All Stars 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set

All Stars 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set

Original All Stars Set From Lambs and Ivy

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Just adorable!

My husband picked this one out and we both loved how it turned out. I washed everthing and it came out beautiful. The only caution is if you have a larger window and need 2 valances the set only comes with one. I ordered another online and the top border colors are not the same shade. I am not tha picky but you can tell the difference if you look at it. Not sure how to get around this one. Otherwise it is great.

Stacey Rock Creek, OH

His room is so precious

My 4 month old son has such a cute ALL STAR room. WE have all the bedding, the lamp, wall boarder, and diaperstaker. His walls are navy blue and the wall boarder is on the top and bottom of the walls. The bedding looks so precious on his natural wood crib. The only piece of the whole set that dissapointed me was the crib sheet, it didnt fit too well so I just use it over his changing pad and use a different sports sheet instead. My son LOVES staring at his bumper and he will just look at it for HOURS sometimes, seriously! Well we also have the aquarium bed attatchment which works well. I couldnt pick a better set for him and I like thats its not cars like his 20 month old twin brothers were. I love this set and it washes VERY well, doesnt rip or fade. A perfect set and just absoulutly adorable!

Adelaide Crabtree, PA

Love the color scheme

I just love this whole color scheme. We painted our son’s room blue and got every piece to this set. It is just such a nice change from the baby blue with pastel colored bedding sets. It is definitely a little boy’s bedding set. Some many things match it outside of this collection too because of the blue and red combination. The sheets wash well too which is a nice plus.

Bridget Stockdale, PA

Cute for a boy

We love this bedding for our son’s room. The colors are wonderful and its just the right mixture of colors to make it cozy for a baby yet not too over the top for a boy.

Jacklyn Shambaugh, IA

Top pick for our baby boy

What can i say about the Set. Cute, practical and washes up easily. When we found out we were having a boy and a girl. Me and my husband both agreed to do the boys room in a sports theme. This was the one. We looked at some at JcPennys, Kohls, and Target. They all seemed to be great quality. But i wanted a set that came with everything to match. This even has a table, clock, and shelf with pegs on it. After i got home from the baby shower i washed everything and hung the comforter out to dry on the line. Sometimes after you wash something it looks dull and worn. This still looked like brand new. I have no problems with the sheet slipping off the matress. I recieved 2 more fitted sheets to use as spares and then 2 more plain blue sheets from JcPennys. I washed them once and the colored faded right away. The room looks great with everything in place. My baby boy loves laying in his crib still at almost 6 months and staring up at his mobile. The fleece blanket that comes in this set is my sons fav blanket. After he was a month old i seen how much loved the blanket so i went out and bought another one. I wash my babys fav blankets once a week and it still looks like new. After 6 months!!! This is a great bedding set.

Gussie Orick, CA


My 2 1/2 year old has the LOCOMOTION nursery (not the one shown on this website) , and it was very easy to find him sheets to go on his toddler bed for that theme. Now that I have another 4 month old son, we wanted a theme that he could grow in. I thought I would go with planes or boats, but when I saw this at BRU I fell in love! The colors look like a heathered navy, and the picture really doesnt do this set justice! I got the ENTIRE set for my shower (bedding, lamp, diaperstaker, boarder, window valance, rug and even some stickers (other sports theme) that can peel on and off the walls easily!). My son just adores his room. Reilly always looks up at his bumper and giggles, he likes reaching his hand out to touch it. I also have a natural wooden crib and the set looks adoring. The only part of the set that I returned before opening, was the mobile since I had found a better one that doesnt really go with a theme. I never had a problem with the sheets, I actually love them! This set is soo nice because I can easily incorperate other sports things into it. I have a sports garbage can and hamper from another set. This set is just so precious and I can see using it for many many year. I cant wait till he can really apreciate how adorable his room is… I love it, my husband loves it, and my sons love it…

Randi Palo, MI