Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump

Ameda Manual Breast Pump Ameda manual breast pumps are an excellent choice for mothers who pump their breast milk occasionally. The new ergonomic manual pump handle is based on the original design that earned the High Design-Innovation Quality Award from Design Zentrum Nordrhein- Westfalen Germany. Features: Ergonomic design of the One-Hand handle allows mothers to achieve multi-phase pumping by varying handle squeezes to mimic their baby’s nursing rhythm. Swivel grip reduces muscle fatigue. Can be attached to any standard milk storage bottle or freezer bag Compact, conveniently packaged in an insulated lunch-style tote Without BPA and DEHP Six other breast flange sizes are available (sold separately) for a good fit at first and later as your body changes after giving birth, breastfeeding, and pumping if the standard size breast flange (25.0mm) included with the Manual Pump is too large or too small.

Main features

  • Dual hygienekit milk collection system
  • Plastic nipple cups
  • Portable and convenient power adapter

Verified reviews


Love to hate

I borrowed a slightly older version of this from a friend. Although hospitals & pump manufactures are technically not supposed to recommend that you use used pumps, my lactation consultant said that Ameda makes their pumps so that it can be used by multiple users. The tubing is made one-way so that it protects any milk from flowing back into the tubes or machines, so there’s never any concerns for body fluid sharing.This little sucker held up through 8 months of my friend pumping 4-5 times a day and then a year later with me pumping 5-8 times a day for 9 months. Around month 7, the pump was acting up (would shut on/off in the middle of a session) and so I ordered a new one since I couldn’t go even a day without pumping, but it ended up being just the plug-in cord that I had to replace. Whew! I gave her the new one, and kept her old one, so now I have my own pump to use for kid #2 (whenever that may be) but I have complete confidence that it will hold up for me.I don’t really have any other pumps to compare to, other than the professional one I used in the hospital for 2 days. But this pump is really compact and pretty durable. I felt it was on the loud side, and made a beep noise every time it would suction. The motor is also a little loud, especially if you leave it on a table. When I pumped at work in my office, I would hold the motor in my lap and no one outside even seemed to know that I was pumping.I had to buy a set of larger flanges and ended up getting a total of 3 flange sets and extra bottles so I didn’t have to wash anything while pumping at work (wash all 3 sets when I got home). I highly recommend this! The parts aren’t terribly expensive, but sometimes hard to find and can get expensive if you have to pay for shipping (the Ameda sites have free shipping, but usually have to buy >$75).My friend had bought this with the black carry bag and cooler set. She said the black bag made her feel like she was carrying a purse (more discreet) but I carried everything in a small duffle since I had 3 sets of flanges, which I felt was just as discreet. The cooler was useful, but really, any lunch cooler & icepacks would have worked just as well. It’s cheaper to buy just the pump.PROS:- Very durable (withstood a few drops & hits)- Portable- Reasonably priced- Easy to useCONS:- The rubber valves tore easily and once they’re torn, you lose suction (took me awhile to figure this out after a bunch of internet research). I bought them directly off the Ameda website and they’re rather pricey because you have to pay for shipping.- A little noisy and makes a beep noise, but not sure if all cheaper pumps are like this- Parts can be hard to find and pricey if all you need is just one or two small thingsThe reason why my title is “love to hate” is because, although I loved breastfeeding my son, pumping was my least favorite part about it. I was secretly hoping that the pump would give up before I was ready to, but nope!

Letha Goode, VA

Just didn’t work for me.

I really wanted to love this pump. My son won’t latch, so I pump exclusively for him. Before I purchased this pump I was using the Lansinoh single manual pump, which was working great in terms of keeping up milk production, but it’s pretty slow going. I was hoping to spend less time pumping by purchasing a double electric.Unfortunately, this pump just doesn’t work for me. First, the flanges don’t stimulate my milk releases properly. Maybe they are too big. The Lansinoh manual pump that works so well for me has soft flange covers, and I think they do make a difference in how much milk I get. The pump also seems loud, and the beep it emits with each pump cycle is very distracting/annoying.More importantly, this pump is too slow for me. I tend to pump fairly quickly with my manual pump, because that’s how my baby sucks, but even cranked to the fastest speed the Ameda pump is abysmally slow. The suction seems entirely adequate for my needs, but without the proper speed I get very little milk. I used it twice, and both times I pumped for an hour and got half the milk I would have gotten with my manual pump, plus my breasts still felt full. If I were relying on this pump full time my milk production would definitely suffer.I’ve since purchased a second Lansinoh manual pump so that I can double pump. It’s working fantastically well, so I’m very happy with this solution, but I really wish I hadn’t spent the money on the Ameda pump.

