Stage 1 – Ages 0-3 mos., Stage 2 – Ages 3-6 mos., and Stage 3 – Ages 6 mos. and up.

Main features

  • Safe: BPA and phthalate-free
  • Soft: Breast like in feel, breast-shaped in design
  • Simple: Easy to use Fill Twist and FeedTM system
  • Reduces Colic
  • MDEA 2008 Award Wiiner

Verified reviews


my baby did not like it

I was so excited about this product it being 100% polycarbonate-free and all that, but my baby did not share my excitement. She would take it because i put it in her mouth, but she would cry and turn away. I tried a number of times over a 3 week time frame but she refused. So I had to settle for playtex dropins so far, no problems.

Aida Marquette, WI

the small nipple problem

it does have that small nipple to suddenly a very wide bottle problem.. i switched to breastflow and that worked better for my kid.

Lesley Cascade, VA

The worst bottle we’ve tried to date

We’ve been testing bottles with our newborn. Born Free, Medela, Avent, Nuby, etc.This pricey little item is probably the worst bottle we’ve ever tried. (Though our baby doesn’t really complain about it). This is our list of issues:- The flow rate on the newborn nipple is the fastest of any bottle we’ve tried, it’s not even close to a real breast. When I turn it upside down, milk comes rapidly dripping out right away (no, nipple does not appear to be damaged)- It’s a nice big nipple, but not really like a breast. It’s no better than the Nuby, with perhaps the Nuby being a bit better actually- The volume markings on the side of the bottle are near impossible to read. Add to the fact that you have to fill it while in its “sleeve”, which adds another translucent layer, you might as well forget about measuring out quantities.- It is near impossible to warm up this thing. You cannot warm it with the “sleeve” (well, you could, it’d take forever), but you cannot warm it nipple-down without the milk leaking out. You can’t warm it nipple-up either, because the stupid “petal valve” at the other end will leak out the milk too.Did the designers of this bottle ever try USING this thing to feed a real baby?

Jillian Wampsville, NY

so leaky it’s useless

This bottle leaked so much from both ends that I gave up. Breast milk is scarce and precious in this house, and I really wouldn’t want it on the couch even if I had an unlimited supply. I bought two of these (at significant expense, for a bottle) and was so disappointed. I ended up buying breast flow bottles for $5 which were wonderful and did everything this bottle was supposed to. Don’t waste your money, as you can’t return these. The last thing a new parent should have to deal with is a leaky bottle.

Yolanda Ashburnham, MA

Saved my marriage

Ok, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration. But this was the last resort for us after trying to get the baby to take all kinds of nipples from my husband with no luck. If this one didn’t work it was going to mean I didn’t get to leave the house for more than 2 hours until the kid was on solid food, and things were getting pretty tense between the husband and me!After a few days of easing into it, the baby now takes this bottle like a charm – even from me in his carseat while we’re driving. Thank God.The bottle has MAJOR design flaws, as noted by pretty much everyone. Here’s how I avoid the problems – so successfully that I never lose any milk anymore.1. Always hold the bottle by whatever is on the bottom (be it the screw on vent cap or the big cover), because the cover doesn’t stay on at all. If you hold the bottle by whatever is on top, the cover will inevitably fall off and leave you with a lot of spilt milk.2. Ignore completely Adiri’s stupid instructions about inverting the bottle into the cover before you fill it and putting the nipple into the recessed space. It doesn’t work and leaks anyway. Instead, forget the cover completely; simply wash your hand and hold your finger(s) over the nipple while pouring milk in.3. Before using the bottle, thoroughly dry the screw-on grooves, both on the bottle and on the cap, so that where they screw together they create a good seal. Adiri advises also drying the nipple, the nipple recession in the cover, and I think the little vent disk area. I don’t know if those steps are necessary but the screw grooves are.4. Have your containers of milk pre-opened before you start the process so you’re not fiddling with them while trying to cover the nipple hole with your other hand.5. Once you’ve got your finger on the nipple, tilt the bottle the minimal angle necessary (ie, keep it as horizontal as possible). (In case of leaks, the more vertical the bottle is, the faster the milk leaves the nipple, so this way you save as much as you can.) Then screw the cap on as tight as you can, turn it right side up, and screw it further one more time to see if you can get it tighter. Don’t put the cover on if it’s not necessary – its loose grip on the bottle will cause accidents.6. Buy the “warming cap” if you’d like to be able to heat the milk by running the Adiri directly under water instead of pre-warming it. Just keep the nipple out of the stream of water.Tip to Adiri…next time you update the bottle, it would be awfully easy to print a second set of oz/ml measurements going up from the bottom, so that whichever direction the bottle is pointing in, it’s easy to tell how much is in there. Not sure why this hasn’t been designed in already – it’s sort of obvious.A word of advice about introducing the Adiri if your baby has rejected other bottles – make it like a relaxed game for the baby. Try to de-stress and just approach the baby in a fun way, *without the goal at first* of having her or him actually drink from the bottle. Just give it a few days where your only goal is to let them play with the nipple in their mouth. This bottle feels good to them, which leads them eventually to suck on their own if they’re not too freaked out, and I think the stress of us parents about how badly we need them to take a bottle really rubs off on the baby.

