ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Hoops for the Tub

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Hoops for the Tub

Suction cup net with 3 colorful balls View larger Alex Toys Rub a Dub Hoops in the Tub View larger Alex Toys Rub a Dub Hoops in the Tub The Alex Toys Rub a Dub Hoops in the Tub lets your child shoot hoops, make rebounds and squeeze the squirters all while taking a bath. With Hoops in the Tub, your child can have good, clean fun playing basketball. How’s it Played? Just suction the basketball net onto a wet smooth surface and your child will have hours of fun shooting baskets in the tub. Watch as they amaze themselves with the ability to shoot balls into the net. The colorful balls are the perfect size for little hands to grab and it won’t be long before your child learns that the balls can squirt too. Improves Hand and Eye Coordination This game is ideal for improving hand and eye coordination in young children. Learning to hold, aim and shoot balls is the first step to improving coordination and turning your child into a young basketball superstar. Safe Toy for Children Recommended for children 2-years of age and older, this toy is both a safe and fun way to make sure you child enjoys bath time. The balls are free of toxins and safe for toddlers to use during every bath. What’s in the Box? The Hoops in the Tub set includes 3 colorful squirter balls and a basketball rim with suction cups and netting. About Alex Toys Alex Toys has become the preeminent manufacturer of children’s products and with over 1,000 unique items, Alex makes toys for every age group, from toddlers to teens and everything in-between. With toys in the baby, fashion, crafts and misc. categories, Alex makes toys that encourage a lifetime of learning. Alex Toys are currently sold worldwide in over 80 countries through specialty retail stores, catalogs and websites. Product Features Shoot hoops, make rebounds and squeeze the squirters all while taking a bath Attaches to smooth wet surfaces with a suction Includes squirter balls and rim with netting Made of plastic and mesh Recommended for children 2-years of age and up

Main features

  • Play hoops in the tub
  • Suction cup net hold balls so they are easy to retrieve
  • Safe for toddlers and phthalate free
  • Includes 3 colorful squirter balls and a basketball rim with suction cups and netting
  • Recommended for children 2 to 5 years of age

Verified reviews


Had to stop using…

My 18-24 month old got fairly annoyed with this bath toy. The hoop is just a net, so the balls don’t come out of the bottom. You have to reach back into the hoop to get the balls out. When my son or I did this, the hoop came off the bathtub wall. I specifically had a problem with the left suction cup not staying attached. The right suction cup worked fine, so the hoop was always falling sideways. Also, the balls have small holes in them and take in water. I had a serious issue with mold collecting in the balls…and at bathtime, if you squeezed the balls, a ton of mold flakes come out. Unless I cleaned them out before bath time, I really didn’t want them in the tub. I’d suggest going with another brand.

Rochelle Pickton, TX

3 year old still likes this

We’ve had several different uses out of this hoops and ball set. The three balls are a perfect size for our son, who has had these since he turned 2. He has other toys such as floating rings that he uses the balls with and while younger he just used the net to store the balls. Later, he figured out that the balls could squirt, and even later he would bite the ball with the hole facing outwards to squirt it and laugh and laugh. He’s only now starting to use to to actually shoot hoops.I’m going to cut the bottom off the net soon so that he can put the hoop higher on the bathroom wall and shoot hoops. The suction cups have worked very well for us and still do, and no mold or anything thus far. The suction cups didn’t work well in our other bathroom because the tiles have texture.

Gretchen Allenwood, PA

Cheaply made

The netting on the hoop loosened and is coming off on one side and the balls are just ok. I thought that maybe since it is a bath toy that there would be no holes in them to let water inside. Every time my son would squeeze a ball black gunk would come out. I threw away the entire set, waste of money. Would have given a better rating if it weren’t for the balls that allow water to sit stagnate and get moldy.

Sally Pioneer, OH

Great toy!

I just have to put it in the tub…for some reason my boys just wanted to play with the balls outside of the tub.

Christina Saint Benedict, PA

Mostly a good time!

I bought these for two very bath resistant boys. They took them out of the package and started playing with them before we even got into the tub! They look forward to the bath now so they can play with their “special” bath toys.I have a little problem getting the suction cups to stick to the tile walls. We pretty much just re-stick them every night as we’re drawing the bath.The hoop is a little small for my kiddos to get the ball into, but that’s helping them learn to aim better, so it’s not a big deal.The balls are soft enough that it doesn’t hurt if (when) they throw them at each other. They bounce pretty easily off the walls too so be prepared to chase them around the bathroom!This was one of three bath toy sets I recently bought to replace old toys and this is the one they want to play with the most.

Lenora Milan, OH

cute bath toy!

my son has had this for a little over a year now i’d guess. it is cute and the suction cups work very well on the two different baths/showers that we have used it on. my son played with it as a basketball hoop at first, and now we just use it to store some of his bath toys in because his other storage container is too large for our current bathtub. overall, very happy with the product because even if it is not played with much any more it is still useful to have around. would buy again.

Araceli Saint Marys, AK

Perfect Tub Toy

Our 5 yr old loves this and uses it every time he is in the tub. And I have to admit, I think my husband REALLY likes it sticks well to the tile wall and makes bath time fun!

Imelda Simpsonville, KY

My son enjoys this toy

He actually like how you can get water into the balls and squirt the water out. He is only one, but he still likes to drop them in the basket too.

Sondra Noonan, ND

my daughter loves this!