Melanie Kurtistown, HI

Execellent pump for the price

Initially I wasn’t going to get a pump before my baby was born – I’m a stay at home mom that only planned to give my kid the occasional bottle. I also wanted to wait and see if breastfeeding worked for me before I purchased a fancy electric pump. However, given the extremely reasonable price of this pump, I decided to give it a shot – and am I ever glad I did.First, it really helped me to efficiently pump away a bit of the excess milk during the early days of engorgement. Any woman who has gone through that discomfort knows how valuable a good breast pump is!Now that my baby is a few months old, I generally use the pump once a day – just to pump enough milk to contribute to my freezer stockpile. I find the pump extremely comfortable to use, and like that I can adjust both the suction and the speed to best mimic my baby’s sucking. As a result, I’ve noticed no impact to my supply (either positively or negatively), although I’m sure the pump could easily be used to increase supply.The parts are very easy to assemble and clean, which is an obvious plus – no one wants to be fussing with delicate tubing or valves in the early days of caring for a baby.The fact that there is no carrying case was a plus for me – because I only plan to use it at home, I didn’t need a carrying case or cooler. However, because the pump is so small and there are very few components, I have no doubt that you could easily transport it in a medium sized handbag – a much more stylish option, in my opinion.

Helga Whitsett, TX

A+ when you have good parts

Overall I really like this pump. It’s decently small, and I didn’t have to buy a special bag for it and just repurposed an old purse. It runs on AC as well as battery, and I have not noticed a lack in quality when I switch to either. I feel at ease with the closed system so that I don’t have to worry about milk getting into the tubes, and thus washing the tubes and or replacing the tubes.That aside, I had a bad batch of valves. Because of them, it would reduce the suction and cause the diaphragms to collapse but not return to their original state. Milk also got onto the diaphragm (thank goodness for the closed system!). This was VERY VERY frustrating since I wasn’t expressing all my milk. I called Ameda and they sent replacements within 3-4 days (wished it was overnight!). I saw the difference of what the correct valves should look like right away (should be very thin at the edges and when you pinch them, they should open and not create a “C”). Once they were replaced, everything worked A+ and I’m able to drain all my milk within 15 minutes.Overall it’s a good pump, but if you feel something is wrong, don’t wait to call Ameda. They will help you trouble shoot and get you new parts if applicable. It’s worth the phone call and not the tears

Sharlene Amityville, NY

Well, it did work…

I originally did well with this pump, but it lost suction about five months into it. I got it via insurance. Customer service told me to change valves, I did, no improvement. They sent me a new base. I replaced the top. New pump essentially. A little better, but still weak. Maybe the quality of the parts are going down? I rented a hospital pump to get me through the issues and just had to return it- so sad. I now feel trapped with this pump because I did not budget for a Medela, but I may have to bite the bullet. Someone gave me a Medela hand pump and I just used it after pumping with the Purely Yours. I got an extra half ounce, which is a lot for me. Judging from the number of very recent negative reviews, I am really wondering if the quality dipped in order to get the insurance business. My supply has totally dropped due to this pump malfunctioning. And yes, it is way too noisy. My son wakes up if he hears it. I am not sure what is going on because it DID work. Tonight, it hissed at me and sounded like a car dying. If this is what a Obamacare does- lowers the quality of products for mass distribution- we are going down the road of a Soviet Russia, which was famous for having cheaply made stuff for mass distro. It sounded great…free pumps for moms…but now, I have a substandard pump. 2 stars because it was great for five months.

