Ameda CustomFit Breast Flanges, Medium/Large

Ameda CustomFit Breast Flanges, Medium/Large

Every mother needs a good breast flange fit for greater comfort and better milk flow. Available in seven sizes. Designed to work with all ameda hygienic kit milk collection systems and breast pumps. Size: M/L 30.5mm. Without BPA or DEHP.

Main features

  • Designed to work with all Ameda hygienic kit milk collection systems and breast pumps
  • Size: M/L 30.5mm
  • Without BPA or DEHP

Verified reviews


Basically useless

I have a Lansinoh double electric pump that I bought years ago after my first pregnancy. Since I just had another baby a couple weeks ago, I pulled out the pump and started using it again. I never really realized til now that the standard flanges were too small, and I read that using a larger size could help your pumping output. Apparently the Lansinoh pump parts were/are made by Ameda so these are flanges that fit my pump. They were only $15 so I figured what the heck, and ordered them. Didn’t really have much choice anyway since it was order bigger flanges or try a different pump ($$$). I tried these flanges one time and then tossed them in my closet. The large was a little too large and was uncomfortable, so I knew I needed the medium. But, as other reviewers stated, the medium just sits inside the large and doesn’t connect at all. I could hardly get a suction at all. Not to mention the plastic is dark and you can’t really see through it, so it is hard to tell if it is positioned right or how much milk flow you are getting. I was really hoping these would work but they are basically useless. What a horrible design!!! Why don’t they just make a medium and a large?!?

Myrna Mauckport, IN

Watch out for blisters when using the Medium Flange

I ordered this due to the regular flanges that came with my pump being to small. Technically the Medium(28.5mm) flange would be the right size for me, and initially it was like heaven to use these compared to the ones that came with the pump. Then after a few uses, I noticed that I was getting blisters where the insert allowed air to get between it and the larger one. I took the insert out and started using just the large by it’s self. Works good, but would be happier being able to use the medium.

Natasha Corinna, ME

A must!

This is a necessity for those who need the larger flanges than what comes with the Ameda Purely Yours. Improved my pumped amount and pumping comfort.

Lorrie West Milford, WV

Smaller than Medela’s 30mm

This claims to be the same size as the flange I use with my Medela PISA. This pump is my emergency back up pump and I couldn’t find my Medela battery pack when headed out for the day so I took my Purely Yours (which insurance provided for me, I would have never paid for it). I pumped in the car and after about 20 minutes my nipples hurt so bad and everything was so squished in the flange that I had to stop before my milk flow stopped. When I dismantled myself I saw that my nipples were obviously purple. My 30mm Medela flanges have never turned my nipples purple. I also hate the one piece designed of the flange and valve. It makes it a lot harder to use with my hands free pump bra.

Alicia Red Wing, MN

Makes pumping bearable!

Before going back to work, I bought the lansinoh pump. My first efforts at pumping with it were incredibly painful, and produced very little milk. I figured I could use the manual pump if need be, but as a last-ditch effort bought the larger flanges. It did the trick! Pumping is still not exactly fun, but it’s not excruciating, and I can easily pump 10 ounces in 10 minutes. Paired with a hands-free pumping bra, it’s a great solution for me.

Valeria Bessemer, MI

Wish I got these sooner!

These flanges are so much more comfortable than the 25mm set the pump comes with. I used the 25mm when I pumped with my first son (which I used from the time my son was 6 weeks old until 1 year), but decided to try these with my second son after reading some of the reviews. I am SO glad I did and wish I would have sooner! I haven’t used the inserts (28.5mm) so I’m not sure how they work, but the 30.5mm size is great.

