Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump – Carry All

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump – Carry All

Dual hygienikit milk collection system, micro carry all tote.

Main features

  • Dual hygienekit milk collection system
  • Ac power adapter
  • Cool ‘n carry tote

Verified reviews


Excellent Pump

When I started looking at pumps, I did my research and knew I would buy either this one or the medela, since I worked full-time. I decided to go with this based purely on the fact that it was lighter, you could use batteries or a car adapter and it was cheaper (I bought it for $150).And then I thought I’d made a terrible mistake. Initially it pumped well and then went downhill! I was confused and then figured out the white valves needed changing. I did so and a week later ran into the same problem. I ended up chnaging 3 sets of valves in one month before I realized the problem was me….I was cleaning the valves with a brush which is a NONO….ooops.Since, I finally figured that out, the pump works great. I can empty both breasts in 20-30 mins. It’s easy to carry around. the carry all is elegant and discreet and everything fits in it. It comes with a cooling bag and freezer packs to keep everything cold once you pump. The equipment is small and easy to maintain. It’s a great pump and I love it!!!I highly recommend it. Just please don’t make the same stupid mistakes I did!!!

Lorie Harford, NY

Wonderful breast pump! Well worth the money!!

I have tried cheaper pumps, and I own both the Medela Pump in Style and the Ameda Purely Yours. I love them both, equally, and for different reasons–but the Purely Yours is $50 cheaper than the Medela, for a machine that is of equally amazing quality.I feel that the ameda feels like it’s doing a better job of getting the milk out than the Medela, and I love the carry bag–more discreet and easier to carry than the Medela. I also preferred the “feel” of the flanges on the Ameda.It is a very quiet pump–I would go in a quiet office, would put the pump on the floor by the desk, and was even able to make phone calls without people hearing the pump (not with my cell phone).I kept Medela at home and Ameda at work so all I had to carry was the chiller case with milk.I’d go ahead and invest in the “hands free” bra contraption–very helpful.I know the pricetag feels hefty, but believe me, the investment is well worth it–if you buy a cheaper pump you’ll probably be unhappy and will end up buying one of these. The motors last and last, so you’ll be able to put it in the closet and save it for babies 2 and 3, or even lend it to a girlfriend who has a baby.And, in the end, you end up saving the price of the pump on what you would spend on formula… Not to mention that breastfeeding helps you get slim again! I lost all of the 70 (!!!) pounds I gained during pregnancy at five months, and I credit breastfeeding with most of that weight loss.

Mindy Cooper Landing, AK

Wonderful, no drawbacks

I was VERY happy with this pump. I bought it since I was returning to work after 3 months, but ended up needing it on the 3rd day since I had trouble generating enough milk for my hungry daughter. Because at 2 weeks she then would only drink from the bottle, the pump was my only means of getting healthy breastmilk to her. I used this pump 3-7 times a day for over 4 months. I even pumped in the car (as a passenger, of course) using the car adapter. The adapter cord was long enough that I could easily sit in the backseat next to my daughter, even in a large sedan. One can also use batteries, although I didn’t try them. I purchased extra bottles, valves, diaphragms and horns. I only used the extra parts for convenience, to avoid constant dishwashing. None of the valves actually ever wore out. Simple to set up: I had to disassemble and wash only 3 pairs of pump parts, aside from the bottles. As several parts need to be sterilized by boiling before the first use, I would suggest doing so before giving birth, since you won’t have the time or the energy when you’ll need the pump. I had also purchased a hand pump for emergencies, but never used it. The electric pump was small enough and much more efficient that I ended up taking it if I went somewhere. After getting set up, I could hold both horns with one arm while pumping, and so had one hand free. It’s not particularly loud; any pump will have to make some noise. It probably won’t be heard in an adjacent room. I put a pillow over it and pumped next to my sleeping daughter every night. The instructions were quite clear. Customer service was very helpful the 2 times I called with specific questions and also to replace a damaged carryall. This Ameda pump was cheaper than the Medela by $100. I can’t think of ANY drawbacks to this pump.