Virginia Dutch Harbor, AK

Great value and does the job

I purchased my pump when I was still pregnant, wanting to have it at home “just in case” and was glad that I did because after the baby came I almost immediately started pumping exclusively.I was wary of spending big bucks on a Medela pump, not being sure how well I would do BF, how my milk supply would be, etc. After I purchased this pump, I asked two others which pump they had used, and both used this pump (and I only asked 2 people!). One of them received this pump to do a donation to a milk bank, the other used 2 of these pumps over a 7 year span while nursing 4 children.I love how clean and simple and hygienic the milk collection/suction system is. No chance of contamination due to the flexible cup-style membranes that separate the suction from the milk collection. I know it’s not recommended, but I would totally have no problem buying one of these used – replacing all the tubing, valves, bottles, etc because there is NO WAY that milk can get in the pump (as long as you are sure the other person assembled the pump correctly – which is EASY).The pump only comes with the standard 25mm flange, which I quickly found was too large for me, and I had to orderAmeda Flexshield Aereola Stimulator – 2 packto decrease the flange size. This is the smallest size insert you can get, which was very helpful to me. I think there is also a medium, and then there are larger than 25mm sizes available as well.This is a bare-bones pump — you get the pump (motor, tubing, flanges, 2 sets of valves, 2 collection bottles with storage caps, and the AC adapter) and that is it. Still a great value for the price that Amazon is selling (I paid $125 June 2012). The pump will take 6 AA batteries, and a car adapter can be purchased separately.It is worth noting that the collection bottle neck size seems to be standard. When I was in the hospital after delivery they brought me the Medela Symphony pump to help start my milk supply. The starter kit that came with the Medela, the bottles (both 5oz and 2.8oz) will screw onto my Ameda pump, although they will not snap into the base like the Ameda ones that come with the pump.Although the knobs that control the speed and strength of the suction are smooth dials, I have found that there are definitely “zones” where you can slowly turn the knob with no change, then at a point it clicks up a step. So it’s not quite as adjustable as you think, but there is plenty of room to customize the speed and suction. I do what they recommend with high speed/low suction for a few minutes and then change to lower speed/more suction to mimic how the baby typically suckles at the breast. Some of the Medela pumps do this automatically, but an extra $100 for that feature wasn’t something I was interested in.Honestly, for me, the biggest problem with this pump is that no stores carry the parts for it, everything I have needed I have ordered from Amazon. (Which is just the pump and the sizing inserts.)Overall, very happy with the performance of this pump and the price that I paid for it. Glad I didn’t spend more, I can’t see anything else performing better. It’s quick, efficient, not super quiet but not super loud. I have pumped in the middle of the night in the bedroom and asked my hubby if he was disturbed by the noise and he didn’t even realize I’d been in there.

Britney Robinson, ND

No suction, really noisy

I bought this pump hoping that I could turn in the hospital-grade Ameda I had been renting (for $65/month – ouch). Right out of the box, this pump had virtually no suction. I had my lactation consultant with me when I tested it the first time and even she was surprised as she had heard these were good units. Where I live, most people buy Medela – but even those don’t get great reviews – so I was going out on a limb to buy this brand. Anyway, besides the lack of suction, the noise this unit makes is ear piercing. The baby was sleeping in the same room. Needless to say, this woke him right up. I was hoping to use this to pump at night but the noise makes it unusable for that. Disappointing but I would rather spend the $65/month for how ever long I need a pump than risk my milk production that I worked so hard to get going. I am returning the unit.

Leigh Medley, WV


I can’t say anything really, really great about this pump but it technically works, so I guess three stars it is. A few of the things that are good:-Price isn’t bad for a double-electric.-Threads are compatible with some other bottles.-Nothing too difficult to clean or assemble.-Came with an extra set of diaphragms and rubber nozzle-y bits.-I like the dials that let you set suction and speed separately.I do have some not-so-good things to say about it and they are as follows:-I’m on my second one of the same model in two years, the first one just up and stopped working and I never did figure out what happened to it, so I don’t think these are a good choice if you’re looking to use it for a few babies.-I had to purchase a separate set of flanges because the one they came with were way too small for me (TMI alert: I have very large breasts and nipples so if you do also, you can pretty much count on having to buy the extra flanges, I think they were around thirty bucks or so).-I feel like it randomly loses suction, but this could have been related to whatever made the first one break because I haven’t noticed since I got the new one.-It is uncomfortable to use, bordering on painful. I have a Lansinoh hand pump that has a soft silicone flange cover and I really wish that these did, too.Overall, this pump is completely average. It is adequate and nothing more. The only reason I own this particular one is that my insurance covered it (twice) and the negatives are not enough to make me want to spend several hundred on a different one. However, I only pump once a day usually. If I pumped for a full-time job or exclusively I would skip over this pump and get a better one.

