Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump Reducing Flanges BPA Free, 22.5 Mm – 2 Pack

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump Reducing Flanges BPA Free, 22.5 Mm – 2 Pack

This reducing insert (22.5mm) fits inside the standard sized flanges (25mm) in all Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems and is designed to help maximize pumping when standard sized flanges are too large. Includes: Breast Shield Reducing Insert 22.5 mm – 2 Each. Doesn’t come in Retail Packaging.

Main features

  • For use with Standard size (25 mm) Ameda Pump Body Flange that comes with Ameda breastpumps .

Verified reviews


Didn’t work for me

As other reviewers mentioned, these inserts pinched and hurt and I couldn’t maintain a proper seal to allow for suction. They seemed to fit correctly, I think it’s just a really bad idea to modify flange size with an insert. It’s much better to get the correct size flange as one piece so there are no moving parts against your skin. The pump is naturally going to be moving your skin around so if it doesn’t pinch immediately, it will eventually get you.

Jean Maumelle, AR

Good flanges

These do help the problem I had with the standard flanges drawing in too much. But like a previous review commented, I do have a “hickey” ring, which is sensitive, but much less painful than the previous situation. I use the hands free Simple Wishes pumping bra and have had no problems with the connection of this flange into the standard flange. It stays put, but is definitely not air tight. A few drops may drip out when I take them off. They work for me and I am happy with the product.

Chelsey Brookline, MA

If other reviews are making you hesitant read this

First, let me start by saying why I decided to buy these. I got the Ameda Purely Yours because it is the free pump my insurance gave me and had great reviews, I read it was comparable to the Medela. However, upon using it and my Medela both, I was not getting the same amount of milk, I wouldn’t get much milk at all with the Ameda. After doing some research I read that my flanges could be too big. But then I saw these were the only things I could get to make them smaller.TOO LOOSE?? (MY REVIEW): Some of the other reviews said they were "loose’ and slid in and out. I have to admit, I do not have that problem at all. I wonder first if they are using them solely with the Ameda Purely Yours? Another thing is I do wear a hands free pumping bra where you insert the flanges through the holes and it holds it on for me? So maybe it is tight enough to prevent them from sliding.CAN’T SEE?? (MY REVIEW): The other complaint is that you can’t see through the for placement. Again, I do not have this problem, I can see through them and if I can’t tell my nipple placement for sure, then I just pull them out and reinsert. Since they are the right fit, I don’t have the problem with my nipple sliding or not being even like I did before. So I sill don’t get as much milk as my Medela, but it has increased by 4 oz in the morning, which for $7 I think I totally worth it.

Bridgett Fredonia, ND

Works great for me!

I was getting too much rubbing with the flanges included with the Purely Yours pump and it was starting to cause problems (cracking and bleeding). Based on the information I could find from Ameda, the flanges were too big. These inserts have solved that problem! So glad I purchased them.I just have to make sure I push the inserts in the flanges really well. I use a hands free pumping bustier (;=1367710449&sr;=8-3&keywords;=handsfree+pumping+bra) and it helps to have the flanges press against me and bake a good seal.No problems with the product, and since it is more comfortable (now that I have healed) I am able to pump for longer and therefore get more milk.

Tracey Springfield, VT

Delivery speed is the main complain here

When a new mom suffers from plugged ducts and nipple confusion, a right size flanges makes a big difference within hours. It takes weeks to deliver, which is beyond my bearable standards. At the end of the day, I just ignored the fact that I ordered them. When they finally arrived, I tried on. They do the job, but I actually find out without them I pump more than with them. Do not buy if you need them within days.

Cornelia Falls Church, VA

It worked!

When I first started pumping I thought I had a supply issue. It would take forever to get a very small amount of milk. I finally realized that the standard flange was too big and went in search of a solution. This seemed like the only option for my Ameda pump. I was skeptical due to the mostly negative reviews but it actually worked for me! It was like night and day. I was able to fill a whole bottle in a fraction of the time it used to take me! I’m very thankful I tried these!

