Ameda ComfortGel Pads

Ameda ComfortGel Pads

ComfortGel Pads provide cool, soothing relief for mothers who are experiencing nipple pain associated with breastfeeding. Pads provide a moist healing environment and help absorb leakage to keep skin healthy and to help the nipple area remain dry between feedings. Keep yourself comfortable while your nursing with these pads.

Main features

  • Includes 2 pads
  • Fits discreetly under a nursing bra
  • Pads are washable
  • Can be used up to 6 days
  • Size: 2.5 inches

Verified reviews


Better things out there

The lactation consultants at the hospital raved about these, but I didn’t find them that great. They feel great cold, but that wears off in 15 seconds and they can’t be cleaned so they get grimy quickly. If you drop them on the floor and have the wash them off it shortens their life. I preferred the hard shells that are available from most brands that support breastfeeding. They are hard plastic covers that allow air to circulate around your nipples, which is key to them healing quickly. Also, the hard shells keep fabric or breast pads from rubbing against your nipples. Personally, though they felt good, I didn’t feel like they expedited healing.

June Glenhaven, CA

Doesn’t stick to breast, but I think it contributed to thrush

I had a lot of tissue damage when I first started breastfeeding, and these were the only thing that didn’t stick to my damaged breasts because they contain moisture. Unfortunately, they don’t allow the breasts to breathe, so I think they contributed to thrush. I didn’t get thrush because of them, but they can certainly allow it to develop. So use with caution.Do not use with lansinoh ointment or anything that adds to the moisture. ComfortGel Pads do seem to deteriorate after time, so only use for a max of 6 days.

Jannie Mohawk, NY

An absolute necessity for a nursing mother

With my daughter I had sore, cracked nipples for almost 2 months. If it wasnt for the fact that I was so determined (and stubborn) I would have given up breastfeeding. With baby #2, my worst fear came true. I could feel my nipples cracking the minute he latched on. With both kids, the lactation consultants told me the latch and positioning were correct, and they couldn’t see anything wrong. Unfortunately that didnt do much to give me any relief! Luckily the last lactation consultant I saw recommended these and swore that I would be thanking her within days. She was so right! I’m not sure what these things do or how they work, but they gave me immediate relief and have prevented any further damage. I’ve been wearing them about a week (since my son was born) and they have been a lifesaver. I still have some pain with the initial latch on, but I can tell everything is healing quickly. I bought two pairs and I think after I wear the second ones for a week or so I should be set. I did use these in conjuction with a Medela nipple shield, so I’m sure that helped. It didnt make the process completely pain free, but definitely bearable!

Joann Ledger, MT

A Must Have!!

You need some kind of hydrogel (any brand really) if you’re going to try breastfeeding. I would not have made it through the first week without them. They’re good for a few days, so you’ll need more than one pair. Ask for a pair before you leave the hospital. I think I ended up going through three or four pair. I have also seen another brand at a big-box retailer.These feel wonderfuly cool and soothing on red, irritated skin. And they help heal. The lactation consulant who gave me my first pair told me to store them (in their packages or a plastic bag to keep them moist) in the fridge and use them several times a day.I am so thankful that these were available to me. The first couple of weeks are really difficult, but if you make it through them the pay off is amazing. Use these and whatever pain reliever they send you home from the hospital with (it’s safe for breastfeeding). Get a good lactation consultant and these gel packs. Best of Luck.

Rowena Larimore, ND

All I gotta say was, thank God I had gotten these!

These were my lifesaver when I first started breastfeeding. I had gotten these towards the end of my pregnancy since I knew I was going to be breastfeeding. At the time, I had no idea how sore my nipples were going to be! I sure was glad I had them in my medicine cabinet. Storing them in the fridge right before use made it so much more soothing to use!

Teresa Newfane, VT

Life saver!

If you are breastfeeding you HAVE to get these! Put them in the fridge before you use them. WONDERFUL product!!

Emma Rhome, TX

Great for sore nipples

I love these for the fact that my nipples hurt so badly after the first weeks of feeding a uncooperative baby. I used these overnight and the next day it they felt like normal. Will recommend for breastfeeding moms!

Jane North Stonington, CT

Life saver in those first weeks of nursing!

I got these gel pads from the nurse in the hospital and they were great for soothing the soreness of nursing in those first few weeks. They wore out and I found these, which are the exact same gel pads I got in the hospital. They are great if you put them in the fridge and get them nice and cold. It is a great temporary relief.