Eileen Lincoln, RI

Great, cheaper alternative to Medela

I’m currently on my second Purely Yours pump, and couldn’t be happier with it. I pumped exclusively with my first son from the time he was about 3 months old up until he was 1 year old. When I had my youngest son less than 2 years later, I was so happy I hadn’t gotten rid of it. After about a week, it started messing up- poor suction, weird noise, etc. My boyfriend took it apart and “fixed” it for another week or so, but I decided to just get another one. I considered getting the Medela Pump In Style pump, but after reading the reviews and comparing the features (and price), I decided to go back to Ameda for round 2. I like that you can control both suction AND speed. Also, I’ve read in multiple places that this pump is more hygienic that the Medela since moisture won’t build up in the tubes and whatnot. It’s also pretty easy to clean (except for the valves, which are very delicate), and I like that they give the option to buy custom-fit flanges if the 25mm ones they come with don’t fit properly. The replacement parts are also easy to find (Amazon, Babies R Us, Baby Depot, etc.). I’d definitely recommend this pump.

Patrica Grantsboro, NC

It was a gift and I’m still irritated

(sigh) I’ve been using this pump for 4 months. Correction: I’ve been using the product for 4 months. The first wasn’t sucking well and I was drying out (my daughter won’t latch so I pump exclusively). Ameda said it was warrantied and sent another. It didn’t work at all. They sent a third. It lasted all of 3 weeks. Ameda offered me the Ultra or a full-refund. I opted for the Ultra. So far the Ultra is fine (it’s only been 2 weeks, though), but I’ve been nickeled and dimed to death on parts. The tubing didn’t last a week (after a couple of sets I put Medela tubing on it and it works just fine). The diaphragms have been replaced twice, the little white pieces at the bottoms of the flanges have been replaced at least 3 times each, the adapter that connects the tubing to the machine has been replaced 3 times (once after 2 days). I’m about to spend another $12 on new flanges (one never worked right). Of course until this week I didn’t know the parts were warrantied for 3 months so I’ve been fighting with garbage parts and then replacing them out of my own pocket. The only reason I give it 2 stars is because Ameda is very good about replacing the parts. Everything was here within one day… other than the adapter. I called at 9 am, but the order wasn’t placed until 4pm so I had to wait 2 days. Doesn’t sound like much, but when you must pump a day is the difference between nursing and formula feeding.*Update: Pump number 4 (the Ultra) stopped working. I called and requested my full refund.Firstly, let me back track a little. When I called about the adapter piece it was 9 am. They were supposed to overnight it. When I didn’t receive it the next day I called. Apparently the agent did not place my order until 4 pm, thus making the order take TWO days. When your child refuses to latch and this is your only source of feeding the child a day is very critical.Fast forward to pump number 4 not working (chugging, whistling, grinding, and barely sucking)…. I called to request the refund around 3 pm. The call was answered by the agent who neglected to put my adapter order in for a full business day. She told me there was no such note in my account stating I could have a refund and I would have to produce a receipt. I informed her, yet again, that this was a gift and the receipt was long gone by the giver. She stated they would not refund my money. She then stated she could have her supervisor pull the call logs to see if the agent did, in fact, offer me a refund without the receipt. She then told me she would return my call. At 6 pm when I did not hear back I tried to call. The center was closed (Keep in mind that if you know who placed a call, what day, and what time, pulling a call in a call center should not take more than a few minutes so making me wait for hours was unacceptable). The next morning she called back right when they opened and told me they’d refund the money, but I’d have to return not only the pump unit, but also all of the parts (keep in mind I paid for these parts out of pocket as stated in my first review, and I was NOT giving them these to resell even if I couldn’t use them on another pump). She then stated that I would have to return the unit and within TEN days after receiving the unit their accounting department would send me a check. I told her this is unacceptable and I needed to talk to her supervisor.I was transferred to a very combative woman. She stated that there was nothing she could or would do to make this process faster. I stated HP takes credit card information and if you don’t return the product then they charge you. She got very nasty and said most people have the money to go out and buy another and use the check issued by Evenflo to reimbures themselves. Okay, I don’t know where this woman got off talking to me like I’m some kind of trash, but I assured her if I were trying to scam their company I would not have replaced the unit repeatedly. Furthermore, my husband makes excellent money, not that I owe her an explanation of why I want the money faster. I asked to talk to her supervisor, who was not in the office, but returned my call.I received a call back from the director of some department promptly. She was outraged that I was treated like this. While this is their policy, she said to call her when I send the package (FedEx would bring me a paid label so they’d have the tracking number to verify shipment) and she’d have accounting cut me a check so I’d have it this week.Bottom line, their products are garbage. In the end it didn’t matter that 8 of 10 customer service agents were wonderful because those 2 left a disgusting taste in my mouth. My problem is solved (I borrowed a friend’s Medela to pump-and-dump and keep milk flowing until my parts come for my Medela hospital-grade rental), but I will shout from the rooftops, “STAY AWAY FROM AMEDA AND EVENFLO FOR BREASTPUMPS!”! They claim these products are near-hospital-grade. I beg to differ.Do yourself a favor if you are like me and have to pump full-time: Call your local hospital or medical supply stores and find a rental. I called around and found a unit for $45 a month… which is about what I was spending on Fenugreek and Mother’s Milk Tea to try to keep my milk flowing during the Great Ameda Disaster of 2012. Your sanity alone is worth a little more than $10 a week!

