Ameda ComfortGel Hydrogel Pads

Ameda ComfortGel Hydrogel Pads

Designed for women experiencing nipple discomfort due to breastfeeeding. Helps protect sensitive breast tissue. Soothes and helps heal cracked nipples. Safe and non-toxic for both mother and baby. Ready to use in convenient sterile packaging. Helps to absorb excess milk leakage. May be worn for up to six days before a new pad is needed. Discreet under clothing, fits well inside most nursing bras.

Main features

  • Designed for women experiencing nipple discomfort due to breastfeeding
  • Helps protect sensitive breast tissue
  • Soothes and helps heal cracked nipples
  • Safe and non-toxic for both mother and baby
  • Ready to use in convenient sterile packaging
  • For treatment of sore nipples. Discreet under clothing
  • Fits well inside most nursing bras.2.5″, contoured disc.
  • Ultra thin sterile

Verified reviews


great for sore nipples for first time breastfeeding moms

I had a HORRIBLE time with sore/cracked nipples in the first month of breastfeeding. I tried EVERYTHING I read about to make the pain go away, and these helped me a lot. In my desperation, I had bought a few brands of hydrogel pads including Medela, Lansinoh, and Ameda. Among the 3 brands I tried, I liked the Amedas the best. True, you to have to wash your nipples before breastfeeding, but I found that to be the case with all 3 brands. The Medela ones were too sticky, and because they were flat, they did not hug the curvature of the nipples and did not lay right on the nipples…this led to leakage! I did not like the Lansinohs, because I did not feel that they were very soothing, and also they only last for 72 hours. I felt that the Amedas helped soothe my nipples a lot and they were able to be reused for up to 6 days. Since these hydrogel pads can be pretty expensive, longevity is important! The package instructions does not recommend using ointments/creams with the pads, but I used lanolin with these anyway. I had no problems that occurred because of that, and I feel that it provided an even better moist environment for my nipples to heal. Breastfeeding can be HARD, but these provided much-needed relief for me during the most difficult times! Hopefully these will help others as well.

Olivia Naylor, MO

Put Them in the Fridge!!

I received these at the hospital after I delivered my first daughter. I was experiencing such extreme soreness, cracking, & even bleeding on my nipples. I was miserable. The nurse gave these to me & suggested that I put them in the fridge. That was amazing! I preordered 2 packs of these while pregnant with my second daughter. With 2 packs you can have 1 in the fridge while wearing the second pair. Then you can switch them out at your next feeding. Having these cold when you put them on is amazing!I love that the Ameda ComfortGel Hydrogel Pads are usable for up to 6 days! I like this so much more than the Soothies brand, which only last 72 hours!On the label these state that if they become "cloudy" they need to be discarded. I have now used 6+ pairs of these. My last TWO pairs because cloudy! I was so disappointed because I had only been wearing them for 2 days. I honestly do not know what made them get that way. When they become cloudy they get hard. So sad.But these will make sore, swollen, cracked, blistered, & bleeding nipples feel so much better! I highly recommend bringing these to the hospital with you so you are never without them!

Iris Pelham, NY

I don’t get it

pretty expensive for a 3 day use only, it didn’t help, yes it feels a bit cold when applied, like, for 3/4 of a second, then I don’t know, it didn’t make any difference for me, didn’t help at all, I’m not sure at the point here…

Ester Clancy, MT

awesome with some cons

These are an absolute lifesaver for me when my baby arrived. My son was moderately tongue-tied which created difficulties with achieving a proper latch during breastfeeding. The first couple days of breastfeeding were excruciating as a result, and i quickly developed scabs on my nipples. I tried lanolin, aquaphor, the Medela gel pads, Lansinoh Soothies, and these Ameda Gel Pads. I definitely prefer the gel pads over the lanolin and other creams. Of Medela, Lansinoh, and Ameda, the Amedas are by far the best hydrogel pads. After my son’s tongue-tie was fixed and we were able to get a good latch, these pads helped heal my nipples in about a day and a half.Medela Hydrogel – very sticky and can be painful to remove from damaged tissue. Lasted only 1 day for me before they had to be tossedLansinoh Soothies – Nice and comforting initially but again, only lasted 1 day. THey are made with glycerin which left a sweet tasting residue on my breasts which had to be carefully washed off before each feeding. I can tell when I missed a spot because my baby would try to lick off any sweet-tasting residue remaining on my breasts.Ameda Pros- Long lasting. This is the biggest pro for me by far. They lose their cool stickiness after a day or so of wear, but rinse in warm water and they become much restored. Not 100%, but comforting and usable again. They cost about the same as the Medela and Lansinoh pads but last me 3-4 days, making these much more cost effective than the other brands- Thicker and more cushiony than other brands- Plastic sheets protect the pads when not in use. This helps a lot to prevent the pads from picking up dust and losing their stickinessAmeda Cons:- they have a distinct smell when first opened. The smell is hard to describe, vaguely sharp and chemically but not terribe. The smell is moderately strong, much more so than the Medela or Lansinoh Hydrogel pads. The smell clings to breasts and must be washed off before feeding- They shrink over several days of wearing and can get a bit grimy

