Ameda CustomFit Breast Flanges, XL/XXL

Ameda CustomFit Breast Flanges, XL/XXL

Every mother needs a good breast flange fit for greater comfort and better milk flow. Available in seven sizes. Designed to work with all ameda hygienic kit milk collection systems and breast pumps. Size: XL/XXL 36.0mm flange or 32.5 mm insert. Without BPA or DEHP.

Main features

  • Polypropylene
  • Designed to work with all Ameda hygienic kit milk collection systems and breast pumps
  • Size: XL/XXL 36.0mm flange/32.5 mm insert
  • Without BPA or DEHP

Verified reviews


Helped me start pumping again

When my baby was first born, I was pumping using a hospital grade Ameda pump (now I use the Purely Yours). I was SO SORE after pumping. It was worse than breastfeeding. I looked into the custom flanges and they have really helped me be able to pump more comfortably. I still don’t feel I have the PERFECT fit, which is why I gave 4 stars, but maybe I am just sensitive. The inserts are a little bit of a pain, so I just alternate between the large and extra large flanges as I find that I need a different fit on different days. If you are sore while pumping, definitely try some new sizes in flanges.

Allison Glenville, NC

A better fit makes a huge difference

I got the Ameda pump with insurance, and it was leaving my nipples raw. Using the 25mm flanges that come standard with every pump, it hurt much more than breast feeding, and breast feeding was difficult after pumping because pumping made my nipples raw.Ameda has videos about how to use the pump, including sizing. If the sides of your nipple rub against the sides of the flange as it is pulled up into the narrow part of the flange, then you need a larger flange. The best thing to do, if pumping hurts, is for you to find Ameda’s instructional videos on using the pump, and watch them. Ameda makes these available on a DVD that comes with the pump, on YouTube, and on Ameda’s website. As you watch, pay attention to the parts about flange fit. This will let you know whether a larger or smaller flange can help you.From watching the videos, I knew I needed a bigger flange. My first pumping with the larger flange (this one at 36mm!), I pumped about 1 times more milk than previously, and one of my nipples wasn’t sore afterwards (my other nipple needs an even bigger flange, but Ameda doesn’t make one).For flange fit, local La Leche Leagues will do fittings. I was not bold enough to do this (and not eager to run errands with a newborn), but it’s probably a good idea to see if your local chapter does flange fittings, since buying parts to try can add up quickly.Odds and ends about this flange:- You get only the flanges with this shipment. No extra white valves; no extra silicone diaphragms. So, you won’t have a complete set of parts to leave on your original flanges to use as a “backup”, or to rotate so that you have fewer parts to wash between each pumping. You will have to do just as much washing of parts as before between each and every pumping.- The inserts for the 32mm size probably don’t work. Every review that tried to use them says they don’t work. For me, the 36mm size was a good fit for one nipple, too big for the other, but I’m using the 25mm standard flange still there rather than fiddle with the insert. Ameda does make an in-between sized flange that is 30.5 mm. The product page for that is here:Ameda Custom Breast Flanges 28 5So, if this flange set was too big for you, you could try that one as an in-between size between this one and the standard flange.If you have sore nipples after pumping, then definitely find Ameda’s instructions on checking sizing, and go up or down a little. Going up a size has kept my nipples from being raw and sore after pumping.

Geraldine Ironwood, MI

Inserts fall out constantly

The flanges themselves are fine, but the inserts are a pain in the @*$! The just won’t stay put. It never fails that when I’m putting my pump together in the middle of the night, the insert from the flange will end up falling out on the floor and I’ll have to wash and dry them before I can actually start pumping. When I am already sleep deprived, fighting with my breast pump is the last thing I want to be doing in the middle of the night.

Merle Glenn, GA

Did not fit

These did not work for me. One size was extremely large & the other size was extremely small. I had to use what came with my original kit. I wanted these to work but unfortunately for me they did not.

Rosie Martin, SC

Whether it works for you really depends on your breast/nipple type

We thought the issue might be that the flanges were too small so we bought this pack of larger ones. Turns out that didn’t help things much and we went back to the old ones. We got the pump that the lactation consultant recommended but in retrospect there are some others we could have looked at as well. Anyway, there are probably people who these will work really well for depending on the body type/shape of the nipple/breast etc and others its probably totally wrong. I was on the border of maybe/maybe not but it wasn’t particularly expensive so it was worth a try.

Rosanne Knox, ND

Awkard XL Flange

I don’t like how the XL fits into the XXL flange. I feel like it doesn’t get the best suction & feels awkward.

Jill Yorkville, TN

Dimensions provided are for the inner tube, not the cup

One thing that may not be clear about the description is that the dimension given is for the width of the smaller interior tube into which the nipple is pulled and through which the milk passes. We got these for my wife to use because the flanges that came with our pump were too small, but the thing is the cups on these are not much bigger than the ones on the smaller flanges that came with the pump. What’s bigger is the smaller tube running out of the cup. So, if you’re looking for a larger cup to fit on the breast, this flange won’t fill that need. We ended up returning it.

Benita Slate Run, PA