Josephine Pomfret Center, CT

great pump for the moneyt

The thing that sold me on this pump is that there is no chance for your milk to get contaminated from the tubing or other parts like the Madella. And it’s the same pump used in the hospital, it’s just not the hospital grade. It does make a slight beeping noise but it’s not terrible, the baby crying late night when your dead tired is much more bothersome. Lol. You can control speed and suction power manually. And this pump is so much cheaper than others out there. They also make various size flanges, I had to get the largest size bc I have large nipples and the flanges it comes with hurt so bad but once I got the large size I was pumping like crazy. And you can give this pump to a friend when your done with it, they just need their own set.

Dorthy Mehama, OR

I exclusively pump and LOVE this product.

I have been exclusively pumping using the PY pump for just under four months. I could not be happier. I used this every two hours for the first 6 or 7 weeks with no problems in establishing my supply. I have used it every 5 hours since then and have not noticed any decrease in the pump’s ability.I love that it is a closed system. No worry about mold growth and I can pass this on with no worries when I am finished with it. Also awesome that I never have to worry about cleaning/sanitizing the tubing!Didn’t bother me at all that this didn’t come with a bag. Easy enough to put it in a bag I already had, especially if it saved me an extra $50.UPDATE: I have now been exclusively pumping for over eight months and still have no problems. Also a lot of people have commented on the model that is made in China is not as good as the one that was manufactured in Sweden (I think?). Mine was made in China and have experienced no problems.

