Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump Spare Parts Kit

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump Spare Parts Kit

Contains: 2 tubing, 2 silicone diaphragms, 4 valves, 1 tubing adapter

Main features

  • Contains: 2 tubing, 2 silicone diaphragms, 4 valves, 1 tubing adapter

Verified reviews


A must have kit for your Ameda breast pump!

The price was great $19.99, the cheapest I had seen for the whole kit!!! If you have an Ameda Purely Yours pump, I recommend you get this kit.

Kari Wayland, KY

Good spare parts kit

After using my Ameda pump for 6 months, the hose looked a little worn and some of the other parts weren’t holding up to cleaning as well as I would have liked. This was a great set to get me by until I was finished pumping. I wish shipping would have been faster and that the set were a little less expensive, but the spare parts set on whole was worth it.

Abigail New London, MO


Received the parts super fast and it was packaged very well (valves were in seperate packaging inside main package). Order this before you need replacements, eventually you will need it and it may be at 3 am!

Clara El Paso, AR


My breastpump started malfunctioning. It was the little white adapter that was broken plus I needed a new plug (I lost it and was trying to use my laptop charger because I was being cheap lol). This stuff is great and cheaper than buying a whole new pump altogether!

Concepcion Midway, AL

So glad I had this

I’m so glad that I had this kit. The valves break constantly and the tube connector broke once as well. If I hadn’t had this kit on hand, I would have had a real issue.

Pat Cotulla, TX

no problems.

I had no problems with these replacement parts. They came packaged as shown and I didn’t have any difficulty using them.

Cynthia Morris, IL

Good to have

Extra parts meant less cleaning.. it helped, not to mention when parts got torn from cleaning, I had extra ones.

Ines Randleman, NC

A must have if you are pumping!

I exclusively pump and don’t know what I’d do without a spare parts kit. The valves are fragile and can tear, and it has been so nice to have the parts on hand since I must pump regularly. You can find the kit for quite a bit cheaper on other websites, so shop around. This kit at the lower price is significantly cheaper than buying all the parts separately. However, if you need just one part, they are available individually. I’d recommend buying this kit when you purchase your pump! Definitely a must have.

Serena Jersey Mills, PA

Replacement Parts…

I was a little ticked that my Ameda pump (only 2 months old) already needed new parts and especially ticked when they didn’t have the replacement parts on the Ameda website! I am so relieved that Amazon has just about everything. I ordered this package and it came to my house about 3 days later.

Georgina Alexandria, VA