Vera Wartrace, TN

A must for a new nursing mom

One of the must-haves in a new nursing mom’s arsenal. Put these in the fridge, and they provided much-needed comfort.Big plus was that these are re-usable for longer, vs the Medela one.(other things I bought were the Motherlove nipple butter, which I still use, the Earth Angel Booby Tubes, and nipple shields)

Noelle Oxford, NY

Got gross after 2 days

After 2 days of use, these were curling and catching on every piece of fluff in the air. After 2 days, too gross to put next to my body so I tossed them. Waste of money

Evelyn Pawling, NY

I liked the Soothies better

These are very similar to the Soothies but I liked the Soothies better because of the cloth backing.I only used them for 2 days to get past the worst part of breastfeeding about 8 days after having my daughter. I was MISERABLE, and these really did help. After two weeks, I was in great shape and I’m still breastfeeding 5 months later.Do whatever it takes to get through that rough first couple of weeks – once you get past it, it’s easy!

Laurie Carman, IL

Not for Surgeries!

I used these while breastfeeding 7yrs ago and they were great. However, I tried them with my breast reduction and ended up with infections on the incision lines. Too much moisture for this. Not for surgical sites, but was fine when I breastfed.

Daphne Mount Pleasant, IA

Ice packs for your nipples!

I breast pump vs. breast feed and these are heaven each time I put them in my bra. Ice packs for your nipples…ahhhh relief. These are worth the $$$ don’t miss out on instant relief, just wish they lasted longer than a few uses.

Ola Hull, TX

Sticky on both sides, ugh….

I tried several of these during the early days of nursing and preferred the Lansinoh to these. The Ameda hydrogels are sticky on both sides so they stick to your bra and it’s difficult to remember which side was skin-side when you take them out to nurse. Just OK.

Antoinette Levelland, TX

Love these – they work!!

I used these in the hospital and loved them. You can use them for up to 6 days and even in the 2 hours between feedings they seemed to heal me. They didn’t work as well when I was leaking, but the lactation consultant said that they were still doing something.

Maria Mill Village, PA

Not really necessary

Returned these at the request of my LC. They were kind of gooing up my nipples and more trouble than they were worth. All I really needed was to express some milk on them and use shells and my issues (cracking, bleeding) cleared up in a couple of days. I thought they felt nice at first, but they weren’t a good long term solution.

Heather Marion, VA

Nursing mama didn’t like them

My wife didn’t like the fact that you have to rinse these in warm water before you put it back on the nipple. She also found it inconvenient that she had to wipe off her breast with a warm towel after taking it off and before nursing. She threw them away after trying them for several days. Too much of a hassle with not enough pain relief.

Isabelle Vandemere, NC

Kinda on the small side

I ordered two pairs of these. I opened up the first package, and the pad ripped when I removed it from the packaging. They’re also kinda on the small side, as compared to the Medela Hydrogel pads. I wouldn’t order them again, and I think I’m going to return the second package, since the hospital loaded me up with the Medela pads.

Pamela Roseland, LA


Decent product but the cooling feel you get from this doesn’t last very long – even when refrigerated. Nothing really will though and this is definitely the best I’ve tried. It’s also not mentioned in the description, but you have to rinse and dry these when you remove them and the packaging also states that you need to rinse your breasts before you nurse your baby.

Beatriz Fayette, MS

Lifesaver …

I don’t know what I would do if I don’t have this in hand through the first week of breastfeeding. I used it in the day time and at night I’m using Lanolin. Really helped me to keep breastfeeding.

Kellie Bethany Beach, DE

Cool, soothing, not too sticky

These gel pads are definitely worth the money. Most of the other brands are only usable for 24 hours, while these are usable for up to 6 days. Also, these pads are the least sticky. Who wants something to stick to their nipple when it’s already been traumatized?! Seriously! I used the Medela version and it was like peeling off a bandaid- I almost cried. The Ameda brand is really great. I found it cool enough without putting it in the fridge, but apparently you can do that if you want them to be extra cold. I used these night and day the first 2 weeks of breast feeding. Not sure how I would have made it without them. I have had a couple of flare ups since then (my baby is now 6 weeks old), which is when I tried the Medelas because I figured I wouldn’t need the pads for more than a day or two. Bad decision! Now I always have a back up set of the Ameda gel pads in case of a flare up.

