Ameda Cool N Carry Breast Milk Storage System

Ameda Cool N Carry Breast Milk Storage System

For on-the-go storage and colling of mothers milk. 3 cooling elements keep mothers’ milk cool for up to 10 hour.

Main features

  • Polypropylene
  • Imported
  • On-the-go storage and cooling of mothers’ milk
  • 3 cooling elements keep mothers’ milk cool for up to 10 hours
  • Insulated storage for easy and discreet transport of collected breast milk
  • Insulated black nylon carry bag 4 ounce or 120 ml bottles with 2 piece lock tight caps (without BPA and DEHP) cooling elements, milk storage guidelines card sold in a case (6 boxes per case)
  • Not available

Verified reviews



I was very happy with this entire kit. I had the Ameda double electric pump but unfortunately the life of the pump was was short… I bought the expensive Medela double pump to replace the Ameda with and fortunately the Ameda bottles fit perfectly on the Medela pump as well. The downside with the Ameda bottles is that it only fits 4oz or max 4.5 oz. With the Medela pump you can almost pump 4oz before the pump valve touches the milk….Bag and ice packs can be used for other things as well which is a huge plus 🙂

Della Vergas, MN

PERFECT product for working mom!

This Cool N Carry system is a LIFESAVER for me as a working/pumping mom. It’s only as big as it needs to be (no extra room/bulk like you’d have with a regular cooler) and keeps my milk cold for a FULL 10 hours. It’s amazing. And I’m not sure the description is super clear but it DOES come with the 6 bottles so if you’re wondering, yes, they are included.If you have to pump every day, the Ameda Pump N’ Style along with this carry system is all you’ll ever need!

Jaclyn Rich Hill, MO

Keeps milk cold all day in the office

I received this set of a cooler, ice packs, and 6 bottles with theAmeda Purely Yours Breast Pumppump from a local medical supplier so it would be covered by my health insurance.Having used it for 3 weeks as a working, pumping mom I am impressed and feel it is well worth the price if you are looking for a milk-toting solution.- the cooler is very discreet: looks like a lunch bag, so your male co-workers won’t be the wiser- Using the ice packs supplied, I have kept milk cold all day at my desk. I take the packs out of the freezer at home, and add bottles or bags of freshly pumped milk a couple times a day. Everything is cold when I get home in spite of being out at room temperature. I just toss the ice in the freezer for the next day- The elastic straps to keep the ice packs in place are very convenient- Although supplied with 4oz Ameda bottles, this pack also holds the tallerEvenflo 4 Pack Simplymilk Storage Bottles, 5 OunceI prefer to pump into (thanks to their larger volume)- It appears to be well made and should hold up to several years of use- You can use it for sodas, snacks, etc. after baby is weanedI honestly can’t think of any downsides for this product. It would be nice to have a less boring color, but I feel the plain black is at least discreet. With several nursing mamas using our pumping room at work, I just put a keychain on the handle to mark my bag.

Marcie Uniontown, MO

Very Useful

I bought two of these, one to store milk at work and one to send with my baby. I love this product, it comes with three icepacks, a card telling you how to store milk. I wish I could have bought this without the bottles though. I don’t have an Ameda pump, so these bottles are a waste for me, plus I store milk in bags not bottles. Other than not needing the bottles, I would recommend this product

Elisabeth Miller, SD

very convenient for pumping at work

I bought this before returning to work from maternity leave, and have been using it for about 3 months now. I would highly recommend it, it has been great to have a small compact cooler to use, and the extra bottles are great as well! I also like that the ice packs aren’t the soft gel kind, it makes everything fit in the cooler much better. I have an Ameda pump, so this works great with it, but the bottles also fit a medela pump and vice versa.

Sophie Lovington, IL

Does the job

I wanted to offer my baby the best nutrition he could receive so that’s why I decided to breastfeed. I only had six weeks of maternity leave and to continue giving breast milk, I knew I had to pump during work. My cousin had an Ameda pump that she was no longer using so she let me have it. I did not have the cooler so I decided to purchase this one since it comes with the new Ameda Pumps.The cooler bag fits six pump bottles snuggly into the compartment. It contains three ice blocks; two on the side and one on the bottom. It keeps the milk fairly cool during my eight hours at work. The only thing that bugs me about this cooler is that the lining keeps getting stuck into the zipper. Every time that happens, I have to spend another 2-3 minutes getting the zipper unstuck.

Sheryl Provencal, LA

Medela compatible – perfect for travel

I ordered this item because I was traveling for a few days and the bottles/cooler that came with my Medela Pump in Style didn’t provide enough storage. The bottles are compatible with the pump, making things simple. The entire bag fits into a hotel mini-fridge. The cooler and ice packs kept the frozen milk cold for a 10 hour travel day. Two small complaints: the cooler bag does not easily fit into the existing carrying case for the Medela Pump in Style (too wide). You will have to carry separately instead of stashing them together. Second, the bottles are smaller than those provided with the pump. They will only hold 4-5oz, compared to about 6oz. Overall, it worked out well for my trip and it was well worth the purchase to bring back an additional 30oz.

Maggie Van Voorhis, PA

great product.

