Ah Goo Baby Wipes Case, On-the-Go Travel Size, Audrey Pattern

Ah Goo Baby Wipes Case, On-the-Go Travel Size, Audrey Pattern

Save by buying wipes in bulk and use our Wipes Case as a stylish way to beautify how you keep them when on-the-go.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton shell
  • Imported
  • On-the-Go size works with any brand of wipes
  • Perfect for diaper bags and purses
  • Sturdy easy snap lid keeps wipes moist
  • Non-toxic and BPA-free PVC and fabrics
  • Matching pattern coordinates with other Ah Goo Baby® products

Verified reviews



This is a piece of junk. Go out and buy a travel set of whatever brand you use and glue some fabric on the case and tada, you will have this. It’s hard to open, does not keep wipes wet, and fell apart within weeks of use. Such a huge waste of money.

Jill Thurston, OR

Holds too few wipes

If your baby is like any average baby which requires a few wipes per diaper change then I don’t recommend this for a full day outing. This case doesn’t hold enough wipes. If you put too few wipes in there the wipes begin to dry out. Also it’s hard to get 1 single wipe out at a time without the correct lid to help you rip the wipes apart. I recommend using a good zip top bag or just head to store to get a travel pack of wipes to carry with you.

Nita Hampstead, NH

not impressed

Picture is deceiving. It looks like a pinterest project, anyone could make it. Difficult to open, which isn’t good when you want to change a diaper quickly.

Cornelia Mooringsport, LA

Very pretty

This is very pretty and I have had a number of compliments. It seems well made and is basically applied over a traditional plastic holder. It is a little padded too which protects the plastic compartment.

Amy Arbela, MO

Cute design but not practical.

The case is very difficult to open one-handed, which is pretty important while changing a diaper. It’s not really EASY even with two hands. Maybe with lots and lots of use it will wear out a little and become easier to open.

Caitlin Pittsboro, NC

Cute, keeps wipes wet.

Wanted a better option for carrying baby wipes around. This keeps the wipes wet, despite not being used frequently. The plastic feels a bit cheap, and it’s stiff to open the first several times. My only real complaint is that the wipes get kind of messy inside. Since there is nothing to separate the wipe you are pulling out from the one beneath it, you can easily pull out two or three wipes when you intended to grab only one.

Emilia Oley, PA

Love to look at it.

I was hoping that it dispensed more like a regular wipe dispenser because it is hard to grab a single wipe one-handed, but all in all, I like this product. Brings a little dignity and style to public diaper changes.

Deanne Grantsburg, IL


This is the perfect wipes case for me. Its hard to open, which I like so it doesn’t just open in the diaper bag, its soft so my baby isn’t going to hurt himself if he plays with it and its really cute! I would buy more if I need them.

Tammie Redwood City, CA

save your money

Bought this prior to baby’s arrival – save your money, it is cheap and you can easily use a travel case fro huggies/ pampers without paying as much.

Shelia Montgomery, LA

Very nice fabric, but color was leaking and i could see the glue coming out threw the sides

fabric was beautiful but the leaking color and glue made this product not worth buying or recommending.. Inside is made of the cheap plastic containers. Not really satisfied

Deidra Schoenchen, KS

Cute, but very difficult to open

This wipes case is very cute, but very difficult to open. This item is a splurge and does little more than hold your wipes. There’s nothing truly spectacular about it.

Leann Moxee, WA


It works like it should, although sometimes I have a little bit of trouble opening it, but I attribute that to my short fingernails.

Jeanette Philippi, WV

Super cheap

This case is very poorly made and doesn’t really close all the way. It just feels like fabric has been glued to a cheap plastic box.

Dena Elkton, KY

Cute design

It doesn’t hold a huge amount of wipes- but for quick trips when I just might need a few, this works great. And I love the colorful fabric design!

Maryanne Holland, IN

too pricey for what the product promises.

bought this thinking more wipes fit inside and with time wouldn’t close anymore! so wipes dried out. so as you probaly figured, i’m no longer using it.

Marguerite Whippleville, NY

Not Worth the Price

For almost 15 dollars I was hoping for a higher quality case that could withstand years of use and be stylish looking in the process. What a disappointment! I threw this on at random onto my registry and am mad at myself for not reading the reviews first as I usually do. The case is cheap, cheap plastic and does not close properly. While the fabric and trim on the case look cute the cheap white plastic tabs to open it do not. Another issue is the width of the product. The fabric is stuffed with padding to give it a squishy feel BUT that means the case is a good half inch or so thicker than conventional wipe cases. Trivial to some but important to me is not carrying more stuff than I need. I personally don’t need excess bulk with me so I am actually using the wipes container that came FREE with my diaper changing station instead of this pricey one. This product is a miss.

