Ameda Flexshield Aereola Stimulator – 2 Pk

Ameda Flexshield Aereola Stimulator – 2 Pk

Reduces Flange Size to 21mm for maximum effectiveness for smaller breasts. Sold as a pair.

Main features

  • 2 Comfort Silicone Inserts Fits 25mm Flange
  • Helps Stimulate Let-Down Reflex
  • Mimics Feel of Baby’s Mouth
  • BPA & DEHP-Free
  • Ameda Part #17211

Verified reviews


Description DOESN’T explain this is for SMALL nipples

This IS NOT FOR LARGE NIPPLE women seeking increased milk stimulation. I had purchased b/c I need to increase milk production but the description is not complete. It does not explain they are not soft and that they are only for small nipples.

Guadalupe Hedrick, IA

Glad I found these!

I didn’t realize my nipples were much smaller than the “average” size until I saw the instructions for my Ameda Purely Yours breast pump. If you have too much areolar tissue in the flange, the fit is too big for you. These Flexshields worked out perfectly! I am so glad I found them!! I will agree with another reviewer that the material is a little sticky, but I find that actually helps maintain suction and thus STIMULATE your milk flow. It grips almost as if your own baby was latching on. Every drop is gold, as breastfeeding moms will understand, so I bend forward when I’m done pumping. This lets the little milk that accumulates and lubricates your areola fall into the flange instead of on your clothes. Excellent product!

Evangelina Gilbertsville, NY

Thought I needed it but I didn’t

I got this product within the first week of breastfeeding. I thought I needed it but I really didn’t. Bottom line- I never used it.

Luz Leonard, MO

don’t bother

I bought these to use with my Pump in Style because I found the hard shields a bit painful at first. I had previously been using thePhilips AVENT BPA Free Manual Breast Pump, Whitethat had a soft areola stimulator that I found very comfortable, so I thought these might help make the Pump in Style more comfortable. Eh. It was slightly more comfortable with the Flexishields, but I felt like the suction was really decreased. Plus, they fit on the hard shields in a really weird way and were always falling off. Not worth the hassle. So I used them for about a week and then shelved them. I eventually got used to the hard shields and don’t find them uncomfortable anymore.

Traci Lake Spring, MO

Smallest flanges available for Ameda pump=increased comfort

I bought these after realizing that I needed much smaller than the standard Ameda 25mm flange size. I think that the Medela website gives the best info/drawings about how the pump is supposed to fit the breast and nipple, and I had hoped I could “get by” with the standard size, but after a couple of weeks, realized that if I was going to continue pumping then I needed to buy these. The 21mm size is much much better for me.I was seriously unhappy with the shipping speed of this product (from Healthcheck Systems) — yes I ordered on a Saturday, but the only options were “standard – free shipping – 3 to 5 business days” or 1- or 2- day expedited shipping for $40 or $60, respectively. Ridiculous cost for something as light as this – especially considering what it is and that you don’t know you need it until you really really need it…. and mine took the full 5 days to arrive. Not happy about that.The product itself fits good, works great with my Ameda Purely Yours pump (which Amazon has an awesome price on). I’m not sure about the reviewers that are using with Medela pumps, as the Ameda standard flange is 25mm and the Medela is 24mm or 27mm, could be why those ladies had issues with fit/suction?These make the flanges REALLY HEAVY, with the whole thing assembled, the bottles will not stand up by themselves, however when snapped into the pump base there is no problem with tipping over. I didn’t mind the hard plastic flanges, other than the fact that they were too big, but I do think that the softer plastic provides a more comfortable fit. I get really strong suction with these, but again I’m using the Ameda pump they were designed to fit.I don’t really care for another piece of stuff to clean each time I clean my pump, but it’s worth it for the increased comfort in pumping with these in place, I have actually increased my normal pumping volume from around but less than 2 oz to 2.5-3oz (total) each time I pump since I started using these regularly. My baby is only 1 month old, but will not nurse directly from me.All in all, I wish I’d had these earlier, how much suffering could I have saved myself if I’d had them, but they are hard to find! Couldn’t find them baby stores near me so had to order from Amazon, and a non-affiliated vendor at that.