Gets the job done as expected. Ample space in the cooler. The bottles fit the Ameda purely yours pump perfectly.

Susanne Ludlow, VT

Great storage!

This really keeps breastmilk chilled for 8-10 hours. I would recommend this to breastfeeding moms. It fits the Medela bottles as well, of the same size. No problem with it.

Faith Francis Creek, WI

A necessity for pumping at work

This is a wonderful product–simple and highly useful. I also like that the cooling elements are made in Germany. If you pump at work, this is one of the more useful investments you can make.

Geneva Creighton, PA

Best cooler

This cooler is great and keeps things cool for a very long time. The cooler comes with nice ice packs which you can easily take in and out of the cooler. The bottles are good if you have the Ameda pump, I primarily use the cooler to put breast milk in and give it to the provider, in addition to storing my milk while I am at work all day.

Camilla Florence, OR

Terrible lids

The lids for the bottles have holes in them with plugs. So the lid has 2 parts and it’s a pain in the neck as these plugs always fall or get misplaced. And it’s inconvenient to clean as the small plug may get into the drain. This is a 2nd time I’m buying product by Ameda and I’m disappointed again. Will always be buying Medala in the future as they have better and smarter products.

Claire Riley, KS

Tidy and good quality

The cooling packs slip into elastic bands and the bottles fit nicely in the bag. Overall seems like a high quality item. I haven’t used it yet, so I’m not sure how long things will stay cold.

Alicia Lovejoy, GA

Great for pumping at work!

I use this for pumping at work and it’s great. I previously was using the Playtex Fridge To Go, but found that I either needed to use two 8oz bottles or awkwardly try and stack 4 4-5oz bottles. So I got this instead, and it easily holds 5 4-5 oz bottles (even though it comes with 6). It keeps my milk cold until I get home (about 10 hours total). I also use my Medela bottles with this since I sometimes leave the milk in the bottle in the fridge. The lids could use some improving. I don’t think that they screw on as tightly as they should. But I haven’t had a problem with leakage, although that could be because I never tip the bag. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who is pumping away from home for more than a few hours.

Alexandra Athelstane, WI


This is perfect for working moms using an ameda pump! It is worth the money and I would recommend it.

Corrine Lorida, FL


Actually have a medela pump and wanted another cooler to store bottles. The ameda bottles are a decent fit to the medela. Not the best fit but I can fudge. The cooler is great. Can fit 5 medela bottles or the 6 ameda bottles it comes with

Ericka Nekoma, ND

Convenient and perfect size

Nice milk storage bag. Loved the removable freezer packs that fit in nicely and don’t move around while transported. Bottles fit right in. Used it for pumping at work and bringing milk home and had no problems with it.

Angel Big Pine Key, FL

Get the Medela Brand

I bought this when I was planning to head back to work. This was sooo handy and convenient. The only problem is the tops are really weird and leak constantly. I switched mine out with the Medela bottle tops.Also the bottles were too small. They are only 5 ounces and in the morning I would typically pump a good 6 ounces, so I had to use the slightly larger Medela bottles for that too.Unfortunately the carrying case is not large enough for 6 Medela bottles (only about 4 would fit). So I used 2 Medela bottles for the morning and 4 Ameda bottles with Medela tops for the rest of the day. Not great use for my money.

Elisabeth Boothville, LA

You need this if you’re flying long distances

When the baby was just under four months old, we moved to another continent. That’s a lot of airport and plane time. Knowing I would have to work full days right away when we arrived on the other end, I needed to ensure I had enough milk for the baby’s first few days without me. This was the way I did that. Probably could have used slightly better insulation or slightly thicker ice packs (as by the time we reached our destination, the bottles were all just barely below room temperature), but I would have been completely dead in the water if I hadn’t had a way to carry a fair amount of milk and keep it cold (or reasonably cool, at least).

Deena Oakland, MD

Lifesaver for work

I use this for work, it helps keep my milk safe and less risk of spilling it since the bottle can go straight from pump to the storage bag.

Eliza Temperance, MI


I bought this because I was away on business for 4 days and had a ton of milk. I only had my medela 4 bottle cooler and ice pack so that clearly wasnt enough. I used my amazon prime and got this delivered the next day and was I pleasantly surprised! It is much better thant he medela in that it has 3 ice packs that cover the sides and bottom of the bottle. I had to travel for about 8 hours and they were still very much cold when I got home! I also had NO problems through airport security as the TSA officer said the bottles were small enough that they didn’t need to test. I will be replacing my medela cooler with this one (it also fit nicely into my medela bag).

Jannie Wolf Pen, WV

What is with the tops?

The storage bottles themselves are fine, but they have these weird tops with a circular piece that pops out. Maybe i’m just dumb, but I couldn’t figure out how to keep the lid on without the little circle popping out. Other than that, the bag and ice packs are good! I’d get different bottles.

Elisabeth Worthington, WV

Great for toting to work

I had already purchased the Ameda pump and needed a cooler bag to tote around the milk I would have pumped at work. I’m glad I found this! It comes with 6 bottles and 3 freezer packs. I wish it was big enough for 8 bottles, but that’s not a dealbreaker.

Kristen Navasota, TX