We surprised our 2yr old daughter with this basketball set for the tub. She absolutely loves it & does not want bath time to end!

Goldie Ellerslie, MD

Good for bath or out

My son loves playing with balls and this is just perfect. We stuck it to the patio window and he just loves it!

Brandy Bernardston, MA

Good toy, poor construction.

This was and is a welcomed addition to bath time. My son was 11 months when we got it and loves to “shoot hoops.” The balls are neatly colored and engaging…I wish they weren’t squeeze balls though bc it is difficult to keep those toys free of mildew. Solid would have been my choice. It’s still in the tub and played with however the mesh hoop starting tearing away from the plastic rim within about 10 days, which is why I give 3 stars. The suction cups work great. It’s never come off the tub unintentionally. Fun toy, poorly constructed.

Savannah Fort Sheridan, IL

Fun Bath Toy

This is a good toy. My son loves to pick up the basketballs and dunk them. He also likes to fill them up with water and squirt them. I know the age says 3 years or older, but my son is 14months old and he has had this toy for a month and loved it from day 1.

Ronda Bridgeton, NJ

ehh not so much

I bought this to keep my son entertained…it’s ok he likes squeezing the water out of the little balls but the net not so much. we’ve moved this all around the shower wall and tub and it just wasn’t anything spectacular. He just wasn’t interested in playing hoops…so I don’t recommend this for those younger than 3…

Estelle Peoria, IL

Does not stick to textured tubs.

Tub has yo be completely smooth for ours to stick. For that reason, we have to place it by the fosset, which is strangely low but my sons still likes it.

Melisa Brooks, GA

Not well made

The netting ripped right away and my daughter was very gentle with it. Also the balls ripped along the squirt holes. We were down to 1 ball within 3 months.

Cheryl Pickford, MI

A life saver

My daughter is going thru a stage at 2 1/2 where she doesnt want to take a bath. I bought this as a distraction. It worked! The 3 balls are very cute and soft. The hoop is sturdy and the suction cups are great.

Diane Denton, NC


I snipped the end off the net so the balls would fall thru and it became extra fun! Suction cups hold great. Only downfall is the balls have a tiny hole in them so water gets in and becomes moldy. But other balls I had fit and work good too.

Roxanne Sumner, MI


This sticks well to the side of the tub but not so well to the tiled wall. The surface has to be wet. This has been a lot of fun for my girls. The balls don’t take in any water so I don’t have to worry about mildew.

Jewell Newport Coast, CA

great bath toy

my daughter was 12 months when I bought this for her and she is now 15 months. and by far it is her favorite toy. the balls fill up with water and she loves squeezing them like a squirt gun. and somehow she never tires of putting them into the basket and then taking them out!

Lacy Clayton, WA

Fun, but…

The balls have a hole in them and are like "squirties". I’ve refrained from buying anything like this anymore because it gets mold inside. That said, my 2 y.o. daughter would much rather fill the balls and squirt the water everywhere than throw it into the basket! Still a fun bath time activity.

Barbra Gay, GA

doesn’t hold well

doesn’t stay stuck on the tub but cute and hasn’t broken yet (after 2 years) would recommend for little kids

Veronica Wanamingo, MN

Fun and easy

I got this for my 2 yr old son and he loves the balls more than the net really but he’s getting the idea. It seems durable and suctions well to the wall. I don’t particularly like the bath toys or in this case, the balls, that squirt water because I’ve noticed if any water is left in them, they have a tendency to mold. Overall a fun bath toy that my son likes! I would recommend.

Penelope Wakenda, MO

Great gift

I got this for my nephew and son and they absolutely love this. I highly recommend this for small toddlers.

Melissa Midway, UT

Fun bath toy

Kids love this and have fun with it in the tub. Careful not to let them pull the hoops off the suction cups, took me foreve to get it reattached. Suction cups are strong, which is good.

Sadie Alberta, MN

1, 3 and 4 year old love it

This is our second time purchasing this toy. The kids love playing with it in the tub and it sticks to the wall very well. The only thing to watch out for is that water can get into the balls, so you need to make sure it’s out or the water at the end of bath time. A small price to pay for the entertainment. 🙂

Sabrina Viking, MN

my son loves this!

my son loves this basketball hoop and ball set. it comes with three balls and we it makes bath time fun!

Latonya Bedford, MI

Fun for a short time, but cheaply made

My son loves anything to do with a ball, so I ordered this for him when he was just about a year old. He enjoyed them in the tub and totally understood making baskets, which was great. I used super glue to cover the holes on the balls, so they couldn’t fill with water and get mildewy.Unfortunately, the basket doesn’t stick very well, no matter what we do. For the price, I didn’t expect it to be perfect, so I’m ok with what we got.

Patty Oakman, GA

Doesn’t Stick to some Tile

I was very excited to get this for my daughter as she has outgrown her baby bath toys. When we got it, I was a little dissapointed as the suction cups would not stick to our wall tile. The tile in our bathroom does not have a slick/shinny finish so we ended up sticking to the side of the bathtub. My daughter does like to play with it but would be more fun to be higher in the bath area.

Rosetta Mystic, CT

Great buy for a tub toy

Fun toy and we used this a lot. We wound up storing a lot of tub toys in this for our son. I also had one for my daughter. It doesn’t rip or fall apart and it stays on the tile perfectly. Good buy.

Janie Roberts, ID