Eve Corning, KS

Great customer service, but pump failed

This pump was great for about 5 months pumping about 2 – 3 X daily. The parts are easy to clean, and moisture/milk does not get in the vacuum lines, as noted by other reviewers. However, the pump failed after about 5 months of use (I had recently increased to pumping ~ 5X daily). It failed on a Friday morning, and Ameda overnighted me a new pump. Since it was Friday, though, the new pump would not arrive until Monday morning. Since I was exclusively pumping, I had to rush out and buy a new pump (I bought a Medela), since I could not wait until Monday for a pump.I think this is a great pump for ‘gentle’ use, but it clearly did not work well for exclusive pumping. It’s possible the motor failure was an isolated problem, but I would not recommend an Ameda pump to anyone planning to pump more than 1 or 2 times daily.

Shirley Castro Valley, CA

Buy the Madela

I thought I was being savvy by purchasing this pump over the Madela since it was so much cheaper. I guess you get what you pay for because this pump did nothing but cause me problems. I ended up getting blocked milk ducts multiple times which eventually turned into mastitis. when I told my lactation consultant what type of pump I was using, she said the Ameda pumps are infamous for causing problems because the suction does not in any way mimic a baby’s natural rhythm (like the Madela) and does not empty the breasts properly.So by saving about $100 on this pump, I ended up costing myself a couple trips to the doctor, antibiotics, a month rental fee for a hospital grade pump and accessories AND I ended up having to buy the Madela pump anyways so I don’t have to go thru all this again.

Ila Paul, ID

Good pump for the price!

I have used this pump 1-2 times 5 days a week for 7 months now. About 3 months ago the power cord stopped working which is unfortunate but it is actually more portable with batteries and its not that terrible I just use rechargeable batteries because I go through a lot of them! Other than that its nice and small and portable and I’ve been very happy with how it works overall.

Fannie Carr, CO

Dependable & affordable

I was leery re: this pump. Everyone has told me that Medela is the best. In fact, I registered for a Medela pump. But, the reviews for this pump were pretty good and I decided to return the Medela one and buy this one to save some money. I’m so glad I did. It’s dependable and powerful. The company is also fantastic with customer service. I am so glad I decided to go with Ameda instead of Medela. By the way, I use Dr. Brown’s glass bottles and they interchange into the pump horn/cuff perfectly. That way you don’t have to pump into the Ameda bottles and then transfer into your bottles….you can just use your preferred bottles from the beginning.

Randi Madras, OR

No suction!

I got this pump because unfortunately its the only one my insurance will pay for. It’s the worst pump ever!! There’s no rhyme or reason when turning the dials for speed and suction. You’d think by putting the suction dial up full force it would produce more suction. Wrong! When turning the dial, the suction may get stronger 1/2 way and then completely lose suction if you turn it more. It takes forever to pump milk as a result of the poor suction. Most moms don’t have a large window of time to pump, therefore making the Ameda very frustrating. I went back to the Madela and am so much happier.

Ilene Sparland, IL

Re write on this product

I am re writing my review on this product, Had problems with the shipping, however they made it right and I am very pleased.And come to find out the hospital says this is one of the best pumps. Thanks you I appreciate it. And recommend this product.

Jayne Minersville, PA

Works Great

This works great, it is hospital quality for much less. The carry all makes transportation very simple. The cold storage for the milk will keep cool for hours allowing for a long trip and it will still remain cold. The suction is just as the same as the hospital grade equipment; there is little to no leaking and the controllable suction makes this one of the best pumps for the price.

Madeline Magnolia, AL

Fabulous pump (even for an exclusive pumper)!

