Alva Baby One Size Washable Reusable Cloth Diaper All in Two Pocket with 2 Inserts

Alva Baby One Size Washable Reusable Cloth Diaper All in Two Pocket with 2 Inserts

Alva cloth diapers draw more recommendations of the mother. They contain more comfortable material and fine workmanship. Touching softer, more comfortable to wear, more healthy, absorbent stronger. It has one more rows of snaps which can fit better for your baby. Alvababy clothdiapers fit for most babies from 6 to 32+ pounds. This diaper is reuseable and washable. weight recommendation: 6 Pounds. Maximum weight recommendation 32 Pounds Insert: Inserts are made of super absorbent microfiber. It is more absorbent than regular flannel and dries much faster after being washed. Easy to use, soft and breathable. Machine washable and dryable. Length of Diaper: 13.5 inches in length. Material:100% microfiber terry cloth. Package included: 1 diaper + 2 inserts. Wash temperature: under 30 Centigrade. (Less than 86 Fahrenheit) (ATTENTION: Please wash diaper cover and the insert separately, please do not wash diapers together with your other clothes. You can add a little salt in the water when you wash the diapers.) Size adjustable,it can be small, middle and large.

Main features

  • All in one size
  • Waterproof
  • Strong absorbent material with breathability
  • Double Rows of snaps fit well
  • Leg gussets against leaks

Verified reviews


OK for the $$.

As a cloth diaper mom who’s used Kawaii, Softbums, G-diapers, Grovia, etc….this one is definately of the "lesser quality" but purchased to bump up my pocket diaper supply. I’ve only used once and blowout went through to my LO’s outfit. 🙁 I might not have put the snaps on the best fit for her, so can’t 100% blame the diaper, gonna try multiple snap settings and see what success I have. The quality was OK for the money….inside is much thinner than the name brands but i guess you could compensate with more inserts. Only used that 1 time so far, so really can’t give a fair rating without trying multiple times, alternating snap selection/insert selection. Overall, item quality OK for the $$.

Jodi Blackwell, TX

Good for the price!

These were a bit bulky at first on my baby when he was 2 months but now that he’s 4 months they are not so bad and will get lots of use as he grows. Good quality and no leaks.

Doretha Belt, MT


This is an awesome pocket diaper, especially for the price. You can’t beat it. Of course we’ve had leaks (we do even with the expensive BumGenius ones). It just depends on how much your LO urinates and where it tends to pool. Ours is a stomach sleeper, so we bulk up the front part for naps since that’s where the majority of the fluid goes. I definitely recommend. Care is easy. Just take out the insert(s) and wash like you would any cloth diaper and air dry the PUL outer part.

Jacklyn Avilla, MO

Alva Baby one size

Great, not just for the price! We’ve been cloth diapering for about 5 months and it’s held up very well, comparable most to our Charlie Banana OS and it doesn’t clean up as well, slight staining, but more importantly it absorbs very well, possibly better than Charlie Banana. However, of those in our cloth collection I prefer my insert one’s best, Flip and EconoBum (also only 10$ for a trial and comes with 2 prefolds and 1 cover).

Lakeisha Bellaire, MI

Comparable to BumGenius

I haven’t used this yet, my boy is still a bit too skinny but I also have some BG 2.0’s and these feel the same in quality. Once he is a bit bigger and I test them out then I plan on ordering them from the alva baby website, where they are about half the cost.

Elnora Paradise, TX

Great for the price

Alva Baby was what I started cloth diapering with. They are a great and inexpensive product for beginners. I wouldn’t use it for overnight (unless I doubled up inserts) but it definitely gets the job done.I highly recommend this product to all cloth diapering newbies like myself.

Taylor Five Points, CA

Not for Me

These diapers are the same Chinese low-quality items rebranded a thousand times. They are cheap, so if you’re on a really tight budget, they’ll do for now. But one thing I’ve learned with cloth diapers, is that you don’t really need a gazillion of them to diaper your baby. Buy a quality set of diapers and do laundry every other day. These are sub-par, in my opinion.

Katharine Fair Oaks, IN


not a big fan, but it works for what it is. I would have likes double gussets on the legs, but for the price it’s not bad.

Evelyn Banco, VA

Large One Size

I have several One Size (OS) diapers in several different brands and this is by far one of the biggest. Both inserts that come with this diaper are the same size and if you had this diaper on the smallest settings the inserts would be too large to stuff in. The pocket opening to stuff the inserts in to is quite small but the inner fleece fabric does have elastic on it as well which is nice for keeping in messes as well as not having to tuck in any extra fabric in once you put it on your child. When this diaper is being worn the inserts tend to bunch up in the middle of the diaper instead of staying flat like a more narrow insert would. I would give this diaper just an average rating. I like it, but don’t love it.***UPDATE***I have had this diaper now for about 2.5 months and the PUL fabric has COMPLETELY delaminated. This diaper isn’t in my regular rotation so it doesn’t get used a lot and it has never been dried in a dryer, only line dried. I have returned this diaper and will be using my refund to purchase a different brand completely. (Today when I noticed that this had delaminated in the wash I took a peak at the Facebook page for this brand and noticed several of the most recent posts were about the same exact thing)

Jodi Shelburn, IN

good diaper!!

I have been using this for a few weeks now. It works just as good as my more expensive diapers. I will be buying Alva again. They run a little big a may not fit on most newborns. This is true for most one size diapers, no matter the brand. I would say the fit perfect at about 10 pounds. I have not had any leaks and the quality is good.

Helena Sagola, MI


This diaper leaks! i’m ready to throw it in the garbage but can’t bring myself to do it since I spent money on it. No matter how I snap it or stuff it I always end up changing an outfit after my baby wears it. Don’t be tempted by the cheaper cost, spend more and get something that works!

Chris Windfall, IN

its alva…

Well…alva is great but doesn’t fit my 10lb baby well. Other than that I have had no problems but I would suggest Sun baby over alva….you can find those on eBay with free shipping…

Mindy Brundidge, AL

love these diapers

these are my favorite cloth diapers! i love them so much. i’ve tried and used quite a few different brands and none have worked as effectively as these ones. a plus is that they are also pretty inexpensive when compared to other well known brands. i love that they’re inexpensive, work well, and i can get them pretty quickly through amazon. they also come with 2 cloth inserts so you can double up on them for night time diapering or if you have a heavy wetter. i’v found them to be absorbent enough that i haven’t needed to use 2 liners.

Rocio Mansfield Depot, CT

great affordable diapers

I know these aren’t the name brand cloth diapers, but they are quality made I think and great absorbancy. They wash well and fit my child great. They have an over lapping feature for small children too. I only use alva diapers bc they are affordable and they do the job.

Margaret Commerce, GA