Adiri BPA Free Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle Stage 2 Blue, Med Flow

Adiri BPA Free Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle Stage 2 Blue, Med Flow

Adiri Natural Nurser Ultimate Baby Bottle Stage 2 Two-Pack.Soft. Safe. Simple.Revolutionary Breast-Like Baby Bottle.100% bisphenol-A and phthalate freeIntroducing the birth of the Adiri Natural Nurser 2-Packs, a 2-bottle pack of Stage 2 bottles packed in a striking recycled paper box. One Package contains TWO stage 2 blue 8oz bottles. Medium Flow Stage 2 Nurser3-6 Months8 ozIntroducing the ultimate baby bottle: the world’s most breast-like bottlefeeding experience.Reduces Colic!Soft: Natural breast-like material and shape reduces nipple confusion.Safe: 100% polycarbonate-free bottle is leak resistant and dishwasher safe.Simple: Easy Fill Twist and Feed system prevents lost parts and assembly hassle.Discover how simple feeding your baby can be.Leak-resistant Petal vent protects your baby from ingesting extra air bubbles which can lead to painful colic.Designed with the help of doctors, moms, and lactation consultants.

Main features

  • Phthalate-free and BPA-free materials
  • Imported
  • Safe: BPA and phthalate-free
  • Soft: Breast like in feel, breast-shaped in design
  • Simple: Easy to use Fill Twist and FeedTM system
  • Reduces Colic
  • MDEA 2008 Award Winner

Verified reviews


Best for my tongue tied baby, *but not so great after he was better

Before we found out our baby was tongue tied we went through so many bottles trying to get him to eat. This was the ONLY one that worked! The reason being that he could lightly suck (which was all he could do) and milk would come out easily but not like a flowing faucet. He also couldn’t have any nipple too long or it would gag him. There are two things I don’t like about this bottle, hence the 4 stars: Leaking and hard to warm milk. There are measures you can take to make sure it doesn’t leak (keep nipple and lid COMPLETELY dry before they meet so they seal AND screw the bottom on nice and tight), but at 3 in the morning it is hard to get everything just right and leaks definitely happen on occasion. The other thing, warming the bottle is not fast. I always warm my milk in a bag first then transfer it into the bottle. That is a bit of a hassle.*1/23/13 update:Bad idea for tongue tie baby if you want them to learn how to latch properly after tongue tie release to return to nursing. Because this bottle let the milk out so easy without proper suction my baby forgot how to latch and could not understand how to nurse. Had to change to a bottle with a longer nipple that would stimulate the back of his tongue, he then starting keeping suction and a seal and a latch.In short, this was good to give him milk in desperate times (or for a baby who has no suction issues) but not good to learn to suck properly after the issue was resolved.Also, I have decided I hate the upside down/clear measuring label. Hard to tell how much you have.Overall I have found the bottle is more of a hassle than it is worth, but I am glad I had it when nothing else worked.

Nola Beirne, AR

Finally, a bottle for my baby

I am exclusively breastfeeding my baby and he refused allbottles. I mean he would scream and cry when given a bottle. However this bottle is our saving grace. Finally I habe found in the adiri a bottle my baby will take. Its pretty simple with only 3 parts. Only thing is you cannot heat it up but that is a small issue. I am so happy to have found these. Now I can go back to work and know that he will eat and not be stressed while doing so. He has taken this bottle 4 times in the last few days. That neer happened with the other nottles. We would have to stop trying since I cannot listen to him cry stressed out when I can fix the problem. The other bottles we tried were Born Free, Mimijumi, Playtex Nurser, and Medela.ETA (8/6/13): This bottle is still a favorite for my baby but it leaks, just as other reviewers had stated. I didn’t think that was an issue for us until I noticed in the water in the pot on the stove my mom uses to warm the bottle, since you cannot use the bottle in a warmer, that the water was cloudy. When I asked her she said it wasn’t like that prior to putting the bottle in there so we tried it again and sure enough, the bottle contents leak. It’s just a little but still so. I was disappointed that was happening. I order the Adiri NexGen recently and that is not any better and was way too much trouble to use. Great concept but poor design.