Jillian Hobson, MT

Saved me from quiting my job…

I think we could open a bottle store we’ve tried so many. Dr. Brown’s, playtex drop ins, medela, tomme tippie, breast flow. I was seriously getting desperate until I saw this online and went for it. My son took to it right away (he’s 3 months old). Now, we haven’t had the bottle all that long (about a week) but we haven’t had any issues with leaking. I just wash my hands and put my hand over the nipple when filing it up and I’ve never had any issues.The great thing is when you pour in the warm milk, the whole bottle gets warm so it’s much easier for my son to take to that, then a cold plastic nipple. He’s even fallen asleep while drinking from the bottle, which is a first!!The only con I’ve seen so far is that it does take him a long time to drink from it. We just ordered the stage 2 to see if that will help him eat a little bit faster, but hey, at least he’s eating!!I’d highly recommend this bottle as it’s worked amazing for us.

Justine Claremont, SD

Love Hate Relationship

It’s hard for me to say…this was the only bottle some of our nursing only kids would take for a date night, but they were kinda pricey for their lasting value. We did wash them in the dishwasher and I think this contributed to their eventually leaking [out the bottom].I’m torn between buying more. They 0-3 isn’t really usable once the child ages because it’s too hard to suck. And at the same token the late stage bottle flows too freely for a smaller child. So, you end up buying several of several sizes. Expensive, but it is very much like a breast.

Roxanne Nahunta, GA

Ok, but not great.

It’s a fine bottle. My son had some success with it, after failing miserably with the Breastflow system. It DOES have a bit of a learning curve like the Breastflow. For instance, one day I left my son with hubby to do some quick grocery shopping, but had to come home to show him that he had to put the bottle *upside down and into the cap in order to fill the bottle!! But it’s worth a try if you don’t mind spending the extra money. We ended up being given the Nuk from my mom and had IMMEDIATE success with it, JUST in then nick of time for our weaning him from the breast.

Darla Monrovia, CA

Still leaks, difficult instructions to give to a caregiver to use

I found that my daughter sounds just like she is breastfeeding when taking milk from this bottle. I went on the adiri website to find out what I could do to prevent the leakage and found out several things.1) They are out of business so there is no reason to get attached to the bottle even with its flaws when most likely the product will not be available much longer and you still need to replace every 3 months.2) It is true, if you push the cap on further than you think it can go, it does prevent the nipple from leaking.The bottom is very sensitive as well and can still leak if not put on properly. As all reviewers have noted, it is annoying to see the ounces labeled upside down.It is also frustrating that you have to have a warming disk on to warm up the bottle. I don’t feel like day care will always remember this step and will flood the milk with hot water.I am still searching for the perfect bottle, however, I believe that the Playtex Natural Latch drop in system is much better than this one. I am not ready to write a review of that one yet until I experiment a little more.My child took about 30 minutes to eat about 5 oz with this bottle.

