Ameda Flexshield Aereola Stimulator

Ameda Flexshield Aereola Stimulator

The Ameda Flexishield Areola Stimulator is a comfortable, flexible insert that fits the standard (25mm) breast flange to provide increased stimulation to the areola.

Main features

  • Flexishield Areola Stimulator

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First of all, I don’t know why Ameda doesn’t just make 21mm or 22mm breast shields, so we don’t have to buy stupid inserts and areola stimulators. Anyway, I thought this would be perfect for my smaller nipples, as the regular size sucked in way too much of my areola and pinched my nipples. But, the design of this product is pretty terrible. There is a tab on the edge of the silicone that keeps it from staying on the flange, and the design makes it extremely difficult to use with a hands-free pumping bra. It took me about 10 minutes to try to get it through the slits in my pumping bra, and then it was nearly impossible to see if my nipples were lined up properly through the silicone insert and the plastic flange. Plus, this really, really hurt my nipples, although I’m not sure why. Bottom line: I was very excited when these came in the mail, but they were a waste of money. Very poorly designed.

Maxine Milford, NE

Don’t waste your money!

I bought this thinking I would rather a soft shield on my breast pump horns, and I tried this thing on multiple occasions, just to be let down (and not in the way you want while breastfeeding lol). This serves mo purpose and decreases my output while pumping, just stick to the normal horns!

Kimberley Plympton, MA

Useless for me

Firstly, make sure you get them in a pack of 2 for the same price! Companies are splitting them and selling them separately.I was so desperate for this to work, but sadly it did nothing for me. The notch on the edge prevented it from fitting the standard flange so there was no seal at all. It seems from all the negative reviews that this really needs some design improvements. And also it seems that it only works if you are the exact right size. It seems only the minority of women are.I love my Ameda pump, but the customer support is absolutely useless for this Stimulator. No info at all. Just a pdf with inadequate instructions, since none were provided with the purchase. Also, they only have phone support, no email. Expect long wait times.

Kaitlin Vashon, WA

Misleading, ripoff, poor construction

Having two breasts, I expected to receive two stimulators as with any other breast pump accessory. Well, this is only ONE for this price (for reference, now has these in a two pack for the same price). As for the design, a lot is left to be desired. The stimulators have excess rubber around the edge preventing it from fitting onto the flange properly. I also waited about 2 weeks for my order to arrive. I’d like my money back, however after reading other recent reviews that appears to be a lost cause. Buyer beware.

Millie Valley City, OH

Comfortable flange

I did not personally see the benefits of increased milk supply as some had suggested, however, they are more comfortable than the harder plastic flanges.

Shannon Lelia Lake, TX