Lindsey Ashland, IL

Only slightly better than nothing at all

I am not overly impressed with these. I needed a larger flange, but not the largest size. As many reviewers mention, the medium just “sits” inside the larger one with no way of attaching it. Let me paint you a picture: you’re double-pumping at work, trying to hold the bottles in place with both hands and working the dials with your toes, when a knock on the door and a rattle of the doorhandle startles you. You whip these off while spraying milk all over yourself/the floor/the bottles, and quickly pull your shirt down in case they manage to break through a locked door while you continue to leak through said shirt. Then you notice that the barely there medium flanges have flown out and onto the floor. I work in a hospital and there’s NO WAY that I’d now put those things near my baby’s milk, even with an immediate scrubbing. I now have to return home and do a thorough decontamination of them so that they can be used again. Maybe you don’t work in a hospital. But these are still kind of crummy, and the mediums will fly out or drop out at some point.

Karen Linkwood, MD

Poorly designed system

The Ameda company decided to use inserts to adjust to the individual fit of the woman’s breast.Positives – If you are unsure if you are a Medium or Large you can buy one flange and you get both sizes. Also, if your breasts change during your post pregnancy milking stages you have both sizes ready and available.Negative – If you are a woman who needs the Medium size then you have to use the insert which makes it difficult to see your areola and line up the cup properly. It then becomes more difficult to see if you are still producing milk. For someone who does not produce a lot of milk and who is inconsistent this is problematic.I prefer my Medela model and individual flanges even if I have to purchace more than one.

May Athens, WV

Large is great

I broke one of the shields that came with my Ameda Purely Yours set, so I had to buy a new one. Never thought about getting a larger shield until I had to reorder. I decided to give this a try, and oh my! It is so much more comfortable! I didn’t realize that they were not fitting properly before. I am only using the large one, not the medium inserts.

Heidi Pine City, NY

Not so good for custom fit

No matter how I’ve tried, I cannot use this product with the insert. It would be amazing if the company made a silicone piece that held them together (and made an air tight seal), but I’ve always had to use large or small, and never got the custom fit during the 14 months of pumping I did.

Angelique Ernul, NC

Wasn’t what I needed.

Personally, this didn’t help in my case. I purchased these to reduce cleaning throughout the day, pumping on top of caring for newborn and 4 year old and running household. My nipples are small and what I really needed was the 25 mm that came with the pump but I can’t find them anywhere.

Gretchen Sloansville, NY

Just what I needed

Just like other Ameda parts, these fit my Lansinoh pump (the old one for which they have stopped making parts) perfectly. I really wish I had bought these with my first child as they are much more comfortable than the standard size. Two small things: 1) The plastic is not clear like in the picture, it is opaque & 2) with the Medium adapter in, I find it hard to see my nipple (two layers of opaque plastic) and it makes placing the flange hard. I just use the large flange and that works for me.

Nadia North Springfield, VT

Pair works w/ Lansinoh

To clarify the description – the box contains two flanges and two “inserts.” They didn’t help me, personally, but they did fit with my Lansinoh double electric breast pump.

Lilly Elwin, IL


I have bought flanges in multiple sizes to see what was the most comfortable and would work the best. I think that everyone is quite different and for the price it’s worth trying non-standard sizes!

Arline Wampum, PA

Gets the job done

While there are definitely improvements that can be made to this product, overall it gets the job done. I needed a larger flange than the standard that came with the pump. The largest flange did the job. And while I wish the plastic was completely transparent instead of translucent, it still works. The reason a transparent material would be better would be to be able to see the amount of milk that is being expressed and being able to adjust the flange as necessary. As it is it is hard to see whether anything is coming out. Otherwise, this product is fine.

Lela Akeley, MN

Good option for Ameda

I purchased these, as I did not know if I had the correct size flange with my Ameda. It was useful, but then I found the Pumpin Pals, that are almost the same price, more comfortable, and come in 3 different sizes, and you don’t have to lean forward to express milk!

Leona Dorado, PR

Makes a difference

The fact that these flanges come with 2 size options is great. By the time I figured out that flange size was an issue I was so frustrated I was ready to give up on the pump entirely and I certainly wasn’t excited about trying to figure out what size I would need. I didn’t have to, thankfully. Works great. The insert does not hinder suction. Easy to clean.

