Alva Baby One Size Washable Reusable Cloth Diaper Fit for 6-33lbs Baby

Alva Baby One Size Washable Reusable Cloth Diaper Fit for 6-33lbs Baby

What’s the meaning of Alva? It is from Hebrew, Latin. Meaning: white, beautiful and gives the impression of being noble, solemn. Why we choose Cloth diaper? 1.The universe is an energy field. It saves more energy of love, recycled diaper on behalf of the mother’s continuous love, this love to the baby’s subconscious mind to help the healthy growth of babies. 2.Recycling diapers convey a positive energy to universe. Minimum weight recommendation 6 Pounds. Maximum weight recommendation 33 Pounds. Insert: Inserts are made of super absorbent microfiber. It is more absorbent than regular flannel and dries much faster after being washed. Easy to use, soft and breathable.Machine washable and dryable. Length of Diaper:About 13.8 inches in length X 12.6 inches in width. Package included: 1 diaper + 2 inserts. Wash temperature: under 30 Centigrade. (Less than 86 Fahrenheit) (ATTENTION: Please wash diaper cover and the insert separately, please do not wash diapers together with your other clothes. You can add a little salt in the water when you wash the diapers.) Size adjustable,it can be small, middle and large.

Main features

  • Lovely cow print
  • Waterproof outside with one inserts as gift
  • Strong absorbent material with breathability
  • Double Rows of snaps fit well
  • Leg gussets against leaks

Verified reviews


No complaints

I’m a first-time cloth diaper user. I have ordered only one in this pattern. The prices unbeatable when you compare them to other brands of cloth diapers. At eight washingtons and seventy nine coins it’s a good deal! This last time I ordered they were delivered within 24 hours! I will buy again!

Adrian Eaton, TN

Good diaper, but price matters

I’ve recently been turned on to Alva Diapers, which I bought directly from their website at about half the price here. I was surprised when this diaper arrived because it’s minky (soft and fuzzy) on the outside, which I wasn’t expecting. My other Alva diapers have PUL outers (like a bathing suit material). This diaper is still waterproof, of course.This diaper can be adjusted to be three different sizes, but I wouldn’t say it fits from 6 pounds. You probably need to be well out of newborn and 0-3 month clothes before these will fit well, but if you don’t mind bulk, you can make do. Alva also makes a newborn sized pocket diaper that would fit much more snugly.It comes with two three-layer microfiber inserts, unlike the diapers I ordered directly from Alva, which only came with one. I was hoping one would be shorter to use when the baby is smaller, but they are both the same size — a little big on the smallest setting, perfect on the middle setting, and a little small on the largest setting. The good news is that you can double stuff the diaper if you need more absorbency, although that would again lead to a bulkier diaper. My preferred method of stuffing is to use a Charlie Banana medium/large insert because they are four-layer microfiber inserts. If I’m using the three-layer insert, I’ll add a Kissaluvs booster (very trim). Overnight, I’ll add a Joeybunz hemp insert. Others might just use a prefold instead of this insert. The point is, in my opinion, this insert will not last overnight, for a long outing, or if you have a heavy-wetter. One of these inserts is fine if you’ll be changing in a couple of hours and don’t have a heavy-wetter.Alvas have heretofore been considered “China Cheapie” diapers which you could get direct from China or from eBay at a fraction of the cost of other big brands like BumGenius or FuzziBunz. What you are giving up by buying that way is the customer service (and some of the instructions being lost in translation, as you can see from the recommendation that you can add “salt” to your diaper laundry on here . . . ????). Now that they’re available via Amazon Prime, I’m wondering where they are shipping from and how they’ll handle Customer Service. Time will tell! My Alvas from China took a few weeks and had to come through customs. This diaper arrived in two days as promised.My experience with Alvas (and with some diapers which I believe are rebranded but made in the same factory to the same specifications, and sold by smaller cloth diaper boutiques in the US) has been positive. I’ve used some of them for over a year and have only had one diaper get a rip in the waterproof part. That said, knowing how much you can get them for elsewhere, I’m not sure I would pay double to get the same diaper here.

Tiffany White Sulphur Springs, NY

Hope it doesn’t fall apart like the other one I have…

This one is holding up better than the gray version.Of note, the product information does not mention that this is a soft flannel outside. Kinda nice in the winter and when he’s just crawling around in a diaper, very cute. But try putting tighter pants or corduroys over and you are in for some trying moments.These are holding up well thus far. I reviewed a grey one from same company which is falling apart on the inside: thin plastic liner has come undone from the fabric backing… which probably means it will tear soon and be useless, after maybe a dozen wears. The cow print is intact, and worn just as much, so perhaps it’s just a defective product?I have fuzzibunz that I wash the same exact way and have held up for over a year, so I’d recommend those hands down. But these are a cute print for a little variety.

Chelsea Excel, AL

No leaks!

Soft minky feel cowprint diaper. It’s my two year old sons favorite (he’ll pick it out himself for me to put on). No leaks, washes and wears well, came with 2 inserts.

Alyson Mott, ND


Love Alva soft diapers! Very easy to use. The elastic around the legs is still pretty loose so you have to watch that but overall a great diaper!

Gail Worley, ID