Alva Baby One Size Washable Reusable Cloth Diaper

Alva Baby One Size Washable Reusable Cloth Diaper

What’s the meaning of Alva? It is from Hebrew, Latin. Meaning: white, beautiful and gives the impression of being noble, solemn. Minimum weight recommendation: 6 Pounds. Maximum weight recommendation : 33 Pounds. Insert: Inserts are made of super absorbent microfiber. It is more absorbent than regular flannel and dries much faster after being washed. Easy to use, soft and breathable.Machine washable and dryable. Length of Diaper:About 35cm in length X 32cm in width. Package included: 1 diaper + 2 inserts. Wash temperature: under 30 Centigrade. (Less than 86 Fahrenheit) (ATTENTION: Please wash diaper cover and the insert separately, please do not wash diapers together with your other clothes. You can add a little salt in the water when you wash the diapers.) Size adjustable,it can be small, middle and large.

Main features

  • Bright colors
  • Waterproof outside with one inserts as gift
  • Strong absorbent material with breathability
  • Double Rows of snaps fit well
  • Leg gussets against leaks

Verified reviews


Seems to leak often

I bought a lot of different brands of cloth diapers and this one doesn’t seem to fit our baby very well. It often leaks out of the top on the front so I think it might have a problem wicking moisture.

Rosella Carlinville, IL

Cute diaper

This is a cute pocket diaper made with really soft fleece on the inside. It comes with two absorbent microfiber inserts. This isn’t really a one size diaper–at 12lbs it’s still a little bulky and hard to get the right fit on my baby. This is probably a better fit for 3+ month babies. Get this product off eBay where it runs for half the price and comes in a lot more different styles to choose from.

Suzette Preble, NY

Great value!

I bought an assortment of cloth diapers to try before my baby was born. These fit from about two weeks old and have never leaked. He has skinny legs and a big tummy and some of the other brands leak out the legs (thirsties,bumgenius).these work just as well as the fuzzibunz and seem to be constructed similarly. I wish I hadn’t spent more on the other brands,but now I am buying a few more!

Cara Seymour, IA

Really Like these

I am new to the cloth diapering side of things. I chose Alva because they were cheaper to start with. I also bought a bum genius at the same time. I like the ALVA better because I can make the leg holes tighter or looser depending on my child. (on some of the others you cant.) These are not that expensive (it is the same cost as 1 bag of diapers) but you can re-use them!! They come with 2 pads which is SOO NICE!! I love these and have recommended them to others as well!

Dina Wilson, WI

Cute and well made

These are great. Inserts are super soft, outside design is cute/vibrant, and the snap system is perfect for growing (or different sized!) babies. We have twins that are 3lbs apart and they fit both well (and have for months). Much better than a few of the more expensive brands we have tried. We don’t use cloth diapers full time, but will use them on occasion and really like these. The design has held up well between washes and the snaps are preferred over velcro from other brands.You can order these cheaper from the company website, but if you are like us and only need a few (and want them fast), then Amazon is the way to go. The price is cheaper than many competitor brands, but you are not sacrificing quality. We ordered one of this brand (diff design) to begin with, but were so happy ordered additional ones (including this one) once we saw how much we liked the first one.

Cathryn Hope, ND