Erin Rockaway Beach, MO

Awkward flange-within-a-flange design

I have experience with both the Ameda and Medela pumps, and I have to say that I vastly prefer the Medela flanges both in terms of size and ease of use. This Ameda set of flanges for 28.5 and 30.5 mm is very poorly designed — in order to use the 28.5 mm flange you have to use the insert for the 30.5 mm flange. Why?! Why not just sell both sizes as standalone flanges without all this inserting nonsense?! It ends up being more parts to wash (always a pain with pumps!) and it’s not easy to use. You also can’t really see the milk flow easy through two layers of flange plastic.It’s frustrating because if you need this size flange and you have an Ameda pump, you’re stuck with this situation. But it really is a poor design. Ameda, if you’re reading this: REDESIGN THESE FLANGES.

Linda Hogansburg, NY

Great product

This is a great pack because it includes both the medium and large flange sizes. They fit my Ameda Purely Yours double electric pump perfectly. The only down side is that if the medium flanges are used, the flange area is no longer transparent, so you aren’t able to see the milk coming out, etc., if that is something that you desire.

Jordan George, IA


There were a perfect replacement for the ones that came with my pump. I actually ordered 2 sets – one to replace my worn out ones and another extra set to leave at work. One pair at home and one pair at work makes my pumping life so much easier! They seem to have a life-span of 6 months when used multiple times a day.

Tessa Hadar, NE

Doesn’t work

The mediums don’t snap into the large flanges and that reduces or eliminates the suction. This makes the mediums totally pointless. If you only need the larges these would be great.

Silvia Trenton, NJ

Does the job

When I bought this I wasn’t sure whether I needed the medium or large flange, so I guess the package deal is great because of that. The medium flange worked just fine, but I got so tired of the insert falling out all the time and having to wash yet another pump part after each pumping that I just decided to use the large flange which also works fine. Ameda really needs to sell the parts separately and make the medium size an actual flange and not just an insert. It does what it’s supposed to do, but I just can’t give it 5 stars because of the stupid design of it.

Kristie Tateville, KY

Too large!!!

By the description of this product I thought it was going to be fitted for me, but these flanges are waaaay too large! I can’t imagine someone using them, but I’m sure there must be breasts and nipples that need these. Since I don’t live in the US, I can’t even return them, so now I have a product I’ll never use. 🙁

Alyce Ewan, NJ

Why don’t they just make flanges in medium?

First of all, I hate pumping. It’s the bane of my existence. The insurance company sent an Ameda pump and flanges that are a bit too small. I went online in search of slightly larger flanges and found these.If you need to use medium, you need to stick the medium flange into the large flange. This is two extra flanges to wash per pump (annoying). This also means the medium flange will fall out onto the floor 75% of the time you use the blasted things (blood bloodcurdling annoying).

Corrine Hopkins, MI


The size is okay, but in general I had problem pumping with ameda. But large size is ok.Cons:If you want to use medium size you need to put it inside the larde one. So you should wash two extra parts, plus you can’t see how it fits since it’s inside the larger flange.

Yvette Falun, KS

Works on Lansinoh

I got these to replace the standard flanges that came with my Lansinoh Double Electric Pump. I was happy that these were compatible and the larger size definitely helped my output.

Shawn Eden, WI


The larger size are perfect, here’s hoping for no more clogged ducts! The middle size look like a joke to use and clean, since they have to be used with the larger flange. Need a better design for the medium size!

Madge Clare, IA

A must

The smaller flanges that came with the pump do not work for most people I know. Moving up a size really improved the efficiency of the pump and helped ease the pain.

Annmarie Pauma Valley, CA

Improved the fit of the pump, but sacrificed some suction

I ordered these because the flanges that came with my pump were uncomfortable and too small. These flanges make the pumping more comfortable, but I have noticed that the suction has suffered since I began using them. Kind of a bummer but the pump still works, so not a huge deal. Definitely worth the trade off of the pain!

Lora Spring Glen, NY


I had a pump but needed larger flanges. These were a great fit and I am pleased with my purchase.

Olivia Hinkle, KY