Ameda Breast Pump Spare Parts Kit

Ameda Breast Pump Spare Parts Kit

Set of (2) Silicone tubings, (2) silicone diaphragms, (4) white valves, (1) tubing adapter.

Main features

  • 2 silicone tubings
  • 2 silicone diaphragms
  • 4 white valves

Verified reviews


I No Longer Use Ameda Products! Buy Medela instead!

Hi, thanks for reading! I no longer use Ameda products because I have found a better product… Buy Medela!I bought these replacement parts for original parts my Ameda “Purely Yours” pump came with. After less than 2 months of use with the Ameda pump, i noticed that my milk output was less and less AND LESS… I would have to pump for more than 45 minutes at a time to get even ONE OUNCE!? thats ridiculous. My baby was thriving, so there really was no problem with my milk…. it’s the pump that wasn’t behaving!I tried replacing all the tubes, flanges, etc for the pump to see if that would do the trick (hence, why i bought this product). The “suction cup” part inside the flange would always crinkle up and not flex (therefore, not pump properly). After 2 weeks of frustration and trying to pump at work, I gave up on this product. I bought a Medela Pump In Style and could not be happier. It’s like changing from a beat up 1960’s old car, to a brand new 2013 Cadillac. it has made a world of difference.All that aside, the product came exactly as described, fit the pump connections perfectly. I just can’t give it 5 stars because there is no way I would ever recommend an Ameda product after experiencing the Medela.

Lucy Cologne, NJ


The picture for this product is not accurate, so it could be misleading. Peeps should def take more care to make sure they pics be matchin’ the stuff they sendin’. KD makes sure he’s accurate when he throws up sweet J’s. Buckets.

Chandra Weir, MS

Didn’t end up using it

I ended up not using it because I ended up with the flanges that were missing too many pieces in order for it to work.

Ester Aladdin, WY

Nice to have spares

After using my Ameda pump for 6 months, the hose looked a little worn and some of the other parts weren’t holding up to cleaning as well as I would have liked. This was a great set to get me by until I was finished pumping. I wish shipping would have been faster and that the set were a little less expensive, but the spare parts set on whole was worth it.

Ora Biloxi, MS

Exactly what I needed.

Exactly what I needed, prompt arrival with all the necessary parts to work both sides tandem if I wanted to.

Geneva Creede, CO


It’s always great to have a spare set of parts. Also, if you ever lend your pump out, you can just have your lendee purchase this set as well as an extra set of bottles. The parts do need replacing eventually. I pumped 6-8 times a day for 6 months and gradually tapered down as my son got better at nursing, and if I had pumped that frequently for longer, I would have needed another set. This lasts a good 6-8 months, I’d say.

Kathryn Ivoryton, CT

Wish it came with caps

This set is missing adaptor caps. I wish it had come with them as that is a pretty critical part to pump.

Charlene Woden, IA

what I expected

The parts are just what I had expected…all came in undamaged, work fine. Not much else to say about them.

Keri Waitsfield, VT


I was looking to replace a few pieces of my Ameda pump. This had all the pieces I needed plus some at a great price. Perfect.

Paula Locustdale, PA

Product as described

After only a few months, the suction on my pump is suffering. I have to open and close the adapter caps once or twice each time mid-pump, which is frustrating. I don’t know if the issue is the hose or the adapter caps, and am glad that I now have a full set of spare parts to troubleshoot.

Jeannine Lake Village, IN

Great Set

This has all the needed essentials for if a part goes eyrie for the Ameda pumps. What was important to me was the little attachment for the tubes because if for whatever reason the closer part on the tube connector broke, this is a needed back up! Everything came in great condition and came sterilized in a plastic sealed bag.

Donna Green Bay, VA

Nice to have spares

It’s nice to have spares on hand, because these parts don’t work if they get the tiniest tear in them.

Susie Roachdale, IN


I have not needed to use much of this set (thankfully) but I have used it to replace my tubes (which somehow obtained water and some sort of organic particles that began to mold) and the new tubes are working the way they should.

Jasmine Utica, NE

Good to have, wish it came with adapter cap

This spare parts kit is great to have, but it would be even nicer if it came with a spare adapter cap. If it did, then I could easily create a single pump setup to have along with my double pump setup to alternate between pumping one and two breasts at a time. I ended up purchasing the adapter cap separately for just a few bucks.

Jean Wisconsin Rapids, WI

Exactly what we were looking for

The packaging may not be fancy, but this is exactly what I was looking for. Changing out the parts made the pump work much more efficiently after 6 months of continuous use. Since extra parts aren’t found in any of the chain stores around where we live, I was very happy to find this available via amazon.

Lorena Indian Springs, NV


It’s always a good idea to have spare parts on hand in case you lost parts or they wear out after time. I was pleased with what I received.

Margarita Hagerhill, KY

Exactly as described

Great deal & works perfectly with my Lansinoh pump. It was hard to find these parts for my pump, I’m glad I was able to find them on here 🙂

Leslie East New Market, MD