Sabrina Taylorsville, IN

Why I Switched to Medela: A Purely Yours In-Depth Review

I have never be so impressed with customer service but so (very) disappointed in the product.When I was doing my research leading up to getting a pump, I chose Ameda because of the glowing reviews on Amazon, and dreamed of short, fruitful pumping sessions as described by all the mom’s that had their own Purely Yours pump. 10 oz in 15 minutes?! (said one review) That sounded wonderful.So I received my Ameda Purely Yours pump through Edgepark medical suppliers, cleaned it, and had it all set up at my "pumping station" in the living room for my next workday (luckily I only work 3 half days a week so I don’t have to pump at work, just in the morning). When I got all settled down the next morning and "hooked up" to the pump, I was surprised to notice how little the pump was was getting even though I felt engorged. I never even felt my milk let down. Reluctantly, I detached one flange and just tried one side at a time thinking the suction just wasn’t enough divided. I sat there for 40 minutes and only got 4 oz from one side (which I know should be a good amount, but I’ve dealt with oversupply since my son was born and I could literally feel milk still in my breasts) before frustrated, I had to quit so as not to be late for work. I told my husband he’d need to dip into my stash in the freezer because I hadn’t been able to pump enough for 2 or 3 feedings.I tried a few more times with similar results before contacting parent care. They were very helpful and friendly, and sent me reducing inserts (as I though maybe that was the problem), and then, when the green light on my pump started flashing and then dying after being on for 20 minutes, she sent me a new AC adaptor,I thought these two changes would improve my situation, but they did not. It still took 40-60 minutes just to pump 2 feedings worth of milk (8oz total). Frustrated and sleepier than I wanted to be (because of a son who at 6 months still won’t sleep through the night and being forced to get up an hour earlier just to pump), I called the Ameda support line and spoke with a lactation consultant, who helped me troubleshoot and narrowed down the problem to perhaps the valves. She sent me more, but that didn’t help much more than anything else had. I tried some troubleshooting of my own and finally figured out that the real reason I’m having problems is that the diaphragms start great, but after about 15 contractions, they stop fully relaxing before the next contraction. This affects the power of the suction and the pump’s ability to draw milk out.I told this to parent care, and they then sent me new flanges, new diaphragms, new caps, and more valves just for good measure. She mentioned the manufacturers had cut a bad batch of flanges and that must have been my problem.FINALLY I thought I had my solution. I washed all my new pieces, put them together, and the next morning sat down with optimism.Nope.The diaphragms were the still the issue. I had to constantly uncap the flange as I was pumping so it would relax all the way, which means I could only pump one side at a time. Parent care suggested the tube adaptor was pushed too far in, so I tried adjusting that to some improvement, but still not enough to be worth the effort.At this point I gave up. It amazes me how excellent the customer service was for such a poor product. I contacted Edgepark and will be receiving a Medela in the mail soon. For your convenience, I will update this review to compare the two products.

Lee Hawthorne, WI

Goes back and forth from working to not working, frustrating!

This pump is frustrating. While dealing with a heap of breast feeding issues as a first time mom to a 5 week old, on top of that this pump goes back and forth from working to not working. Sometimes one side will stop suction, sometimes the other, sometimes it works just fine. My husband is convinced it not the pump itself but one of the attachments, but after swapping out one piece after another, it would still not work. Then an hour later all is good. Since I have to pump after every feeding while my infant is screaming in the background, I just don’t have the time or patience for this. I’m totally fed up, this is the pump my insurance covered and i was excited not to have to spend money on a pump, but now I just went out and bought the medela, starting to use it RIGHT now!

Rose Amherst, VA

Great pump, daily use with no problems!

I have been using this pump for 8 months, daily, and it still works great! There are two knobs – speed and suction, I turn both of them up to the highest level. It takes me about 10-12 minutes for a pump session. The suction works very well. The pump is light-weight and portable. The parts are very easy to clean. The pump naturally makes some noise while it is in use, but its not too annoying – I usually turn the tv volume up a bit and I don’t notice it at all. The pump is electric, but batteries can be used. A car charger can be purchased as well. This pump has worked very well with no decrease in power over 8 months so far, and I plan to continue using it. I would definitely recommend this pump to new moms!

Aurelia Earlimart, CA

Everything I Needed

I had the opportunity to try both the popular Medela double pump and this Ameda. I chose the Ameda because it was just as effective and half the cost. Also, this pump isn’t as bulky — it’s small enough to fit in your regular bag if you need to take it with you AND you can operate it on batteries. Some reviewers said that it’s noisy and yes, it makes noise, but it’s really not loud enough to be a disruption or distraction. Finally, if assembled properly, it’s true that it’s impossible for your milk to get into the tubes, which means less mess, less cleaning, and longer-lasting parts.

