Adiri BPA Free Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle Stage 2 Blue, Med Flow

Adiri BPA Free Natural Nurser Ultimate Bottle Stage 2 Blue, Med Flow

This Adiri Baby Product is BPA FreeReduces Colic!Medium Flow

Main features

  • Safe: BPA and phthalate-free
  • Soft: Breast like in feel, breast-shaped in design
  • Simple: Easy to use Fill Twist and FeedTM system
  • Reduces Colic
  • MDEA 2008 Award Winner

Verified reviews


Good bottle for breastfed baby.

I bought this bottle for my breastfed 3 month old who is starting daycare. We tried several other bottles and this is the only bottle we could get him to put in his mouth without getting upset. So far we haven’t had any of the problems listed in the other reviews, other than it does leak if you aren’t careful because of the somewhat awkward set up. We warm the milk up in a storage container, shake it and then pour it into the bottle and turn it upright right away to avoid leaks. We don’t wash it in the dishwasher, which I think has helped keep it in good shape. I did put one in the microwave in a moment of desparation and the nipple turned a bit yellow. Won’t do that again. This bottle is a little bit more of a hassle than a regular bottle, but if you are a breastfeeding mother trying to get your baby to take milk from a bottle I highly recommend it. If you are formula feeding I don’t really see a point since it is meant to be more appealing to a baby who is used to a breast. In that case just use a regular bottle.

Lori Boone, IA

Didn’t work for us – not the greatest design

I purchased this for my EBF baby, hoping it would be the bottle she would finally take. Not so. I can’t much blame the bottle for this – she refused a lot of different bottles. I will say that this bottle was annoying to fill, as other reviewers have mentioned. The lid is at the bottom of the bottle and you have to cover the nipple while filling the bottle. Then you can flip it over and set it down if needed. I didn’t find the bottle to be all that user friendly for that reason.

Kathrine Crossnore, NC

Like a breast, but no luck for us

This is the closest my daughter got to taking a bottle, and of the MANY we tried, I do think it most closely felt like a breast. But, at the end of the day, my daughter still never really accepted this (or any) bottle for regular feedings. And we did have leakage problems with the screw-on bottom. Even when it seemed that we had it screwed on exactly right, it would leak at times.

Leslie Drewryville, VA

cute, but impractical

I thought this bottle looked cute, and it seemed easier to clean. My son did use it, but I found several issues with using it. There is no good way to warm with a bottle warmer. If you put it in the warmer with the cap on, the cap will fill with formula. If you put it in upright without the cap, the bottom opens up and spills into the warmer. Trying to mix formula in the bottle also didn’t work well. Even with the cap on liquid leaks out of the nipple. Because of this, even filling the bottle with ready made formula is messy. I was very disappointed and returned this bottle. I’ll stick with my Soothies.

Carla Baker, MN

Best design ! No more nipples!

These bottles are the best for babys al the way to toddlers! My one year old need a fast bottle and the stage 3 really works for her milk and juice bottle! And the nipple is soft and good for teething!The design of the bottle is great! I love the fact that I don’t have to buy nipples!! With my first child all I did as run to the store to get new nipples constantly. It was terrible!Soft bottle texture unlike most it there !Comfortable for baby’s hands!!I would never use another bottle !

Nan Rufe, OK

Worked ok

It did not help keep my baby from weening way too early. At two months she was insistent she was done. It was a nice bottle. I personally liked the fact that you load it up from the bottom. But my husband, not so much. It is not soft like a real nipple. if they could make it softer it may be better.

Leigh Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Finally, my babies takes a bottle.

It has taken 10 months and 15 different types of bottles but my son is finally taking a bottle. I even left the state for two nights and he wouldn’t take a bottle. Finally I tried this bottle and he took it from ME!!! He now enjoys breastmilk from a bottle. If you are having problems getting your baby to take a bottle you MUST try this.

Melinda Hammondsport, NY

Loved this bottle!

I bought this bottle a few years ago for my daughter after unsuccessfully trying to get her to take many other kinds. She latched on to this one and I finally had the freedom to leave her with a sitter and have some time to myself! The milk seemed to come out fast and make a mess, but maybe that was my daughter’s inexperience and not the bottle’s fault — I’m not sure. And it was a little awkward for others to hold it… but that was their problem! I just know I was so glad to have found this!

Louisa Healdsburg, CA

Baby Hated It

I’m not sure why. Buy my baby did not like this bottle. It’s a beautiful bottle but the nipple is not very practical.

Lorena Makanda, IL

Adiri Natural Nurser worked for us

This bottle worked for my 6 month baby.We tried 5 other kinds of bottles and this one is the closest to the nature breast. It is very soft and the nipple is shorter than other bottles have which worked just right for my baby. She took the bottle from the second try. The only problem we have now is that she doesn’t like the taste of the formula. But at least now she can drink from a bottle. The flow is a little fast. I read reviews and bought stage 2 for my 6 month baby and still it’s a little too fast for her. I didn’t find that filling the bottle with liquids was hassle. You just need to fit the nipple right to the center of the lid.

Darlene Geneva, MN

Interesting design.

The size of the nipple seemed too small for the likes of my child. The plastic composing the nipple also seemed too inflexible and unnatural.

Rosella Littlefield, TX

please save your money

the bottle leaked and you werent able to warm the bottle without the water from the warmer seeping into the bottom of the bottle into the breastmilk

Jerry Glasston, ND