Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump – 17070

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump – 17070

IF YOU WORK FULL TIME OR PLAN ON PUMPING ON A DAILY BASIS, THIS IS THE PERFECT PUMP FOR YOU! The Award-Winning PURELY YOURS breast pump is fast(about 10-15 minute pumping times!), efficient, and very comfortable!! AMEDA’s microchip technology allows independent adjustment of suction levels and cycle speed to accommodate mother’s personal comfort level and to closely simulate baby’s nursing patterns.

Main features

  • Brand New – Factory Sealed
  • 8 adjustable suction settings and 4 adjustable cycle speeds…allows you to simulate your babys nursing pattern
  • Unique diaphragm helps ensure milk purity. Patented system protects collected milk from potential contaminants & prevents milk back-up into tubing & pump
  • Dual pumping option…helps save precious time.

Verified reviews


They raised the price $10 since last night!

I have this product on my baby registry and was disappointed to see that they price inflated by $10 overnight. I hope that doesn’t happen again! One reason I chose this brand/model is for its price!

Lauri Woodland, WA

Don’t get all the great reviews – barely pumps and takes an hour to get 1/4 of an oz.

It takes me almost an hour to get 1/4 oz out of this baby – barely feel it pumping even on high. I just don’t get all the great reviews (and I bought this based on these – which really chaps my behind…)Just for reference – I have TONS of milk (comes out on it’s own and when lightly stimulated) I can actually manually express my breast milk faster and easier than this does – ridiculous. Although that way is a lot more work – but you gotta do what you gotta do when the product you purchased for the job seemingly won’t.I’m off to buy hospital grade or another – haven’t decided yet.

Estelle East Sandwich, MA

very painful! this product is horrible!

ouch this pump hurts!!! dont buy the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump. spend a little more for something better.this pump spread my nipple apart so hard it left scar tissue. this product doesn’t act or feel anything like the sucking of the baby. i wish i never used this product. I regret it every time I look at my nipples.

Etta Warnock, OH

not comparable to PIS

I have a Medela PIS from years back that I use at work. I bought the Ameda Purely Yours to have a pump at home so I can keep up my supply now that I work fulltime. The Purely Yours is not even comparable to the PIS. It is very noisy, with every suction there is a beep. I could never use it at work as I would disrupt my whole office. I also don’t find the horns and the suction to be that comfortable. I have ordered a different size horn to see if that is the problem, hopefully they should be in the mail today.In my opinion I wasted $160. I would rather just bring home my PIS every night. But now I am stuck with the Ameda. I think the PIS is worth the extra $100.

Lawanda Outing, MN

This is a great pump

I have been using my Purely Yours 3 or 4 times a day for 7 months and it works great. I like that it is a closed system, so no milk can get into the pump. I would definitely buy this pump again.

Taylor Rex, GA

Five Stars

Awesome pump! I’ve used medela and another cheaper brand but Ameda is just as good as medela

Chelsey Jessup, MD

It’s ok

I’ve only tried two pumps: a hospital grade Medela and this one. The Medela was far superior, but again it was hospital grade. This one really only works for me if I’ve missed a couple feedings and I’m engorged. Otherwise for some reason, I can only pump *maybe* an ounce. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or what. And no, it’s not a supply issue…I make plenty. My baby is just better at getting the milk out than this pump! I like that it is a closed system which should make reselling it more appealing to people.

Charmaine Hainesport, NJ

LOVE this pump

This is a great pump. I used a avent isis with my son for 7 months, then packed it away. 2 years later i brought it out when i had my daughter. it worked a few times, then i was no longer able to get any milk. the motor worked, but there wasnt enough suction. i did a lot of research & bought the ameda off a friend & absolutely love it. (my other top pick was the medela swing).the only con (which is why i gave 4 stars) is it could definitely use a faster setting on the ‘cycle’ knob – i think that would help me achieve letdown faster. i manually get things started, then hook up to the pump and within 2 mins usually, i start producing. other than that, this is the perfect pump.i require a hard suction & i definitely get that with the ameda. i turn it about 75% of the way & the fastest setting to achieve letdown, then i slow it down & turn the suction down to about 25% for the remainder. since I EBF, i usually dont get too much milk, my baby is very efficient. but if i wait 30 mins after my baby eats, i am able to get at least 2-3 oz. off each side in under 10 mins. i was shocked how fast it works. if i was exclusively pumping im sure i would get much more.this is super easy to clean. since it has the hygiene kit, no milk enters the tubes – perfect! it has only 5 parts to wash (including the optional ‘aerola stimulator’ – which i recommend just for comfort) i soak everything in hot water for a few mins, then wash with a bottle brush. every few uses, i sanitize everything in the avent microwave sanitizer (also an awesome product)highly recommend

Misty Waverly, TN

I was a fan, but not anymore 🙁

My first Ameda Purely Yours pump was given to me by a friend over 4 years ago. She exclusively pumped for an entire year! Then I used it for 2 years, about 6 times/week. It worked perfectly! So perfect that I decided to buy a new Ameda Purely Yours pump in April of 2013. The original pump’s AC adaptor was cracked and I thought a new pump would be nice for the new baby… wrong!My new pump arrived in April 2013 and it worked good. I pump only 3-4 times each week and after a few months the pump would randomly stop turning on. I would sit there for up to 5 minutes switching it on.. off.. on.. off.. on… off. Then finally it would work and I could pump. Not cool when I have a limited time at work to pump. So I called the company and they sent me a new motor. They were super nice and friendly so I was happy!The replacement motor came and I sent back the broken one. From day 1 the replacement motor did not work properly and barely sucked and I ended up having to use a hand pump. I called the company and they sent me new pumping parts (cone, valve and diaphragm). Still, the pump did not work properly. So I called again and they sent me even more- another new cone, valve, diaphragm, tubing AND white caps. Again, it still didn’t fix the problem. The pump would suck just fine, but wouldn’t properly release the pressure causing the diaphragm to bunch up. After a few cycles, the suction would be too low to work. If I popped the white caps off, it would release the pressure and I could get 1 or 2 nice sucks until it stopped working again. Finally they sent me another replacement motor.The replacement- replacement motor works better but I’m still not happy 🙁 I don’t think it sucks strongly enough and to get enough suction power I have to use it as single pump. I know my original pump worked better than this. It feels like a huge waste of money because I can’t use this pump as a double pump, and I’ve been using my manual pump instead since its quieter. I’m not sure I will call again since the replacement-replacement-replacement might be even worse. I would have highly recommended this pump last year but now I can’t.

Kristie Cairo, NE