Alva Baby One Size Pocket Washable Changable Cloth Diapers Nappies 5pcs

Alva Baby One Size Pocket Washable Changable Cloth Diapers Nappies 5pcs

Alva cloth diapers draw more recommendations of the mother. They contain more comfortable material and fine workmanship. Touching softer, more comfortable to wear, more healthy, absorbent stronger. Alvababy cloth diapers fit for most babies from 6 to 30+ pounds. These diapers are reuseable and washable. Naturally Anti-bacterial .Machine washable and dryable. Size of one Diaper: 13″ in length X 12.2″ in width. Package included: 5 Minky bamboo fiber diapers (No insert) Wash temperature: under 30 Centigrade. (Less than 86 Fahrenheit) (ATTENTION: Please wash diaper cover and the insert separately, please do not wash diapers together with your other clothes. You can add a little salt in the water when you wash the diapers.) Size adjustable,it can be small, middle and large.

Main features

  • Waterproof outside
  • Strong absorbent material with breathability
  • Soft surface bamboo fiber inner layer
  • 30% more moisture absorption, high fibre density thus it’s heavier
  • Baby accessories

Verified reviews


I like the diapers

This are cute, hip, great price! They fail to tell you that they have NO inserts. So make sure you buy some separetely.

Kelsey Lakin, WV

Love the diapers

I was so pleased with these Alvas. They fit my daughter great! She was a big girl at birth, and I waited until she was a month old before I started them….she was 10+ lbs and wears them on the smallest setting. They are the best fitting brand of my stash….and the cheapest! Love it! The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because I didn’t get the diapers pictured, a few were different. Still cute and super soft, but different. These are also fuzzy…I really like that.

Constance Centerfield, UT

Love the bamboo diapers

I am new to cloth diapering and the Alva bamboo diapers are working out great. I also have tried fuzzibunz but I really like the one size alvas. I like to double up on the inserts from time to time so that they don’t leak but for the most part I haven’t had any leaks or blow outs. They are easy to use, fit good and are easy to clean. They seem to be more absorbant than the regular alvas. I like to use these at night time. They also don’t seem to be as warm as the other style- I think the bamboo is more breathable material

Tracie Niangua, MO

These diapers are ok. SUPER cute, but just ok as diapers

I’m a bit new to the whole cloth diapering thing, but I just had twins so I’m able to really evaluate the test of these in a short period of time. The designs are ridiculously cute, I really love them. The diapers themselves are also very soft. I in particular love the cheetah print one, it’s so so cute! However, the sizing on this is a bit off, even with the rise. One of my twins is in the 25% range in terms of height and weight, but none of them fit him at all. He’s a bit on the thin side (still normal range) so I can forgive that. However, my daughter is 70% on weight, and 60% on height, and it still doesn’t quite fit her that well. I end up using these diapers on her, and prefolds with a wrapper on the boy, but I’ve already had several blow outs from these diapers when she uses them. I haven’t had leaks, but I also don’t use these at night, only during the day. I have noticed around the legs in particular, it seems to be wide, even though my girl has pretty chunky legs, it still can blow out of there. I prefer the thirsties wraps in comparison, with the prefolds and snappis, because of the double gussets on the legs that prevent blow outs. With these, even with chunky thighs, the stitching and elastic is not really tight enough to prevent blow outs, even on the tightest settings for the rise.It is an inexpensive first investment into cloth diapering, and I still use them, mostly because they are the only pockets I have, and I already bought the inserts (these do not come with inserts, so I bought the bamboo inserts also by alva baby, which work fine), but I’m a little turned off by the fact that 1) they dont’ fit that well 2) I cannot reuse them (unlike the thirsties wrappers) 3) they dont’ come with inserts. I wish they were a bit better made and came with different patterns besides this and I would be a firm supporter.EDITED: just so you know, when I initially wrote this review, the twins were about 3 months, so not quite newborns, and they were still too big. Now the twins are 9 1/2 months, and after not using them for a while (I had bought fuzzibunz and bumgenius from cotton babies in the meantime since these didn’t really seem to fit), I am using these again. I have found though, that they don’t seem to be quite as absorbent for some reason, even with the same liner. Perhaps the PUL doesn’t work as well with these? The bumgenius and fuzzibunz generally last me about 2 1/2 to 3 hours with the twins (assuming they don’t poop), but these will last me probably about 1 1/2 to 2 hours only, which is a lot of diaper changing then. They still are super cute, so usually what I do is reserve these for the diaper change right before their nap and then I always change their diaper after their nap anyhow, so then they are only in this diaper for 1 to 1 1/2 hours, which works out fine.

Joanne Buchanan Dam, TX


Amazing. Very pretty, and well made. And the price was spot on. I just wish they had come with inserts.

Laura Freeport, NY