Ameda One-Hand Breast Pump w/ Flexishield

Ameda One-Hand Breast Pump w/ Flexishield

This Ameda pump is so compact it fits into a purse The patented easy-to-use design provides control and flexibility simply by varying the frequency and degree of the handle squeeze The handle assembly eliminates the need for electrical outlets or batteries The one-hand design allows you to pump one breast while baby nurses on the other or by using two breast pumps you may dual pump to save precious time

Main features

  • Includes the Flexishield Areola Stimulator to help stimulate the let-down reflex. This comfortable silicone insert reduces the shield size for maximum effectiveness with smaller nipples.
  • No need for batteries or an electrical outlet
  • Pump one breast while your baby nurses on the other
  • Use two manual pumps to save time

Verified reviews


One-hand breastpump with flexi-shield

I only found couple reviews on this product but I thought I’d risk it and order it. It was bit tricky at first to assemble, but after the first couple times it’s so easy. I think it’s awesome. I throw this in my purse in a quart size ziploc bag and carry a bottle with a lid to store for when I’m out and need to express myself or when I’m traveling. It’s so much easier than carry my double electric pump and looking for a place to plug in and hookup. I never used the flexi shield and it works fine for me that way. I feel that the hand pump has stronger suction than my Ameda Purely Yours electric pump!It’s great to put it in your purse or to use when you can’t be hooked on to the pumps. I would totally recommend this product and I have!!

Michelle Richland, PA

Have not used this one yet…but had one just like it in the past.

I like this breast pump because it is so easy to use, there are no small parts that can get lost, you can throw it in the dish washer and it is so easy to use anywhere. I have had other manual pumps in the past that had a button to control the suction, but I like this one. It only has one suction. I will say if you are very sensitive then it may not be something that you want to use off the bat, because my last one had quite a strong suction.

Deanne Asherton, TX

Works great

I recieved this pump from my hospital when I had my baby. I have to say I have two electric pumps one medela and one playtex and they all take out milk about the same. I use this pump when my baby is sleeping and I need to pump out some milk. The handle is kind of weird but it works really well.I prefer using the pump without the flexishield.I think any standard bottle screws on to this pump I use my medela bottles on this pump too. I recommend this pump for anyone who wants a easy to use and easy to clean product

April Hatfield, IN

Okay – I’m probably spoiled.

I typically use a Medela Pump in Style and this is in no way comparable. I did travel with it on a three day trip and it worked out well and I didn’t have to bring the PIS with me, but I think any longer than that and I would have started to have supply issues. I guess I would just rather bring the PIS with me for traveling because breastpumps qualify as personal medical equipment and don’t count towards your carry ons when flying. It did save me some space on my trip though, and did the job for those 3 days.

Kimberlee De Armanville, AL

Convenient pump

This is a nice pump for traveling or simply to throw in your diaper bag. It’s lightweight and relatively slender. It takes about ten minutes per side to get a good feeding for my baby. Because the product is so easy to use, I don’t find my hands/arms getting too worn out.

Diana Mount Clemens, MI