Alva Baby 3 Layers of Bamboo Viscose Diaper Inserts

Alva Baby 3 Layers of Bamboo Viscose Diaper Inserts

Size: For baby weighs 4-15kg (8.8 – 33pounds) Dimension of lnsert: 33cm in length(12.9Inch) *13.5cm in width (5.3Inch) Quantity: 12PCS Wash temperature under 30 Centigrade. (less than 86 Fahrenheit) Condition: Brand new Features: Machine washable and dryable. Easy use and very soft ,80% rayon from bamboo, 20% polyester

Main features

  • 80% rayon from bamboo, 20% polyester
  • Absorbs up to 60% more than cotton
  • Natural anti-bacterial
  • Strong absorbent material with breathability
  • 80% rayon from bamboo, 20% polyester
  • Reusable & machine washable

Verified reviews


Definatly more absorbant than cotton 🙂

Got these for our 2 year old – who is wearing 3-4t clothes btw, shes one big kid :). Shes potty training so she’s either dry or soaked, these have definaltly helped 🙂 now that she pees all at once the cotton inserts were not working out unless we stuffed her diaper like a pillow, and then i felt bad for her. We got these and now her diapers are thin and can handle the amount of fluid she puts out 🙂 – still putting two inserts in to be safe, not just one, but that still leaves her diaper nice and thin.This was our second or maybe even 3rd Alva baby bamboo diaper inserts purchase – very happy with all. once you get some you want more since they absorb so much more than cotton. Almost have all my cotton inserts replaced now. and just put another order in for 10 more today 🙂

Tanya North Branch, NY

nice absorbency

These wash nicely and have decent absorbency. They are much thinner than the microfiber inserts. I got them to replace or add as a doubler in my pocket diapers. So far they are working nicely. I think they are good for the price.

Britney Milford, MI

Thin and very absorbant

I use these combined with my newborn sized prefolds, I just put them in the middle and then fold the prefold around the insert and put that in my cover, no stuffing. It works great!

Karen Oak Vale, MS

should have bought these earlier

We really love these. They really feel less wet when I change him after overnight, and the price-per-insert is unbeatable!

Harriett Adger, AL

Awesome ON Inserts

Used 2 of these with an OSoCozy prefold in a BG for overnights on my heavy wetting toddler. Worked perfectly! Rinsed well and never needed stripping the whole time I used them!To prep, I boiled them in a pot on the stove for 20 minutes, then washed them as I would normally wash diapers (rinse, soap w/ a bit of RLR, rinse until no bubbles) by themselves and then dried them on high heat with dryer balls. Drying took almost no time at all. After that I used them normally and washed them as usual with the rest of the diaper laundry.

Tabatha Vanderbilt, MI

NEVER going back to microfiber

I use these in my pockets, since they are so thin, I use two at a time. Though one can probably do the job, two just prevent them from moving around so much as well as give even more abosrbencyPros:Not syntheticTrim/thinAbsorb wellAren’t bulkyCan use next to baby’s skinDon’t take forever to dryNo stink issuesCons:Move around in pocket diaper when used alone (Kind of floppy)tag might irritate baby if used next to skin

Marissa Himrod, NY

Awesome inserts

These bamboo inserts are just a MUST if you are cloth diapering. They are super thin but ABSORBENT. Recommend to everyone who cloth diapers. Great price and FAST shipping compared to buying them directly from Alva.

Adeline Pillow, PA

Bamboo is the way to go

I purchased these for my heavy wetter and I couldn’t be more pleased. They’re thin enough that I could use them as a doubler but absorbent enough on its own to use with a cover. They’re also super soft. You can find them a bit cheaper elsewhere online but I decided to order here with my prime membership to get it faster and with a bit more peace of mind.

Leanna Cairo, NE

Yes, they fit gDiapers!

We love our gDiapers, but our son recently started needing more absorption than the gCloth inserts were providing alone, especially at nap times. These bamboo inserts are super thin, but very absorbent. I’m not sure I’d recommend using them alone in a gPant, since they are so thin and floppy, but they’re a perfect doubler.They are a hair longer than the gCloth, and are made from bamboo rayon, so they don’t shrink much. But they’re not so much longer that they have to be folded. We lay a gCloth on top, and the whole package stuffs nicely into medium or large gPants. The overall fit is still quite trim compared to other cloth options for heavy wetters. Highly recommend these!

Aurora Morgan, PA

These are ok but too small

I got these I thought they were as big as the once that come with the alva diapers but no they’re pretty small but they’re good as boosters.

Brenda Chataignier, LA