Adiri NxGen Newborn Nurser Baby Bottle, White, 5.5 Ounce

Adiri NxGen Newborn Nurser Baby Bottle, White, 5.5 Ounce

The Adiri NxGen Nurser was designed with the logic of a baby bottle having pure flow, ease of operation and cleaning, and to support breast to bottle transition. Its bottom vented one-way Petal valve offers consistent air flow reducing the possibility of colic.

Main features

  • Bottom vented, one-way Petal valve offers consistent air flow reducing possibility of colic
  • Supports transition from Mother’s breast to bottle
  • Soft Medical grade Silicone Nipple that is ideal in shape and size
  • Bottle disassembles in 3 convenient pieces for ease of cleaning
  • BPA free

Verified reviews



I wanted to like this bottle but using it was a nightmare. It leaked all over the place, from every seam, no matter what position it was in. I thought I was going crazy. Who would make a bottle this poor in quality and at this high cost per piece? I asked my iron man of a husband (6’4″ and a professional firefighter) to tighten all parts to make sure I wasn’t going weak and it still leaked everywhere. My mom tried it too, but formula dribbled horribly, even with the warming cap still on the bottom. Once its off, just go ahead and get your mop out. Geez Louise. We never actually fed our newborn son with the bottle, so I cannot even comment on his acceptance or rejection of the nipple. I would give it ZERO stars if that were a rating option. Very disappointing, especially at this price.

Robert East Middlebury, VT

No leaks if used properly

I wasn’t sure if about trying this one out after trying the old Adiri Natural Nurser that had some minor leaking issues.I have to say I like this new version alot more! I have also figured out what makes it leak – the warming cap! If you put the warming cap on AFTER you pour milk in it, it will break the seal at the valve, causing leaks. Also if you put the bottle cap on, turn it upside down, and then put the warming cap on, it pushes air into the bottle, and out the nipple, causing leaks at the nipple. SO if you need to use the warming cap, put it on before adding milk.I like this one alot better because you can add milk right side up – no more flipping the bottle up side down. The nipple is screw on, so the rim part is hard plastic. The nipple shape looks similar to the old one, except there are some circular pattern underneath it but you can’t feel it. It seems just a little softer than the old one. Otherwise, pretty much the same. (Since we can fill it right side up, I don’t quite understand the need of having the bottom cap screw on. Maybe it’s just for cleaning purposes?) Also because of this, there is no need to flip the bottle, hence, no leakages at the nipple when you put the cap on. I’ve tried to turn it upside down anyway, it does not leak if you push the cap down tightly. It actually CLICKS a little bit. The old version just holds the cap tight via friction. This one if you push down tightly, you can even unscrew the nipple portion along with the cap altogether.I would forget about the warming cap and just pour it into a small breastmilk storage bottle and submerge in hot water to warm it up. Much faster that way anyway, and no leaks.Material-wise, this is better quality than the old one. Although the body may feel like toy type of plastic. It’s hard plastic though. The old version felt like there was a layer of rubber over it, which attracts lint.My 4 month old have refused so many other bottles and is only taking Adiri and Comotomo. She takes both just as well. I personally would prefer the newborn or slow flow for breastfed babies. So far after several weeks she is still going back and forth between bottles and breast.

Vicki Van Buren, IN

Adiri NxGen “Newborn” Nurser

I am really enjoying the new Adiri NxGen bottle design!!! Unlike the older model the nipple is removable for thorough cleaning. Also they have developed a “newborn” size which is a little smaller and has only one very small hole in the nipple. This works out very well, especially if you are breastfeeding! Some bottle brands indicated for newborns have nipples with a larger hole that let the milk pour out, easily choking an inexperienced nurser. This bottle however only allows a gentle drip unless the baby is actively working for the milk. This gives them time to take a breather and is much closer to the feeling of breastfeeding. The nipple shape is also great for transitioning from breast to bottle. The tip itself is shorter than other brands which makes it more comfortable for the small mouth of a newborn, and doesn’t go down their throat. You are able to order different colors with the new NxGen design which is a nice touch. I only wish it came in a 3 or 6 pack instead of individually. Love this bottle its great!

Tara Glenwood, GA


My husband feeds our son a bottle of pumped milk at night to give me a break and so he can bond with him. We were having some latch problems and it was suggested by the LC to try bottles that were more like the breast. I bought 2 bottles this one and Mimijumi. This bottle leaks all over the place and wastes all my pumping efforts. Its a total mess and very poor design. I could not believe the poor quality. I pulled the instructions out of the recycling bin because I thought I was doing something wrong. Its not me its you! Don’t buy this product!

Aileen Phippsburg, ME

Baby did not like this.

I think this was a nice try, but our baby did not like this and it was not like the breast at all. waste of money.

Latoya Loman, MN


I’ve only used this twice, and I doubt I’ll ever use it again. I read reviews about the first Adiri bottle, how good it was but how much it leaked, and I hoped things would be a little different with this one. That’s not the case. It leaks, not too much, but just enough to regret spending the money. For the price of these bottles I would expect differently. My baby boy did seem to like them, regardless of the constant feeding interruptions to wipe the bottle down. But he also took very well to the Comotomo, which doesn’t leak, so that’s what we’re sticking with.

Amelia Grafton, IA

Too much trouble!

I ordered and currently use the original version of the Adiri Nurser bottle, as that was the only bottle at the time my exclusively breastfed baby would take. Thank goodness he has grown past that phase and now will take the Born Free bottles I had purchased and received as baby shower gifts. This NexGen bottle is too much trouble. All the different pieces and steps to fill and heat it are so cumbersome and time consuming. As a busy working mom, I do not have time for all of that. They really need to rethink the design on this thing. It’s also hard to read the amounts. I thought I would love it, as I like the look and feel of it but boy am I glad I didn’t have to actually use it too long.

Harriet Weyers Cave, VA

Wouldn’t buy for a newborn

I bought this thinking it would help my breastfed baby transition to a bottle when I need him to. Not the case as all. The flow is way too fast. If you turn it upside down it just drips right out. Annoying…

Sondra Mammoth Lakes, CA

Awful. Leaking. Mess.

Worst bottle ever!!! Will leak all over the place! My daughter is EBF & this bottle makes it hard when you’re trying to transition from breast to bottle because of the excessive leaking! Not to mention it takes time to pump & makes me upset to lose out on good breast milk!

Ines Carthage, MO


I love the idea of this bottle. It’s super cute and really does look/feel like a breast which my baby did like. However, it seemed like no matter what I tried, it was always very leaky. This product is a bit to pricey to be leaky I think.

Young Rousseau, KY

Great bottles!!!

These were a life saver!!! I love these bottles. They are a bit of a pain to get used to. They do leak at first. After trying five or six different types and brands of bottles my excursively breastfed son would only take these bottles. So it was worth figuring out how to keep it from leaking. I like that it has very few parts and are really easy to clean.

Kristine Rives Junction, MI