Ameda Gel Pads – 1 pack – 2 pairs

Ameda Gel Pads – 1 pack – 2 pairs

Soft hydrogel pads provide cool soothing relief of nipple pain or trauma. •Provides a moist healing environment •Fits discreetly under a nursing bra •May be used up to six days •Two pairs of ComfortGel Hydrogel Pads per retail envelope

Main features

  • Soft hydrogel pads provide cool soothing relief of nipple pain or trauma.
  • Provides a moist healing environment
  • Fits discreetly under a nursing bra
  • May be used up to six days
  • Two pairs of ComfortGel Hydrogel Pads per retail envelope

Verified reviews


These are superb

I’ve nursed three kids now and I have to say that these are my favorite gel pads ever. They are soft and cool to the touch and very comfortable against the nipple. Refrigerated, they are heaven on earth for sore nipples. They are cool and comforting, and prevent the nipple from getting hard scabs that then get removed as baby nurses — ouch. Another plus is that they don’t stick to the nipple at all, so removing them is simple and painless. (For the record — I have tried other brands that DID stick to the nipple and that was not pleasant, so I highly recommend avoiding that!) Finally, they are thin and not bulky which means that they’re not super noticeable when you’re dressed. In summary — they are a LIFESAVER! I have made sure to have these on hand at all times and highly recommend them.The only issue I’ve ever had with them, and really it wasn’t a big deal, was that one single pad shrunk once. (I’d say that these are slightly larger than silver dollars and when mine shrunk, it was probably twice the size of a quarter.) I never had that issue with any others. I’m not sure why exactly it happened either. Both pads had been kept the same temperature and washed gently with soap and water daily. Like I said, it wasn’t a big deal, just interesting more than anything.

Luz Fox Lake, WI

A must have for the new nursing mother!

As a first time nursing mom, these gel pads were a HUGE relief to me. I used the heck out of these pads and got an additional set. They gave more relief than any creams or ointments I used. Would highly recommend these!

Faye Thomson, IL

A must have for nursing

I was given a pair of these at the hospital with my first son. We just had our 3rd and I recommend these to all my friends who are planing to breastfeed. This is what made it possible for me to breastfeed my babies without painful cracked, sore nipples. If it wasn’t for these gel pads I would have abandon breastfeeding all together. God bless those lactation nurses who gave me my first pair, they sooth and heal almost imediatly. If you are planing on nursing your baby i highly recommend having these on hand just in case you have a problem. You defiantly will not want to order and wait on them to arrive after your nipples are cracked, or sore. Put them in the refrigerator for extra soothing.

Lindsay Cantwell, AK

Must Have for Nursing Mamas

Makes your nipples stop burning and takes down the swelling. Best part is you can use them for almost an entire week!

Jean Auburn, NE

Excellent product, with one small caution

I used these for my first days of nursing. They made life livable those few days, allowing me to put my bra back on without wincing after I fed my baby. That cold, wet feeling was so soothing, and these gels completely eliminated chafing in my bra.On the down side, I had to use the hospital-issue breast pads with them, because all other breast pads dried the hydrogels out and shortened their lifespan.Also, anything that keeps your nipple area moist can help candida (yeast) infections thrive if you happen to get unlucky enough to contract one.If you think your pain is caused by candida, discontinue use, air dry your nipples, and see your doctor for a swab and culture ASAP. Also, I highly recommend “all purpose nipple ointment” for those first few weeks of breast feeding.I had a particularly difficult time breastfeeding, and tried just about everything to be pain free. These gels helped me for a while, but did not cure my problems the way they do for some women. I recommend them with the caveat that they are not appropriate if you get a yeast infection, and that you really need to see a doctor if your nipple pain lasts more than two weeks. Good luck with the nursing! It gets easier, I promise! I never thought it would, but now it’s a cinch. I’m so glad I stuck with it!

Leanne Ruby, SC

So much comfort!

These pads were so comforting my first few weeks of breast feeding. I highly recommend for anyone with sore or cracked nipples.

Claudine Natalbany, LA

Best hydrogel pads!

These are the best Hydrogel pads by far. Bonus that they are the most cost efficient because each pair lasts six days. Unlike others I’ve tried they are rinsable, so they don’t collect lint from your clothes or hold days old milk (lansinoh in particular got gross really fast). They also don’t leave a gross residue like others do.

Hollie Rapids City, IL

Good product – best value I could find.

Wow these are expensive. But buying a 2 pack is the most cost effective way, unless you can find them on sale at Babies R Us.

Louisa Kingsbury, TX