Bernadine Aurora, IA

Heavenly change

The standard flange was way too big for me, which made pumping very painful. This has improved the situation greatly. They fit well in my Ameda pump and make pumping feel more natural. Thank heaven!

Aurora Vaughnsville, OH

comfortable, works with Medela pump

I found pumping extremely painful and had some rather serious damage to my ladies, but when I popped these into the horns of my Medela pump the pain was gone and I was able to heal completely.

Angeline Crete, NE

Helped a ton!

These helped a ton! Was able to pump a lot more a lot faster. Made it fit so much better too. Better fit=less/no pain and less time attached to the pump.

Queen Duanesburg, NY

Improvement over the regular plastic shields

If your size permits, I highly recommend these. I found they assist with let-down and make the entire pumping process a bit less unpleasant than the bare plastic shields. They seem to be holding up just fine to heavy use.

Kathi Billings, OK

I wish I got these sooner despite all the negative reviews!

I wish I did not listen to all the negative reviews and ordered it sooner! These are much more comfortable than hard plastic flanges, and cut my pumping time in HALF! Word of caution: these will only work for small nipples! I use the smaller of the two Ameda flanges (25 mm) with additional reducing insert that came with the kit, and that was still too big, sucking too much of the aereola tissue in the flange. The Flexshield has an opening that is a bit smaller than Ameda smaller reducing insert.To address several negative comments that initially kept me from ordering:- Flexshields have a plastic tab that prevents "proper" fit in the flange: people, read a 1-paragraph manual! The tab is supposed to be there to prevent the stimulator from suctioning onto the hard flange, which will mean it will not flex properly around your nipple!- hard to get into pumping bra: yes, the silicone material makes it a bit more annoying to squeeze it through the pumping bra opening, but the results are certainly worth extra 1 second of hassle!- causes the pinching sensation: yes, it did at first. I applied a bit of lanolin, and that took away the pinching sensation. After a few pumpings I no longer noticed the sensation, so that lanolin is not necessary every time.- does not work: it works perfectly for small nipples, but it looks like that will not be the case for larger ones.

Enid Aurora, MO

so much more of a diffference!

I am so happy that I got these! I was pumping okay with the standard flanges, but knew they could be a little more snug. These aereola stimulators really make a difference for me. I went from pumping 3oz in an evening pump at work to 5oz. Thank goodness!

Lynn Geyserville, CA

For Small Breasts It’s A Must

Yes, that’s right I said it! If you have small breasts this is a must have for the Ameda pump. I had ordered the Ameda Truly Yours Ultra, which had pretty much all the flange attachments.. and after all that I still found that my nipples were still too small and pumping hurt.Well, I must say that after I purchased and used these the first time it was the right fit and the right item. These really do mimic the suction feeling when the baby feeds on your breasts. Because they are flexible it really does help with the milk letdown, and is a great purchase.Mommy trick: if you use lanolin while using the flanges it also helps reduce the friction!Now this item did not get a 5 star rating because I found that when I use the lanolin it does not come off this product easily. I did use extra hot water and I also used direct soap and let it soak, however because of the texture of the flange it did not clean lanolin off 100%. (Mommy suggestion: get ‘pacifier wipes’… those bad boys clean it off like a jem and helps with the clean up!). Other than that this item is great and has helped me pump while nursing my baby.

Claudia Shenandoah, VA

great for small breasts

i had size A breasts before getting pregnant with my first. the breast pump was so uncomfortable and hurt a lot. the nursing store reccomended these. i now range from a B-C(small areola) depending how much milk i have. i cannot/will not pump without these. i am searching online for replacements as mine has mysteriously vanished (with three kids) and thought i would write a review.

Penny Burnt Corn, AL

too small

These were way too small for me and didnt work at all. They did seem like they might be comfortable if they were bigger.

Eula Shullsburg, WI

Does not really help

I bought these to try to encourage my body to respond better to pumping. I really couldn’t tell much of a difference from the feel of pumping after adding this accessory.

Chelsea Wessington, SD

Too Small – 21.5mm

I wish these would have worked for me but it was way too small. The standard flanges are still too big for me but these reduced it too much. I wish you could get these for the standard size because I like the idea of the areola stimulation.