Beulah Graysville, AL


I ordered these after reading the rave reviews on amazon. They really were worth all the hype imo! This was my third child and I really wish I would have known about these little guys earlier because they were insanely helpful in the beginning when I was dealing with horrible nipple tenderness and pain. I wore these constantly for at least six weeks and 5 months later I use them sporatically. They work really nicely when put in the freezer. Please keep in mind that they are only good for I think two wks. I bought only one set at first not realizing this and had to reorder soon after my daughter’s birth. The lactation consultant also had some of these on hand and I left the hospital with two more packs. YAY! Definitely ask about these when you’re at the hospital. I will be buying these for my friends who plan to breastfeed. I truly think they they can help a new mom not give up too early like I did with my first. I wonder if I’d have nursed longer had I had these?

Lela Rock, MI


These saved me in the hospital and when I got home. They are amazing for soreness! You can also put them in the refrigerator for extra soothing power.

Meagan Dante, SD

OMG – my only saving grace!

Starting off breastfeeding with my second baby has been much harder and painful than with my first… Much more so! Honestly, it has been the most painful part of my post party’s recovery. I feel I need to take my pain meds just to bear it – that coming from a girl who skipped an epidural for L&D. I have tried various ointments, ice, etc, but these combined with saline soaks have been the only thing that have started helping… SO happy I had at least had these on hand!!

Sofia Wakefield, OH

must have

i love these! they should be passed out to every breastfeeding mom, ever. they immediately take the pain away from sore, cracked nipples and help to heal.

Beth Holtsville, NY

These were amazing. Felt so good!

If I could have figured out a way to keep these centered on my nipples all day, I would have never taken them off. Didn’t tug or stick, no funky smells, no stickiness to clean off after taking them off. Nothing bad to say about them. Great product.

Erica Sunset Beach, NC

Saved my nipples!!

These are awesome! I had cracked nipples from breastfeeding and these literally saved my life! The inside of my bra chafed my nipples so badly, even when I used nipple cream. These are so wonderful to have for that reason. They are a little bit pricey but worth it! Sometimes BAbies R Us has them for buy one get one half off – so check next time you’re there!

Erin Saegertown, PA

Just okay

These did not hold their shape for longer than one day, although they did provide relief. I prefer Soothies for multiday use.

Lydia Hindman, KY

BEST way to heal sore/cracked nipples!

I have nursed two babies, the first of which was tongue-tied, and as a result developed severely cracked and bleeding nipples. Based on my nipple trauma from my first baby, I had extremely sore nipples for the whole first-month of breastfeeding with the second. These hydrogel pads were the only reason I managed to stick it out until it got better (and it does get better!). I tried every other type of hydrogel pads (Medela, Lanisoh), constant application of lanolin, and even mega doses of painkillers and nothing helped like these pads did. I know they were helping because if a day went by that I didn’t use them, my nipples became extremely sore again.I would definitely recommend these to moms who, even with a good latch, are experiencing nipple soreness. They will get you through those first painful weeks.***One tip from my lactation consultant — don’t use lanolin at the same time as using these pads, as the lanolin forms a protective barrier that prevents the pads from working their healing magic.

Molly Dickens, TX


With my first child, breast-feeding was terrible! It was so painful. With my second child, I used these and what a difference. No pain at all! I’m recommending them to both my younger sisters.

Velma Cottleville, MO

Saved my breasts!

These pads were a lifesaver for me as we started breastfeeding. It says they last up to 6 days but with some milk leaking at the beginning they really only lasted 4-5 days for me. But, well, WELL worth the money to give my sore breasts a break.

Liz Imboden, AR

Saved my sore nipples!

Yes, these are pricey…but I figure by breastfeeding, I’m saving money that would have been spent on formula. I had been using lansinoh lanolin prior to trying these, and my nipples were still always sore, and rubbing the thick lanolin in was painful. These pads are just placed right on, and there’s no residue like with the lanolin. There are some reviewers who said they didn’t like having to wash the pads with each feeding but it really only takes a few seconds. Rinse and pat dry and you’re ready to go again. I also use Nursing Care breast wipes right before nursing, since the directions state to wash your breasts before nursing. I just find the wipes more convenient. The bottom line…yes, they may be expensive. But they are worth every penny!

Guadalupe Killdeer, ND

Love these

Far better than other hydrogels I’ve tried. They don’t leave a gross residue, and unlike others they are rinsable so they don’t collect lint and old milk for days!

Melba Forestburg, TX

life saver

Nursing is hard and can be very painful. I first got these at the hospital and then found them again online. they can be put in the fridge and rinsed off. they are SUCH a lifesaver and really give relief. the only thing i would say is that they sometimes don’t last a whole week if you wear them all the time, they get kind of milky then you have to throw them away and use a new pair. expensive but WORTH it if you have pain. I was told to NOT use this with anything else (like lanolin). i highly recommend these if lanolin is not helping you!

Mildred Follansbee, WV