Freda Cedar Grove, NC

Works well enough

I got these because my areolas were becoming irritated using the standard flanges. The standard flanges always worked for me, but I am pumping exclusively so over time it started to hurt a bit. Using the reducing flanges I have not noticed a decrease in suction and I am more comfortable, the only thing I don’t like is that positioning can be challenging in low light because they are more opaque with these in, which isn’t a huge surprise.

Cassie Schofield Barracks, HI

Does its job

How do you rate a pump accessory? Pumping sucks (pun intended) but it must be done, and it must be done with accessories that go with your pump.

Colette Cumberland, NC

not for me

I bought this product because I realized that my nipples were too small for the standard 25cm. This how ever was still a little too big at 22.5cm and so I was still having discomfort and inefficent pumping. So I have to spend more money to get the soft areola stimulators which reduce the size to 21cm. Pumping has been much better since I considered sending this product back back decided to keep as a back up. I reccomend that if you have small nipples pay the extra to get the silicone areola stimulators. Overall its an OK product if it fits you but if not its just a waste of time and energy for little result not to mention it hurts it it doesn’t fit just right because of the hard plastic.

Ines Dennison, IL

Bad design from Ameda

I ordered these because Ameda’s 25 mm flanges were too large for me. Unfortunately, this size was also too large. Plus, Ameda’s design means that this smaller flange must be crammed into the larger flange when pumping. This combination of two plastic pieces makes it difficult to see whether the nipple is properly centered within the flange.

Emilia Sweet Home, AR

Great accessory

This could make all the difference with your pumping output. I needed a smaller flange and it helped with the painful rubbing and blisters I got in the beginning. A word of caution though… Suddenly one day these were tight and pinched! Not something wrong with the flange… Apparently I just changed shape!

Isabel Newbern, VA

They DO NOT fit

I tried using these inserts but they don’t fit properly in original assembly and break the vaccum terriblyI tried pressing them against my body to seal well and this gave me shooting pains in the breast, did not pump well either. I bought Medela pump and right sized flanges and I could pump more in 5 minutes than 15 minutes of pumping (and subsequent pain) on Ameda with and without these inserts.

Adrienne Long Branch, TX

Thank goodness for flanges.

I was miserable with my pump until buying these, thank goodness someone has pretty much thought of everything when it comes to pumping! 🙂

Isabelle Auburn, IL

Wonderful discovery

Double D breasts and itty bitty nipples make for an awkward and often uncomfortable pumping experience. These reducing inserts have definitely improved my situation and after a week I’m already building a respectable stash.

Nellie Yakutat, AK

Thank goodness!

I was getting so frustrated with pumping, barely getting an ounce in 20 minutes. Since I’m not well endowed in the chest even while breastfeeding, this REALLY helped! Never underestimate what a well-fitting flange can do. I got an ounce in about 2 minutes when I first tried it. I didn’t notice a difference in suction, but it would be nice to be able to see the nipple better.

Dianne Wabeno, WI

Did not fit on a standard 25mm flange

I bought this for me wife thinking that it would help her with the breast pump. The standard 25mm flange didnt create a the correct seal thus needing to go with a smaller size flange. I was hoping this would work but we couldnt even test it as it didnt fit into the 25mm. I would not recommend this product.

Lisa Crawford, CO

Now I can express milk

I bought a Purely Yours pump a couple of months ago and the standard flanges were too big for me. So I had to order these to see if the pump worked, because with the big ones I couldn’t express a drop of milk. When these came I tried them as soon as I sterilized them and my pump works great. These are much more comfortable to me than the original ones.

Mitzi Tekamah, NE

Didn’t work for me.

I received an Ameda pump from my insurance company. The flange was too big and suction poor, so I tried these. They insert into the regular size flange. This was the right size for me, but did not improve the suction from the pump. Just didn’t work for me.

Nannie Lansford, PA

It is not what I think it is

Well, I thought it might be soft one, but it is hard as the original one, and it is not connect that well on the 25mm one.

Savannah Lexington, NC