My son stopped nursing altogether when he was 2.5 months old, and despite help from a lactation consultant, I never managed to re-establish our breastfeeding relationship. But, thanks to this awesome pump, he’s still getting 100 percent mama milk, four months later!I had originally planned to get the Medela pump, but a friend highly recommended the Ameda, and it was so much less expensive that I thought I’d try it. This model comes with the pump unit, the “hygienikit” (the flanges, tubes, etc.), a small cooler bag to put milk in, six 4-ounce bottles (with caps), a larger tote for the whole shebang, and info on milk storage.The pump itself has worked great for me. I pump about 45-60 ounces of milk per day, and it’s shown no signs of wear. It’s a little noisy, but not awful — and from my understanding, pretty much ALL pumps are on the loud side.I also find the pump quite comfortable to use. The variable speed and suction settings make it easy to find the right one for you.My only complaint is that the way everything fits into the totebag — with the cooler bag on the bottom, then the pump, then the flanges — it’s rather top-heavy (unless you have milk in the cooler) and tends to tip over. It’s not a big deal, but it is a minor annoyance.

Patrice Salters, SC

Works Fabulously

I LOVE this pump. My friends all chipped in and bought it for me after hearing me complain about how $$$ pumps can be. I was foolish enough to think you had to get the “best” one in order for it to work really well. They were all wise mothers who knew this would work perfectly.This works great for working moms, building supply, flow and demand problems, or (as I’ve used it most) to drain clogged ducts.I love this carry all package cause you can take bottles with you wherever you go. Baby’s grandma fed him at Sam’s Club the other day while Dad and I shopped. Very convenient.My only recommendation, if you do plan on breastfeeding over breastmilk-bottle feeding, buy Breastflow bottles. I had to go back to work for about 2 weeks after baby was born and I kept getting clogs. I finally realized it was a latch issue and once I put baby on Breastflow bottles instead of the ones that come with this pump things worked great. You do still need these bottles though as they fit onto the bottom of the flange piece to collect your milk.Again, let me reiterate how perfect this has been. Don’t waste your $$$ on higher end ones cause this will work just as fabulously.

Annette Hoffman Estates, IL

Fastest, easiest, cleanest pump I’ve seen

My friend showed my her Medela pump which looked complicated and difficult to clean, I purchased the Ameda and it took me literally five minutes to set it up for the first time, 2.5 minutes on all subsequent times. The unique bladder-style draw of the pump makes clean-up only necessary for the breast cups, bottles and the little white valves… a bottle/nipple brush works great for the cups but to avoid tearing the valves I use a wet q-tip to swab them out. Mine came with the carrying bag which works great and is deep enough for me to put a lunch or extra diapers in too. The pockets on the side are perfect for lids or an extra bottle. It also came with the little carrier pouch to keep the bottles cold, I used it for the first couple of weeks but it makes the bigger bag heavy and clunky and with a fridge at work I discontinued using it, however I still use the freezer packs that came with it too. My only critique is that the bladders are seperate (to allow the cups to easily be washed) but they are a clear soft plastic that blend into the floor if dropped. It would be nice if these had some color to them to make them easier to find, the pump doesn’t work without them and I have to keep reminding myself to double check that they make it back into the bag after each use. This pump is great, the different levels of suction made getting used to a pump for the first time much easier and using it at work was much easier than I ever would have guessed, the quick set up time allow me to pump well within my break time.

Myrtle Crouse, NC

I love it

My friends even complained about this. However, I decided to try it out since I didn’t have the money for the hospital grade one and my insurance wouldn’t cover it either. I loved this pump. It took a beating from my constant use. I lugged it from room to room, from home to the office, in the car. You name it, this thing went with me. It did have a couple little moments when I thought that I had finally beaten it up, but it still kept kicking. When I have my next one you can bet I will be continuing to use this baby til it dies.

Caroline Columbus, KS

It’s ok …

I might update my review after I used this pump more but as of right now I would only give it about a 3 outta 5 star the extra star is for the great customer service. I used this pump a week before suction didn’t work in one side. So I was pumping boob by boob, called customer service and really they wanted to make it seem like I wasn’t using it right. After explaining and explaining the same thing over and over again and putting the phone to the motor and letting them hear me pump she finally sent out new stuff n a new motor overnight which was great because I use this several times daily. I like now it’s not overly expensive and cleaning it is a breeze. The last pump I used for my other children was medela ann it was harder to clean only lasted 6 months at a time but it pumped like a charm, would get all the milk and I believed helped my supply. But with medela only lasted 6 months which is madness because of the cost which is why I tried this one. My only point of ameda vs medela is because I see so many other reviews comparing the two pumps. But as far as this pump gies it’s ok, customer service will replace bro hem pumps, although I don’t know how many times. I think the suction for thus pump is a lot softer then medela which could make the difference of of you will like it or not depending on how sensitive your breast are for pumping. I think I prefer something more stronger to collect more milk. In less time .