Lorrie Manville, RI

Excellent design for breastfed and formula babies!

We tried MANY baby bottles and this is the only one that our newborn latched to without any problems! The bottle is shaped like mommy’s breast and the material used for the bottle nipple is soft against the baby’s lips and face. The clear cover that goes over the bottle keeps it clean. Our baby had no problems transitioning from the breast to this bottle and back again. The round valve at the end of the bottle regulates the air inflow and allows milk to flow into the baby’s mouth smoothly. This minimizes the chance that baby would gulp in too much unwanted air. The bottles are also BPA free. Make sure you read all the instructions on how to assemble the bottle to prevent leakage.We have since graduated to the Stage 2 bottles (blue color). We purchased 4 of these bottles and use them daily. They have held up beautifully to the constant use. We like this so much that we have already purchased the Stage 3 (orange color) ones! You can buy warming caps to put over the bottles so that they can be immersed into warm water or into a bottle warmer. We also snap on the caps for traveling. The added bonus is that they also look “cool” – the bottle design always prompts positive comments whenever we feed our baby at restaurants….Overall, we are very pleased with this nurser and would recommend this to anyone!

Sophie New Kingstown, PA

New Bottle Design Much Better!

This newer design is so much better than the old ones were. The old ones were short and the nipple was really long and gagged the baby. The disk popped off the base and was harder to clean than this one is too. Love the redesign Adiri!

Danielle Waterville Valley, NH

Nice Bottle for Breastfed Babies, Tough to clean

I am a Mom of 4 and I have used almost every bottle there is with all of the my children. Now that there are concerns about BPA, I went through and pitched all of my “unsafe” bottles. I bought an Adiri bottle based on a friend’s recommendation. My daughter really likes it. I would say it is probably one of the closest things to nursing as possible.There are a couple of downsides to it. The nipple portion of the bottle is very tough to clean. I need a long skinny bottle/nipple brush to get all of the milk out from inside the nipple. Also since the bottle is clear, it is pretty tough to read the numbers on the side to measure the amount of water needed to make the formula. I can see them, but my Mother when she babysits can barely read them.Overall this is a good bottle and I would recommend it to others.

Johnnie Mayfield, KS

Watch out for leaks!

I loved the idea of these bottles– BPA free, natural shape, and helpful for moms who are both nursing and bottle feeding. However, no matter how much care I put into trying to use these bottles, I had lots of problems with leaks. These bottles are designed with the caps/lids on the bottom of the bottle. This means that you are holding the bottle upside down when trying to close it. This is akward at best. Then, you flip the bottle over and… leaks! I tried closing the lids tightly, gently, softly and nothing worked. They would leak no matter what.Great idea, not so good execution.

Hillary Larsen, WI

Did the trick, then didn’t.

I sheepishly admit to buying the Adiri Bottle for its design value first, effectiveness second. That being said, it’s the first bottle we’ve tried, so we don’t have much to compare it to, but pleasantly, it works well for us. I like the top being more breast-like in look and feel (for a hesitant one-month old baby that initially gave it the stink eye, but warmed up to it after a few minutes), and whether the petals are good in terms of baby taking less air (compared to other bottles), again unsure. But it does cause more burping than from the breast. A big turnoff for some will be that the bottle can’t go into a bottle warmer (because the air valve at bottom will leak and/or the size of bottle), but we often store our milk in the breast-pump bottles or snappies containers and use these with the warmer.Addendum: After a few months (month 6), the babe drank less and less milk. I thought it was possibly a self-weaning, but turns out it was the bottle that was the problem. We switched to Born Free Glass Bottles and the babe seems to like this much better and thankfully daily milk consumption went from 2oz to 23oz. Now I know why parents seem to have some many brands of the same stuff. . . . sometimes the babe just doesn’t like it and parents are forced to try another . . . and another. This was just my kid’s experience. Yours might be different.

Nita Manchester, CT