Tamika East Hardwick, VT

Essential for smaller nipples

I couldn’t have pumped without these. I’m not well endowed at all, so I quickly realized the standard flange size was nowhere near what I needed. Pumping was quite painful the first couple of weeks. The standard flange was taking in my entire aereola and deforming it. After I got these, I was much more comfortable, pumping sped up, and output increased. These were able to last an entire year of pumping.However, pumping never fully emptied everything. I had to hand express the last bit of milk, to make sure output didn’t decrease. It took an extra 5 minutes, but I didn’t mind. I won’t lie–pumping is really hard and impossible without someone to lend a hand with the kiddo since I took an hour each session with three pumpings a day. But I believed in it and wanted to do it, and I’m still glad I was able to reach my goal.They’re easily washed along with all the other pump parts. I used a bowl to hold soapy water, since I don’t really trust the kitchen sink to be free of salmonella. And to make sure it was dry for the next pumping, I gave it a good shake to get the water out of the outer lip.And as stated by Ameda, the lip has a tab in it to prevent a vacuum from forming and making removal difficult. Don’t worry–the seal is at the base of the flange (where it begins to narrow).

Jayne Union Pier, MI

great product

Cost more then the hard plastic but they work much better and make pumping so much more comfortable. I definitely recommend especially if you have small nipples.

Debbie Farmland, IN

Nothing special

I ordered these because Ameda’s 25 mm flanges were too large for me. Unfortunately, this size was also too large and the "stimulator" did nothing to improve pump output. Plus, the translucent silicone makes it difficult to see whether the nipple is properly centered within the flange.

Rhea Toutle, WA

Gentle and effective for small nipples

Apparently I have really small nipples. I never thought about it until I got my breast pump and looked and the different size flanges that came with it. My eyes bugged out of my head at the size of the flanges! I knew right away that there was no way they were going to work for me so I immediately began looking for this product. It has a more gentle suction feeling than the hard plastic, which is much more comfortable for me, and would be more comfortable for anyone with tender nipples. I get an equal amount of milk when I use these as when I use the hard version. Make sure to order the 2 pack! I accidentally ordered a single flexshield the first time and was annoyed.

Mable Canal Point, FL

Killed my supply

I was really hoping that these would make my horns fit better, but all they did was kill my supply. After using it a couple more times (hoping it was user error) I gave up. Thankfully, I also got the hard plastic reducing flanges. They work great and I’ve not had issues since.

Lakesha Ferndale, WA

highly recommended

We used a Medela pump at the hospital and were given basic supplies to take home with us. However, when the pump proved uncomfortable, these flexible phlanges made pumping with a Medela pump much more comfortable for me.

Cleo Salfordville, PA

Didn’t see any difference using this

This shield is very soft and gentle on the nipple, but I couldn’t see any difference in pumping with or without it. I’m a novice pumper, so this could be the cause. But if you feel the plastic of the flanges is very hard, use these because they are really soft and don’t hurt.

Luann Fairbury, NE

Bad product, bad seller

Very useless product. Fits the standard flange only. Cause less milk to be pumped. Avent pumps have something similar but even though it’s sift it cause less milk to be pumped. Also, seller won’t take it back if you don’t keep the box even if plastic wraps are unopened. They also charge return shipping on completely unopened box. When I received it the box was damaged. Very disappointed with the item and customer service

Nannie Haywood, VA

used along with ameda manual

i got these to go along with my ameda manual pump. they’re okay. i found i get more of a let-down without these. at times, they’ve been more restrictive than useful. i still keep them around, maybe they’ll come in handy, but for now i kinda just put them on as a cover for the pump flange.

Eva Lueders, TX


I was having trouble expressing milk so decoded to give these a try, they are way more comfortable and I’m able to pump more milk, nothing crazy but every extra drop counts!

Gabrielle Marshall, IN

it’s ok

Unless you have small nipples this doesnt work well. But can see how it could be more comfortable for some people.

Charmaine Sewickley, PA

Right size for small nipples!

So it took me waaaaay too long to discover that my nipples were too small for the 25s and the 22.5s, but these fit great. The “areola stimulation” is not noticeable in my opinion, but like I said, the size is perfect for me.

Elnora Manning, SC