Lashonda Chandlersville, OH

Versus medella

I have a medella, which I love, I bought this one for our house at the shore. Works well, I like the control for speed and suction, which medella doesn’t have. The extra bottles in the bag are a nice touch. My only complaint,….. When using a hands free pumping bra the cups stretch out the openings. They are not detachable which is bothersome if you plan to use a bra. Medella comes apart , you place cups on yourself then attach the suction afterward. other than that, good product. Just a thought.

Tabatha Jermyn, PA

No complaints

Admittedly, I have nothing to compare this breast pump to so I don’t know how it rates among others like it, but I’ve been using this pump for about a week and have no complaints. It comes with all of the necessary accessories as well as a cooling carry case for the bottles, which will be very convenient once I go back to work. The pump is very easy to use and easy to clean, store, and tote. I recommend also purchasing a pumping bra so you can have your hands free while using the pump. I do not recommend using the bottles that come with the pump for feeding, at least not for a newborn, but perhaps trying a low-flow bottle instead.

Claudia Pinckard, AL

Works great

I delivered my child at Kaiser, and before buying this, I rented a pumper from the hospital, this was the brand, so when the rental period is up, we looked up amazon and bought this one.I used to pump 6 times a day for the first month and half when my baby was having difficulty sucking breastmilk, and changed to once or twice a day to pump out the extras after my baby had a fed. It has been 5 months now and still works great for me. The only problem for me is that I only use 2 bottles, so this is too big a package for me. I should have got the one with just two bottles.

Merle Pittsburg, MO

My friend loves it

I bought this as a shower gift for my friend. It has been a life saver for her! I bought it specifically because it has a closed system and can be resold after she is done using it. And it is half the price of the open system medelas!

Daisy Chesapeake City, MD

Good pump

I bought this pump because I wanted a " closed" system for individual use. I haven’t used any other pump so I cannot give a comparison. However,, this one does it job. I would highly recommend buying the soft silicone flanges for your own comfort!The "bag" it comes with is your typical pump bag-nothing fancy there, but you can dump the system in your own fabulous tote.

Alyson Keenesburg, CO

I should listen to bad reviews!

I bought this because of the design and good reviews on amazon.The suction is very weak. Diaphragm of one pump doesn’t work. Very frustrated!Very loud. I don’t mind the noise if the suction is good and I can express my milk.This is not the case.I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

