Alva Baby 6pcs Pack Fitted Pocket Cloth Diaper with 2 Inserts Each

Alva Baby 6pcs Pack Fitted Pocket Cloth Diaper with 2 Inserts Each

Alva cloth diapers draw more recommendations of the mother. They contain more comfortable material and fine workmanship. Touching softer, more comfortable to wear, more healthy, absorbent stronger. It has one more rows of snaps which can fit better for your baby. Alvababy clothdiapers fit for most babies from 6 to 33+ pounds. This diaper is reusable and washable. Weight recommendation 6 Pounds. Maximum weight recommendation 33 Pounds. Insert: Inserts are made of super absorbent microfiber. It is more absorbent than regular flannel and dries much faster after being washed. Easy to use, soft and breathable. Machine washable and dryable. Length of Diaper: 15.3inches in length X 13.7inches in width. Material:100% microfiber terry cloth. Package included: 6 diapers + 12 inserts. Wash temperature: under 30 Centigrade. (Less than 86 Fahrenheit) (ATTENTION: Please wash diaper cover and the insert separately, please do not wash diapers together with your other clothes. You can add a little salt in the water when you wash diapers.) Size adjustable,it can be small, middle and large.

Main features

  • All in one size
  • Waterproof
  • Strong absorbent material with breathability
  • Double Rows of snaps fit well
  • Leg gussets against leaks

Verified reviews


Copied Lovelace!

I hate stuffing these. Seriously, save your money for better quality, made is USA diapers. And I’m now ashamed I own alva diapers. The one print is copied from bumgenius, Lovelace pattern. Companies like this should not be supported and be put out of business.

Addie Saint Just Contract, PR

Very happy

These diapers are great. I don’t see why people knock these. We are in love. Adorable, soft, they contain the mess… Don’t knock the china cheapies until you’ve tried them.

Alexandria Tioga, WV

Love these Diapers – Super Cute Prints!

These are a fantastic, fantastic deal when it comes to Pocket Diapers. I love them and have had no issues with them. I would suggest that you buy some Rock the Green Cloth diaper detergent and do a good soaking prior to use to help maximize absorbency, but I would say the same for any other brand Cloth Diaper.Bottom line…these diapers cost $9 a piece and I would say that they are just as good (or extremely close) as any $20 pocket diaper…and you get TWO microfiber inserts with each Pocket Diaper and they are great inserts.We have 24 of these and only 4 $20ish pocket diapers.

Shannon Grayridge, MO

Love These!

We love our Alvas! Fit is good, prints are super cute, and we have had no delaminating issues which we had heard was a problem right now with the alvas. MF inserts aren’t the best, but none of them really are. We just double up with a bamboo insert on the bottom and it works perfectly! We usually can go about 2 1/2 – 3 hours before changing our 2 1/2 YO.

Melva Waverly, VA

Good starter diapers

I had no idea what I was doing, but knew I wanted to cloth diaper. This seemed the best bet, for the price point. Pocket diapers are as close to disposables as you can get in terms of ease of use. It is a little time consuming stuffing the diapers, but it’s a nice relaxing chore you can do watching tv.If you are beginning cloth diapering, I recommend these. I’ve had them for two months now and wash them every other day on the "sanitize" cycle with an extra rinse just to get out the BF poo, and they are holding up great. I dry on regular in the dryer, but will try sunshine as the weather warms up. I’m very happy with this purchase, and the patterns are cute to boot.

Beatriz Lancaster, KY