Ameda Noshow Premium Disposable Nursing Pads, 50-Count

Ameda Noshow Premium Disposable Nursing Pads, 50-Count

Mom’s best kept secret! Absorbency and discretion are the features mothers prize most in a nursing pad. Now one pad offers both! The Ameda NoShow Premium disposable breast pads were found to prevent leaks better than other leading competitors as tested by an independent third party lab. Unlike traditional round pads that can peek out of moms bra and create a bumpy appearance, the NoShow Premium’s unique triangular shape fits neatly and stays inside most any bra style.

Main features

  • Greatest absorbency when compared to other premium brands to prevent embarrassing wet stains on clothing
  • Unique triangular shape that fits neatly and stays inside most any bra style
  • Ultra-thin design is contoured to Mom’s breast so it moves with her, not her bra
  • Inner core layers wick away moisture from skin
  • Breathable outer layer helps promote healthy skin

Verified reviews


Great product!

I’ve tried a few other disposable nursing pads and these are my favorites by far! They soak up an incredible amount without causing irritation to your skin and the shape shows less than the circle kind, like the Lasinoh brand. I actually like that there’s no adhesive on the back because the adhesive always seem to get bunched up on itself for me. The one draw back to these are that the front and back sides of the pad feel very similar and there’s been a few times where in the middle of the night, I’ve put them on backwards and ended up with milk all over myself in the morning. Any way, I really love these and would recommend these for any nursing moms!

Marci Osawatomie, KS

a little on the small side

these are just ok. they are a little on the small side and im trying to discover the benefits of the shape but havent found any yet. no sticky or anything which is fine with me but the triangular shape makes them bunch up in my bra. I like the avent ones better and they are much better!

Phoebe Elmora, PA

Best on the market

I love these. I am a leaky breast feeding mom and I have tried all the nipple shields. These are the best. They feel the best, they look the best, and most importantly–they work the best. They are more expensive Than some of the other brands but they are worth it. I would recommend these to any nursing mom.

Cathy Fairhaven, MA

Best nursing pads

I am so impressed with these. I’d been folding up a hand towel in my sports bra at night because I was so leaky, and I would even leak through that, but NOT these pads! They are amazing. Light weight and thin, but can absorb a lot and keep you and your clothing completely dry. Highly recommend these.

Lilia Kirkland, IL

Best pads for nursing mom

This are the most soft pads that I found, and I tried other kinds that were much more ‘papery’ (felt like paper). And these are very affordable. A must have for the nursing mom.

Eunice North Matewan, WV

Work Well

These breast pads really work well. It is amazing the amount they can hold if you have a particularly leaky day or night. I’ve never had them leak through the back. They don’t show through a normal nursing bra, but if it’s a very thin bra, it might if you don’t make sure to smooth it down. The only downside for some might be that they aren’t adhesive, but that hasn’t caused any problems for me. Plus, if you’re nursing, you tend to take them in and out, especially if you use a nighttime nursing bra, so the adhesive wouldn’t be helpful. These come packaged in plastic sets of two, which helps me know they are sanitary! And it’s easy to pack them in a suitcase since they’re already packaged that way. There are times that you just want to switch out one pad, but then you just leave the other one in the plastic and use it later.

Nadine Carrabelle, FL