Lilian Nelson, PA

Quality product for a great price

As a lactation consultant told me…when you buy Medela, you’re not buying a better product. The price difference is purely to pay for their better marketing. This is very true when you think of it. Medela advertises in every parenting magazine I read, provides advertisement brochures at my OB’s office, and advertises on pregnancy websites. I’ve yet to see an Ameda ad. I’ve been using this pump for about 6 months now. I’ve used many different brands of pumps, both manual and electric, and this one is the winner for many reasons.1. The carry-all and cooler make it easy to haul to and from work each day. The bag is fairly small (for a pump) yet fits everything in it neatly. It has an adjustable strap, which I made as long as possible to use as a cross-body bag. This frees up my hands for my son and work things. Even with the cooler and bag, it’s still a lot lighter than my old Medela PIS.2. This is a closed system. That means that there’s no chance of milk or condensation backing up into the tubing, causing mold, mildew, and other contamination, as can happen with the Medela.3. This is fairly quiet. All pumps are loud – that’s just the nature of the beast. This isn’t loud enough to be disruptive, though. I pump at work in a small conference room, and the people sitting in cubicles right next to it can’t hear it. I’ve also pumped at home while on the phone and the only person who recognized the sound was my sister, a fellow pumper. No one else has mentioned hearing anything.4. I’ve yet to use their customer service, but I have heard it’s awesome. In contrast, I tried to get help with my Medela pump when it lost suction and they told me too bad, buy another one. That’s how I ended up with the Ameda in the first place.5. Cost! It’s significantly less expensive than a Medela. Both come highly recommended by lactation consultants, so why spend the extra?6. This has two dials – one for speed and one for suction strength. You can adjust both along the whole dial instead of just having 3 set points on each. I like this because you can finely tune it to your specific needs. I turn the speed all the way up to trigger letdown, then slow it down to more quickly empty my breasts. The suction is excellent, too. I only have to turn it about halfway up for sufficient suction. Please note also that higher suction does NOT mean more milk. Milk is released by the letdown reflex, which has more to do with speed and your mental state than suction. Many one star reviews say the suction is bad, which is untrue, but more importantly irrelevant. You will not get more milk with higher suction. That’s just not how the human body works.Cons:Medela parts are more readily available at virtually any big-box store (Target, Meijer, Wal-Mart, etc.). I’ve only seen Ameda parts at Babies R Us or on Amazon. This isn’t a con for me since I prefer to shop online, but many don’t. It would be nice to be able to run down the street for a replacement valve instead of waiting to have it shipped. I solved that issue by always having a couple extra on hand.

Helga Cottonwood, MN

First pump

This was my first pump. It is very good. I highly recommend. The pump is very comfortable and the whole system is functional. I planned to use it after I went back to work but ended up using it only for a month because then I decided to stay home with my baby. I enjoyed using the breast pump. Very easy to learn and clean. Even the bag it comes in is so stylish. The small cooler bag is great too which I am now using as a lunch and snacks box. I recommend as a first breast pump.

Kimberlee Tuskegee, AL

Ameda Vs Medela – The Ameda does the job

I used this pump for about 3 months, 2 of them heavily (3 times a day, 5days a week) I got it through my insurance and then paranoid after hearing so many bad reviews I got the Medela which I have been using for about 2 weeks. Overall, I found this pump to be pretty darn comparable and in hindsight the medela was not necessary.Speed: This is where the Medela wins hands down. The Pump in style Advanced has a faster cycle rate so I can pump the same amount in nearly half the time (10 minutes vs 15-20). A major plus if you’re a working mom and your time is limited.Cleanability: I like the Ameda better. The system is closed (so no risk of getting in the tubing and motor) and I could pat dry down the parts at work pretty easily inbetween sessions. The medela gets milk trapped and drips all over when stored between sessions.Controls: personal preference. The Medela is easier, just push the button to encourage letdown, the Ameda is customizable (speed and suction)Size: The ameda is much smaller and very compact. Convenient if you use at home, you can put in a side drawer. The Medela bag is bulky. The travel bag is also smaller and less bulky.Motor: Does the job. I was able to get the same amount from both pumps, it just took longer with the Ameda.Noise: The Ameda is LOUD. Like really loud. And it makes an annoying beep too. I’m so self conscious about pumping at work so this is a major negative. I would put this thing between my legs to muffle the noise. Hard to compare to the Medela since it is integrated into the bag which muffles the noise.Some other thoughts: The ameda is temperamental. If the tubes aren’t screwed in right you won’t get good suction. If the membranes are still damp from washing you won’t get good suction, if the white caps aren’t on right you won’t get good suction, if the valves are wearing out you won’t get good suction. See a trend? Once I knew what to check for though I haven’t had any problems.I liked the design of the flanges better since I could easily use an arm to hold them against myself and have a free arm. With the medela the tubes connect there so thats hard to do. You pretty much need the handsfree bra. Also the design of the flanges prevents accidental spillage should the bottles tip over…not the Medela :(I’ll be honest though, I’m using the Medela one now. Mostly the speed, lack of noise and the fact that I already paid the money for it. But I wouldn’t say the Medela is loads better and worth spending the extra $200+ if you got the Ameda from your insurance for free.