Ashley Glen, MT

Better than medela swing

I have the single electric Medela swing pump and this one. This is how they compare.Ameda Purely YoursProsDouble electricGood suctionMilk doesn’t go in the suction tubeCan be battery operatedBottle holderFits with medela bottlesCheapTakes me total of 10minutes to pump both sidesConslouder than the Medela swingMedela SwingProsSmaller than the ameda (easier to bring)Good suctionCan be battery operated2phase expressionQuietFits with ameda bottlesConsExpensiveSingle pumpMilk goes into tubeTakes me 30minutes to pump both sides

Hope Sacramento, NM

Very happy

I bucked the trend of all my friends and went with the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump instead of the Medela Free Style, mostly because of the price. I’ve been using it for 3 months now, and it works great: completely comfortable, easy to operate, easy to clean…AND I saved $100. So I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Jacqueline Twin Bridges, MT

Wanted to love it

I bought this pump under the recommendation of the hospital. It was okay for 5 days then the motor in the base starting stalling. I am going to return it and use my Lansinoh manual pump. The suction varies on this electronic pump – sometimes it would be dialed halfway and my nipples would be sore incredibly sore . Other times I would have to crank it all the way to get some suction. I noticed the suction valves are cheap and tear easily. Good thing it only worked for 5 days because I think it would have been frustrating replacing the suction valves once a week and from what I saw they are pretty pricey. I already contacted Amazon for a full refund. Will stick with my manual pump. At least I can control the suction so if something happens to my nipples there is no one the blame but me 🙂

Gloria Pleasant Grove, UT

Very Satisfied

I shopped around for a while before finally deciding on this breast pump. I don’t have anything negative to say about it. It was a lifesaver after my son was first born. We were having difficulties figuring out how to breast feed so I used the pump and it was effective at getting out what little milk had come in so soon after giving birth. It is not whisper quiet but I don’t find it to be too loud. Cleaning is very easy, the milk doesn’t go through the little tubes so you never have to worry about the hassle of cleaning those out. I also liked that the pump only was available, the one with the carrying case was too expensive for me but it also seemed unnecessary. Overall I highly recommend.***UPDATE***I just had my second child December 2012 and I am still using the same breast pump. I did order the replacement parts kit off of amazon since some of the tubing and valves were a little worn from how much I used the pump with my first child. The breast pump is still kicking. I haven’t even noticed any weakening in the suction. I still highly recommend this pump!

Judi Tiff City, MO

easy to use and clean

This pump is easy to put together, take apart, and clean. I love that milk does not enter the tubing.

Yesenia Wilmot, OH


I used this pump while exclusively pumping for 4 months, and it worked great with very heavy use. I like that it is a closed system and can’t collect moisture in the tubes. Can’t beat the quality for the price! I bought an extra set up parts as well, and it made pumping much easier.

Nadia Leo, IN

Still working…

I’ve been using this for going on 8 months now, and it’s still pumping away. I’ve heard that some pumps wear out around 6 months, but mine gets daily use (at least 2X per day), and no signs of wearing out yet. (Knock on wood.) The little flanges have had to be replaced a few times during the 8 months, but that’s minor detail. I would recommend keeping a few extras with you, because if they are too worn, your breast will not empty properly, and that can of course result in significant discomfort if you don’t have another way of emptying them. I learned that the hard way. Now I inspect those flanges every time I put the pump together, and I keep an extra set or two handy, just in case one of them gets torn or something.

Leanna Dennison, OH


wish the suction was a bit better. i like that its lightweight and much more affordable than madela. i was also happy that it hasn’t had any mold issues.

Frances Boardman, OR

Awesome pump

I had an old medela breast pump for my first kid, which sadly broke. So I went on a quest to look for a decent but cheap breast pump that I knew would get the job done. I narrowed my search down to The Avent breast pump and the Ameda model. I kept going back and forth with their pros and cons but utimately deciding on this pump. I’m glad I did too because this seems like a great quality item. I love that it fits the standard bottle which means I can use my Medela bottles and my other baby bottles to pump into. Yes it beeps but I really couldn’t notice it unless I’m actually listening for it so I don’t think its that distracting or that it will be a problem once I go back to work. The only “problem” with it is trying to get the suction, and speed down to where you need it. Its great that you can adjust it, just takes some playing around to get it where you need it

Cathryn Townley, AL

Excellent pump with an excellent price.