Sierra Wray, GA

Looks cool.

I got the diaper case and the wipes case in Poppy and it is cute. Case is hard to open and it doesn’t have the small opening on the top like Huggies travel wipes case does, which I just lost.I realized that the Ah Goo diaper case holds 3 diapers and the travel case, so I sent the wipes case back (eligible for free return; and to have 1 item in my purse not 2). I just grabbed new Huggies few travel cases from babies r us for $1.50! The one I’ve lost it lasted me 2 years and it was in great condition.Overal the case is cute, but it’s a bit padded so takes some space, and the opening is sharp. Other than that it is cute but I don;t really need it.

Geri Talking Rock, GA

Hard to open

I wanted a cute wipes case and thought for the price of this one it must also be well made. As other reviewers have noted, however, this is basically a very cheap case wrapped in fabric and trim. It’s hard to open and doesn’t hold a lot of wipes, or any of the wider wipes like earths best. I wasn’t thrilled with it and would not recommend it at it’s price to anyone.

Angelia Greenwood, MO


I purchased this in the Zoo Frenzy patten and have been using it for about two weeks. At first it was stiff and hard to open, but it became easier with use. This holds about 15 of our thick Costco brand wipes. It is a firm plastic case covered in fabric. The edges are covered in nice looking border with the thickness of a shoelace. You can see where the border is sewn together but it is nicely done with a typical straight seam in the back. The fabric cover is lined with a soft batting giving the case a squishy texture. I would say this case is of comparable quality to others that I’ve seen in specialty shops. For the other reviewer that says the fabric is glued on…I’m sure you are probably right, but I’m not sure how else you would attach fabric to plastic. So, I guess that’s what I expected. Overall, I’m satisfied with the quality and look of the case. It was a bit of a splurge, but I wanted something fun for my diaper bag. The only thing that would make it better (and worth 5 stars) would be if it were just a bit bigger to hold more wipes, but then it would probably be heavier and bulkier in the bag. I just fill it frequently and it works for me. I like pulling it out at changing stations. It’s fun and my son loves holding it while I change him. It seems of decent quality and I expect it to hold up well. I’ll update this review if anything changes. I would recommend it. It’s nice having something not so drab for mom’s bag. 🙂

Monika Arthur, IL

Not the best. Just get a Huggies one at grocery for $1.99

I was really looking forward to this cute travel wipe package. I am disappointed because the label is on crooked, and it doesn’t open or close easily. I have to line up the box to get it to shut. It’s not easy to retrieve the wipes, and you need easy when you’re trying to change a baby and often times only have one hand to get the wipes out!Sadly – I will be returning this item.

Elisha Herman, NE

stiff to open, but pretty and handy

I bought this for my diaper bag, so I can more economically manage my baby wipes (I buy wipes by the thousands!) The case holds almost half a standard package of the 7th generation wipes. It keeps them moist, so it closes well. It actually closes so well that it is a bit stiff to open up. I have read this loosens with time and I think it has over the last few weeks (or the user/me has become more adept). I would recommend this product.

Shauna Evangeline, LA

Not very Pleased

This is cheaply made and it doesn’t come with a barrier to keep the other wipes in the case once you pull one out. I didn’t return it but I’m still not pleased.

Marissa Fort Mitchell, VA


for the price I was expecting a little more, but its pretty cheaply made. You can see the glue holding the fabric on the plastic case, and the wipes really don’t stay too moist if you put too many in, you will waste them.

Cindy Copalis Beach, WA

Cute designs, cheap product

The Ah Goo Baby Wipes Case is not a good purchase. It’s made out of strikingly flimsy, brittle plastic, and despite sporting cute designs, the fabric is hastily glued on and makes it feel more like a children’s school project than a durable case for wipes. This product is so cheap that when my wife tried to return this product to Amazon, they sent her a message telling her to keep it and they’d refund the money anyway. Even Amazon didn’t want it back.Even as a freebie, it’s still not worth it. I don’t see any use case where this product is worth recommending. Don’t waste your time or your money on this case.

Wilma Carpinteria, CA