Mellisa Delavan, WI

So far so good

I’ve been using this pump for 10 months now and overall it’s been a good experience. Early on I was pumping at work 3 times a day, now I pump once at work and once before bed at night. Through the heavy use, the pump has held up pretty well. I haven’t had any issues or failures or anything like that.I preferred the milk routing through this pump compared to pumps that have a higher risk of sending milk through the tubing. This pump sends the milk through a valve and straight into the bottle, and the tubing is well separated from the milk by a diaphragm. I have never had to do any extensive cleanups due to milk getting anywhere it doesn’t belong.To start off, I was not aware that different size breast shields and different inserts were available. There are inserts that stimulate the areola and help with let-down, I highly recommend those if they fit you. I found the bare plastic pretty unpleasant.The milk valves that came with the pump lasted maybe 6 months, and the replacement ones are cheap junk. I end up replacing one every week or 2. So get lots and lots of replacement parts.I really have few other complaints – the carry-all bag could have a more convenient handle. Otherwise I may have gone for a backpack version because it is a bit annoying to carry with the cold bag inside. The bag is holding up fine to daily transport to and from work, and the inside is easy to wipe down with a damp rag if you have a spill or some kind.I ended up buying Dr Browns bottle caps to use with the pump receptacle bottles. I was really annoyed fumbling with the two-piece caps that are included with the bottle set. Some people may use these bottles to feed the baby directly, we did not do this and had no use for the two-piece caps.

Carol Cosmos, MN

gets the job done

I have been using a friend’s Madela Freestyle for the past 4 months. I had a problem with mold in the tubing which didn’t resolve when following instructions to avoid this. After buying a 5th set of tubes, I purchased my own Ameda. I do not like the Ameda nearly as much as the Madela, but I believe most of my issues have to do with being used to the other product.Ameda pros:1) Don’t have to worry about mold in the tubing.2) Efficient- I get the same or more milk in the same amount of time3) A little more comfortable than the Madela4) Madela bottles attach on the ameda pump so I can use what I have alreadyAmeda cons:1) The noise is annoying. It can be blocked out, but be prepared for people to ask you “What’s that noise?” if you talk on the phone while pumping.2) It is very inconvenient- the case is just a bag. You have to take everything out of the bag and get set up. With the madela you can just set it down and plug it in because the pump is part of the bag. For the ameda, you have to have a table or large surface to pump- pumping in the car is no longer convenient.3) Because the flange and the lid is one piece, it is difficult to get into a hands-free bra4) Because the flange and the lid is one piece, it takes up a lot of space in the dishwasher5) The flange is shorter, so it is difficult to see if the milk is shooting out or dribbling out and adjust the suction accordingly.Based on the price, I would recommend the Ameda because it does a good job and mold is not a concern. But if you need to do a lot of pumping on the go, I think the Madela is much easier to use and worth the extra cost.

