All One Tech Safety Strap Latches Locks Child Safety Locks for Cabinets & App…

All One Tech Safety Strap Latches Locks Child Safety Locks for Cabinets & App…

The safety of children is the most important, but the best activity each child enjoys doing is to go and open each cabinet, drawer, and appliances like the refrigerator and take out from each of them. So the trash can, the household chemicals and the medicine cabinet is another safety hazard. Obviously it is not only dangerous, but it may causes extra work for the parents.In this case, we can easily avoid these problems by placing the child locks in various locations around the house and nursery. And the latches can also be used as a toilet lock.

Main features

  • Good way to keep your house clean and protect your children,even the most determined baby out of trouble while allowing for easy one-handed access for adults and closes with the simple push of a finger.
  • Extremely convenient for people to lock the drawers, toilet seats, refrigerators, trash bin, etc.
  • Easy to install for adults, but it’s difficult for little ones to figure it out. non-bulky cabinet safety locks won’t be an eyesore on your cabinets and drawers.
  • Adjustable strap is flexible and won’t break when it is used, it can be used for a long time.
  • The adjustable lock will not damage the furniture, it can keep your appliances clean and unbroken.

Verified reviews


Perfect for large crowds or the mall

I bought this before going to the fair and I’m so glad I did. My 2-year-old won’t hold my hand and runs so fast I’d lose her in a crowd in no time. I bought this for the times she wanted to get out of her stroller. She liked the idea of wearing a "backpack" and I love the tether (I don’t like calling it a leash). I like how the tether clips off easily and can be stored in the backpack. The backpack is small, but has enough room for a sippy cup and a small back of snacks. Other parents were asking me where I got it!

Shanna Haledon, NJ

Great pack

Used for airplane and train travel. Before this I used one of those stuffed animal harnesses which only have a tiny pocket. With this, my kid could have snacks, toys, small books, a sippy cup, pack of cards, sunglasses all in his own personal item carry on! There are side pockets to stuff the tail/leash in when not using it.

Haley Stanton, NJ

What I was looking for!

This is a very nice back pack. Wish there was a good place to hide/tuck away the strap when not in use and bag was just a little bigger for regular water bottle but all in all it is very nice. Holds 5 disposable diapers 1 small package of wipes and one change of clothes for a 1 1/2 year old. Don’t think I can fit anything else in it after that.

Fannie Blackwell, TX

Great product

I have a family child care facility and go on field trips from time to time. Making sure 5 little ones stay safe during loading and unloading can be challenging. These backpacks are perfect. Small enough for the one just beginning to toddle and large enough for the 4 year olds. They like their special backpacks and I like that they can’t dart off during loading and unloading. They will also hold a diaper, wipes, and snack easily

Kristin Pond Gap, WV

Good product.

I got it for my 19 months old nephew who likes running away from his mom in public places. He liked it right away and wanted to carry it on his back. Great size bag, adjustable straps, removable leash, has a pocket to hold a sippy cup. I got him also Sunshine Kids Sure Steps Safety Strap at the same time. He didn’t want even to put that on. Every time we tried to get him to put it on he cried. The straps of brica are a lot softer than the sunshine kids safety strap.

Elizabeth Coleman, WI

Good product, but now my 18 month old knows how to unclip it

Very good product, does what is says it will. I like that the "leash" is out of the neckline’s way so very little chance of strangulation. I wish my toddler wasn’t so brilliant tho – she figured out how to unclip the safety buckle in the front. We’ll still use it tho because it’s better than letting the child run free in a crowded area.

Florine Kohler, WI

Saves my back

I love this back pack. Saves my back from bending and walking while holding my daughters hand and it saves my back from having to carry her. Great for Disneyland! Holds a diaper, juice box, sunscreen, sunglasses etc. I love the extra security in crowds not worrying about her trying to run off. She loves to wear her backpack, it makes her feel very grown up,

Michele Newport, VA


Super nice backpack! Can fit a diaper and a zippy inside. the outside side pocket is tiny so you can’t fit much in there. the mesh pocket is good size. as for the harness, I cannot comment because my twins think i’m off my rocker trying to “walk” them. they just fall down on the ground and cry-lol. Gonna try it again when they are older than 14mo =)

Ramona Ewing, KY

Ok, but newer version is better

My 2 yr old daughter loves this backpack. She loves buckling the waist strap. She loves wearing it at home and in public. It has helped me because I have an infant to take care of as well.The elastic in the leash part really helps slow my daughter from running and then a complete stop, rather than other backpack leashes which forces the child from running to abrupt stop (which can lead to falling).The only downside of this particular version is that the straps hurt my daughter’s neck when they rub against the skin. I solved the problem with having extra car seat strap covers lying around the house. The straps don’t stay in place (on her shoulders) so I may consider sewing the straps covers onto the straps.I would rather buy the newer version with better straps, but this backpack is still OK.

Nell Freehold, NY

Awesome for keeping my little one safe!

My mother bought this for my daughter when she was about a 14 months old. My little girl was an early walker and a early RUNNER! She refused to hold hands when we were out in an area where a stroller wasn’t possible. She also to young to understand STOP! I had tried everything to keep her close but she likes to explore. I love this backpack and so does my little girl! If she sees it sitting around she wants to put it on! It really came in handy at the no stoller aquarium. She was able to look around and I was able to feel safe that she couldn’t get lost in the crowd. If you are worried about strange tooks others will give you, don’t! You are keeping your child safe at an age when they just don’t understand saftey. I actually recieved many positive comments from other mothers and grandmothers.

Carmen Wyandotte, OK

Changed opinion based on this

My toddler is happy to wear this backpack most of the time. It gives her the freedom to explore, and also is safer than holding her by the hand if she is resisting (in typical toddler fashion). I used to be opposed to "leashes" for children, but this is wonderful for airports or busy places like Disney or the mall. Helps keep them safe. I use a carabiner to clip it to my belt loop so it’s less like I’m walking a dog… 🙂 She is learning to walk close by and next to me!

Gail Kake, AK

Warning: 3yo can easily escape!

As soon as we put this harness backpack on my child, she easily unbuckled the chest strap and had slipped her shoulders out of the straps, almost without our notice. Not secure! We are sending it back.

Johnnie Elsie, NE


Its small. It fits my 3 year old but barely holds a sippy. I usually stick 2 pullups and a pack of travel wipes in it, and then its full. As for a leash… I like the idea of kid leashes but in practice I just prefer a stroller or a child carrier (backpack carrier). I’d rather walk an 85 lb Lab than my crazy and squirrly pre-schooler.

Lenora Ovapa, WV


Our son loves wearing the backpack. Very smart because one of the few backpacks that attaches at the bottom – no getting strangled around his neck if he turns around! Has a bit of elastic in it which helps a lot, and the pack holds some diapers and a sippy and a few things – so we let him carry his own stuff. Some people look at me funny, but I have peace of mind knowing I am not going to lose him. Amazing!

Merle Wallpack Center, NJ