Ameda Breast Pump HygieniKit Custom Medium 28.5 mm + Large 30.5 mm Breast Sheild Flange x2 #17148P

Ameda Breast Pump HygieniKit Custom Medium 28.5 mm + Large 30.5 mm Breast Sheild Flange x2 #17148P


Main features

  • BPA-free breast shield set for use with all Ameda electric breast pumps
  • For use with Ameda Breast Pumps HygieniKit for Purely Yours, Elite, and SMB breast pumps.
  • Provides mothers with both Medium (28.5 mm) and Large (30.5 mm) size flanges in one box.
  • Includes: Reducing Insert for Medium, 28.5 mm, BPA free x2 +Large flange, 30.5mm, BPA free x2
  • Allows for single or dual pumping

Verified reviews



Just what I needed to replace the “personal” parts on a used breast pump. Everything came sealed, and was WAY cheaper than other sites.

Elda Dike, TX

Good but not the same.

This worked for the purpose, but was not made of the same material of the parts that came with my actual pump. The measurements rubbed off easily. Works fine. For sanity purposes I would definitely recommend an extra set of parts when you are pumping a lot.

Jeanne Arnold, MO

great product!

Perfect! Exactly the same as the one that came with my Purely Yours pump. I just wanted a new, sterile kit and this was just what I needed!

Brandi Garden City, UT

Great product

My sister loaned me her Purely Yours pump. So nice to be able to order this set and be ready to go! Also loved that the kit arrives sterile and put together ready to use. I was so confused after reading the assembly instructions in the pump manual, then when the kit arrived ready to use I was a)relieved! b)able to see how it all went together–a breeze to do once I had actually seen it.

Bessie Preston, MD

Works with Lansinoh Double Electric Pump

I bought this as a spare kit for my Lansinoh Double Electric Pump. All parts are the same as Lansinoh’s, except 1) the bottle says “Ameda”, and 2) the flanges are slightly different (but it works the same way). Highly recommended.

Marylou Olmitz, KS

full set of replacement parts. perfect!

This is exactly what I needed for my ameda breast pump. None of the baby stores carry the full range of replacement parts and when I found them through the ameda website, it was the same price as here but with $13 shipping tacked on. This had all the parts, plus a couple extra of the little drip parts that go in the bottles. Very happy with this purchase

Sofia Manheim, PA

Extra flanges are a must!

This is just like the kit that came with my Ameda Purely Yours breast pump. I love having an extra set so that I always have a clean and dry set for work.

Alissa Waunakee, WI

I needed an extra set of pump parts, this is perfect!

Exactly the same as the set that came with my new pump, so easily interchangeable. Came pre-sterilized and ready to use!

Rhoda New Castle, IN

Best parts kit

Some kits don’t come with ALL the parts you need. This one includes everything! Love that everything is already sterilized.

Sonya Willow Island, NE

Yay Boobies!

Got a breast pump from one of my friends- awesome. Bought this kit so I didn’t get any of her boob juices on me. YAY! 200 bucks saved!

Esperanza Una, SC