Nanette Gotha, FL

Good choice for a casual use personal breast pump

As with many new moms, I considered both the Ameda Purely Yours and the Medela Pump in Style when choosing a personal use breast pump. I ultimately chose the Ameda over the Medela because of the Ameda having a design that prevents milk or moisture from entering the motor and causing mold to grow; I had heard this is possible with the Medela. I was, however, concerned about the performance of the Ameda, since I had read many reviews that said that their APY started having problems after several months, but had also read that customer service was very good about sending replacements.I have now been using this pump for almost 6 months. Over that time span, I have, on average, probably used this pump once a day. About 90% of the time I use it to pump one side, usually in the morning. I initially used it to build up a freezer stash while on maternity leave. Since returning to work, I use it to extract extra milk on the days I am not working (since I usually don’t get enough just from pumping sessions at work), to replace feedings my baby takes when I have been away from him, and now to extract milk to mix with baby cereal. My employer provides Medela Lactina hospital grade pumps, so I use those when I am at work.I have found that the Ameda Purely Yours has been a great choice for this level of use. I find the Ameda parts easier to assemble and clean than the Medela parts, mostly due to the one piece breast shield style and one piece valves. I haven’t used a Medela Pump in Style, but I would guess I get a similar amount as what I get with the Ameda Purely Yours. My Ameda doesn’t yield as much as I can get with the Lactina pumps at work, and it does take longer to finish pumping, but I would expect that difference from a personal use vs. hospital grade pump. One day I worked from home, and definitely got less milk and required more pumping sessions with my Ameda than I usually do when I am at work.I have noticed that sometimes the tubes don’t create as tight a seal as I would like when clipping them to the pumping horns and I can hear air hissing out while pumping. I also notice now that the little diaphragms that keep milk from entering the tubes now sometimes have trouble fully flexing with the pumping cycle and stay in the collapsed state as my pumping session progresses. I am wondering if, like valves, they are a maintenance item requiring replacement. I haven’t had to buy any new valves yet. I have had some motor problems where now, if I turn the suction past 2/3 to 3/4 the way up, the motor eventually conks out and I have to turn it off and wait a few minutes before using it again. But it is not enough of an annoyance for me to request an exchange, as I usually now only turn it up to 2/3 the maximum suction, which works fine for me.The pump comes with six milk storage bottles, which is very nice, though each bottle holds an ounce or so less than the Medela bottles. I have used the Ameda and Medela bottles interchangeably with both pumps, though the Ameda connector is slightly smaller than Medela. I don’t really like the caps for the Ameda bottles, since they come in two pieces: one that screws onto the bottle, and one that holds a disc over the opening. I prefer the one piece Medela caps. The cooler tote that comes with the pump is great, and I use it daily to bring milk to work and day care. The cooler is also the perfect size for laid flat Lansinoh milk storage bags, so I can easily flat-freeze bags of milk after my pumping sessions at work.I have no regrets about having chosen the Ameda Purely Yours for a casual use at-home pump, as it serves this purpose just fine. If I didn’t have access to hospital grade pumps at work, I would probably opt to rent (or possibly buy) a hospital grade pump. I find being able to achieve maximum milk extraction at fast speed to be very valuable for a working mom who wants to keep up her supply and provide her baby with the most breast milk possible. For me personally, that would be worth the extra expense over a personal use pump like the Ameda Purely Yours or Medela PIS.

Sallie Kalispell, MT

Not quite what it used to be

I bought this pump based on the reviews I found in books and on amazon. I needed a pump that I could use for pumping at work for a year. This was cheaper than renting for that long. When I first started using it 5 months ago it worked well. It still works ok but the pumping mechanism in the base seems to have loosened a little and now part of it pushes out the unit. This seems to have affected the suction a little and it makes more noise now. It still does it’s job but it’s certainly not what it started out as. I hope it lasts for the year.

Deanna Newcastle, UT

Does the job, but not as advertised

Just got this pump and have used it a couple times. It gets the job done, so I’ll keep it, but it’s not as versatile as the company claims. I’ll caveat that by saying it’s the only one I’ve tried, so I have no basis for comparison.There are two controls, “cycles” and “suction.” The description makes it sound like there are several cycles settings so you can mimic your baby’s style in order to facilitate let-down. Unfortunately, there’s not a big difference between the lowest and highest setting, and the highest cycle doesn’t come close to how quickly my baby sucks to start let-down.Suction is also markedly different between the two units. I found that when pumping both at once, I had to switch sides/units to even out the pumping. One had about half the power as the other. When just using one, the suction was perfect.The noise level is fine for me, but I don’t care if people can tell I’m pumping. The motor is not discrete, and it does beep, but it’s not distractingly loud.UPDATE: This pump DOES fit standard Evenflo plastic and glass bottles, which is very convenient — no need to pump into the storage unit and then transfer to the bottle.

Erika Zionsville, PA

LOVE my pump

I’m a first-time mom and was really anxious about pumping. My little girl is 7 weeks old and I’ve been using my pump for about 3 weeks every day and I Love it!!! It’s small, easy to use and convenient. I did have to purchase larger flanges separately since those that came with it were pinching me, but they’ll probably work for those ladies with smaller breasts. Highly recommend.

Selma Lisbon, ME