When it came to buying a pump, I wanted to buy something reasonably priced that worked well. I started work at six weeks and have a one hour commute each way. That meant I was away from my baby for 11 hours a day! So I needed to pump a lot in order to continue nursing my little one. The medela ones were over $250.00 and I’ve heard about issues with mold growing in the tubes. I did not want that passing into my baby’s milk. Both of my coworkers and some of my family members have used to Ameda pump so I decided to give it a try since it was $100.00 cheaper than the Medela ones. This pump was one of the best purchases I’ve made. In the beginning, I used this pump 4x a day and now have gradually decreased it to 2x a day (baby eating solids). It works great and has excellent suction. I like how I can adjust both the speed and the suction to my liking. When I start pumping, I set my speed at maximum and once I have a let down, I decrease it to the slowest setting to get most of the milk out. There are barely and parts to clean. During the day I just wash the parts with hot water and soap and at the end of the day I sterilize all the parts.

Abby Weedsport, NY


I can’t believe that this pump is so much cheaper than the Medela PISA, because it’s truly a great pump (and not just ‘for the price’). I love that it’s a closed system, and there are minimal parts which is great both when it comes to washing and avoiding mechanical problems. Personally, I really liked being able to adjust the strength and speed of suction and found it produced more for me than Medela’s two-phase system. It’s also small and lightweight which makes it VERY portable, I can throw it in almost all of my purses without an issue and it only takes up twice the space as my manual Medela Harmony. You can attach Dr. Brown’s bottles to it in addition to the Ameda bottles (and possibly other brands). They don’t snugly fit into the base, but I don’t really keep the bottles there anyway. I get the same power from both the batteries and the plug, though I generally use it plugged in. While you can buy the version with the storage bag and the cooler and whatnot, it’s much cheaper to get the no-frills option and just put it in your normal work bag or buy whatever bag you like, and just get a cooler or lunchbox for the bottles. I use a roomy tote which holds my work stuff (laptop, wallet, papers, etc), the pump in a separate compartment, and a PackIt freezable lunch bag for the bottles. This way I can carry everything in one bag for work, rather than having two or three separate bags.

Catalina Crittenden, NY

Still can’t use it, standard flange is TOO BIG (UPDATE)

I bought this pump because I’m running low in milk production (since day one, actually) and people say pumping often helps. So I did a very deep research on breast pumps and finally decided to buy this one, mainly because of the great reviews and because of its closed system, that prevents mold from growing inside the tubing.One thing that I read everywhere is that most moms have to buy larger flanges to fit them properly, so I already bought a pair of larger flanges to come with my pump, since doctors and nurses are always telling me I have large nipples. Well, the pump arrived with the larger flanges and as soon as I started using it (with the standard flanges, to try) I realized they are TOO BIG to me. The pump doesn’t express my milk properly, as a large part of my areola is sucked with the nipple and now I have to order the smaller flanges and the silicon adapter.Lets hope that when I get them, this pump helps me achieve full milk production.UPDATE:Got the smaller flanges, they fit well and the pump works well too. I still haven’t used it full time so not yet into full milk production, but expressing a good amount of milk was easy, quick (about 15 minutes) and painless. Upgrading my review from two stars to four stars.

Rosalind Mapleton, IA

Great reliable pump

I’ve been using this pump for a few weeks now and have found it very efficient, fast and reliable. I haven’t encountered any problems and recommend highly. It also fits standard size bottles so the freebies we got at the hospital work also. The only small downside is that when I took it traveling outside the us and used batteries, the suction wasn’t as strong as when it’s plugged in. I could still pump but it took a bit longer.

Terry Derby, KS


I really had high hopes. One of the phalanges was cracked when it showed up. I contacted Ameda, and they promptly replaced it and the process was really easy and the customer service was great. However, the motor broke after a week and a half of use. It just stopped working. The device would turn on, but there was absolutely no suction and it would make the “pumping noise” for a few times then stop. Unfortunately, it was on a Saturday morning right before a 6 hour road trip to go to my sisters for the weekend. We had to make a last minute trip to Babies R Us before our trip due to a lactation emergency because the pump broke. I was soaked and in pain. This was not the way we wanted to start our first weekend away with a three week old. I thought that since the hospital sold this type, it would be good, but I was very disappointed. I wish I were writing a different review, but I’m not.The only positive is that Amazon came through on it’s return policy and we were able to return the product at no cost to us for a full refund. It was the first time I’ve returned something through Amazon and I was impressed. 5 stars for Amazon, 5 Stars for Ameda customer service, Zero stars for this pump. 🙁

Bobbi East Lynn, IL