Anne Walworth, NY


I love these if used as directed they are perfect my infant took right to them the soft nipples are like breast.

Elva Fogelsville, PA

EBF baby took it right away!

I wanted to try this bottle, and the comotomo, and wanted to compare how well my baby would do between then two. (After trying tommee tippee, Dr.Brown’s, NUK, Similac, Medela with NUK Ortho nipples).First of all, with the comotomo, she would drink like 3oz. With the Adiri, she drank 2oz first, played for a bit, and drank a total of 4.5oz in the end until the very last drop!The nipple is a bit shorter than other bottles, but if that resembles the mother’s more, then your baby will probably do better with this one.I have also noticed the leaking issue, but have figured out why:-You actually have to push down really tightly onto the cap before turning the bottle over. If it’s not tight enough it will leak-When you push the bottom of the bottle (with the bottom cap on), don’t use your palm, because your palm can create a suction and then break the seal, causing leak. If I used my fingers to push it down, it does not happen.Overall I like it, but I would like to see some comparision between this one and the new NxGen version!

Gertrude Owings, MD

finally, a bottle my daughter likes!

I was breastfeeding exclusively until I went back to work at 3 months. She was fed with Dr Brown bottles but it would take almost an hour to get her to drink the bottle. It was so difficult for the nanny to feed her and frustrating for me since she ended up throwing out a lot of my precious milk. I found this on Amazon and she took it without a fight! It’s so amazing how this bottle changed the way she eats and how much more she can eat now. If your baby is having a hard time switching to the bottle from breast, I highly recommend this product!

Darlene Millinocket, ME

My baby didn’t like it

I was looking forward to using these bottles but when we tried them my baby did not like them. I also tried the first years breastflow bottles and she didn’t like them either. I finally tried the Dr.Browns bottles and she took them right away, now I hope she wont reject nursing, we will see.

Aimee Liberty Hill, SC

Only bottle my EBF daughter will take

Love the short nipple, it’s soft and easy for my daughter to latch onto. She was exclusively breastfed until 6 months when she got one bottle a morning of breastmilk while i was in class. This was the 4th bottle we tried and she loves it. Definitely the best for breastfed babies.

Margo Girdletree, MD

Best bottles on the market! Love them! No more nipples….

These bottles are the best for babys al the way to toddlers! My one year old need a fast bottle and the stage 2 and 3 really works for her milk and juice bottle! And the nipple is soft and good for teething!The design of the bottle is great! I love the fact that I don’t have to buy nipples!! With my first child all I did as run to the store to get new nipples constantly. It was terrible!I would never use another bottle !Please let me know if my review was helpful in your inquiry or purchase ! Thanks

Jerri Heathsville, VA

Great bottles if you use them correctly

There is definitely a trick to using these bottles, but once we got it sorted out, they were awesome. My son took to this and switched back and forth between breast and bottle with no problems. The best way we found to use them was to skip the cap entirely. We’d warm the milk in the pump bottles, then hold this bottle upside down with a finger over the nipple, pour in the milk, and screw on the bottom. We had no leaking problems at all doing it that way. Plus, it doesn’t get any easier to clean! I tossed all my Dr. Brown’s because I hated standing there with a tiny brush scrubbing each little component, only to still end up with mold. These bottles I could quickly handwash or toss in the dishwasher and they always came perfectly clean.

Deidre Pinopolis, SC

Not too good

My son would only take the Adiri stage 1 bottle after exclusively breastfeeding for his first 3 months. I thought these would be as good as the stage 1. They were not!!! I was so disappointed. The milk would leak and spill out from the bottom. I really feel the design needs to be reworked. These could be a lot better.

Myrna Preble, IN