Autumn Burket, IN

Best friend for nursing moms

These patches were a true miracle. Breastfeeding can be rough, but these little patches can be very helpful during those first painful weeks after one starts breastfeeding. They can also be washed with cold water, which adds to the comfort. Highly recommend them.

Jewell Laurens, SC

worth every penny for the new nursing mama

i was skeptical with this purchase before I delivered despite reading all of the reviews.While in the hospital my daughter had latch issues and my nipples suffered GREATLYthe lactation consultant brought me a set of these and I couldn’t believe the instant relief I felt as soon as they were on.each set lasts about 5 days … and after my husband saw how much better I was doing with the original pair, he ordered me two more while were in the hospital and they were waiting for us when we got home from the hospital.i would say, definitely worth the $$$

Deirdre Croghan, NY


These were really great for the early days of breastfeeding! They are very comfortable, and I love that you can wear them for quite a while (a definite advantage over other brands of gel pads). I only wish they were a bit bigger – it’s hard to tell by the picture, but they are smaller in diameter than other brands of gel pads I tried. The Soothies are great too, and a little bigger if you need that. I was also a little perplexed by the way these kept flipping – it’s hard to explain exactly, but when you take them off, you’re supposed to store them with the concave side a certain way; the sides look the same because these are clear, but the concavity flipped back and forth on me so I had to be really careful to remember which side was which.

Jaclyn Alicia, AR


I didn’t find these pads very comforting when I started nursing. They were quite difficult to use and didn’t last long.

Katie Cotton Center, TX

Get these!!

These were a life saver. My baby kept injuring my nipples, even with a shield. These were the only things that got me quickly to breast feeding with little to no pain!! They can dry out and shrink with wear so I would recommend really following the guidelines for care. 🙂

Doris Waddell, AZ


Moms do not use this garbage… Mine grew yeast and this could have caused a major problem since the gels are meant to be placed directly in contact with your nipple, where your baby will be drinking from. I have always cleaned mine extremely well after every use and allowed to dry every time. This product is a major hazard and should not be sold. Shame on Ameda for selling this. I am just glad that I saw the problem before placing this C*** on my breast.

Nellie Jennie, AR

They are good, but I don’t get the hype

These were recommended to me by several people, claiming that they were a necessity for comfort when it came to breastfeeding for the first time. Honestly, I can say they were okay. I wore them a few times and they did seem to provide some comfort, but they can only be worn so many times, and they are expensive for something that just gets thrown away. I expected them to be a little different. I’m not sure how. Maybe squisher or thicker, or more concave. I, personally, had better luck with nipple creams for relief, but I won’t doubt that other people have had very good experiences with these. They were nice to have, but weren’t necessarily a “must have” for me.

Ellen Walker Valley, NY


An amazing soothing tool for breastfeeders out there. These gels made my life so much easier and soothed my nipples immediately during the first few weeks of breastfeeding. I tried the Lanolin cream but honestly it was warm and I didn’t see the difference. Nothing worked as great as cooled comfort gels on each of my nipples before and after breastfeeding!

Roberta Coolin, ID

6 Uses Only!

This product was not clearly specified being this is not a cooling comfort gel you can use and use over and over again. Only 6 uses per set of pad. I just think this should be made more clearly online so the next person who purchases this item does not get fooled in thinking that this is a pad they can always re-use.

Tisha Iselin, NJ


they really helped with the first few days of nursing to soothe sore nipples. I should have bought more of them.

Zelda Little Suamico, WI

These really work

When I breastfed my first child it was a breeze. I expected my second to be the same and unfortunately he was a totally different story. I was in so much pain I dreaded each feeding and sometimes would try to do everything but feed him while he was screaming because I was in denial that I had to feed him again. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to keep it up though to me there is no choice because it’s just too important. So I bought just about every product on the market I could find that might remotely bring me some sort of comfort or relief. These helped the most out of shields, creams, etc. I think once you’re sore and have broken skin it can get so that you never have a chance to heal and even if the latch problem or whatever the source is fixed you’re still in pain because you never have a chance to heal. These give you that chance. Wearing them really help you to recuperate more between feedings which resulted in my eventually recovering completely. Now breastfeeding is back to being a breeze. I’m glad I stuck it out but these played a big role in my ability to do so.

Marlene Little Neck, NY

Just ok

I actually liked the Lansinoh version of this product better. It stuck better. These work ok though, got me through the first painful couple of weeks of breastfeeding.

Aurora Creamery, PA