Ameda Silicone Diaphragms, 2-Count

Ameda Silicone Diaphragms, 2-Count

To be used with purely yours ultra dual breast pump.

Main features

  • Silicone diaphragms
  • 2 count
  • Patented

Verified reviews



Purchased these to reduce cleaning time for pump accessories. Hard to keep up with 2 kids and house to care for on top of constant pumping.

Bernadette Gas City, IN


These diaphragms get the job done, they do what they are supposed to do and are very resistant to tearing and wearing down. The silicone is strong and will last awhile. However, for those that don’t understand how the diaphragm works in the vacuum it is imperative that these remain clean, and they do not have liquid on them. If they have small drops of liquid the seal between this and the tube can be compromised and the vacuum can lose suction.

Angelina Gardiner, NY

Works with Lansinoh

These are good replacement parts for the Lansinoh or Ameda pumps. The new Lansinoh doesn’t use the diaphragms, but I have an old one that was in need of parts. These do fit the older style Lansinoh Double Electric.

Judith Brocton, NY

As described, Ameda brand

I ordered a spare set of these diaphragms to have on hand in case my originals were damaged. Some reviewers received the diaphragms in a plain plastic bag and questioned their authenticity. I had no such problem ordering from Healthcheck Systems Inc. I received a Ameda brand package.Because these flexible membranes provide the barrier between the “wet” and “dry” sides of Ameda electric pumps, they are critical pieces. However, they are also made of thin silicone for flexibility, and therefore rather fragile. If one develops a hole, your pump will stop being effective. I wish they were made of a somewhat more durable material, but at least they are chemically inert silicone.

Andrea Scandinavia, WI

Overpriced but they fit the Ameda pumps

Fits the Ameda pumps which is a good thing since they are made by the same company. For what they are they are overpriced but what are you going to do.

Rachelle Marceline, MO

Needed for extra

I pump on the car, at work, at home, anywhere….cannot be washing parts around, so it is great to have some extra ones around, and they are fragile when washing…..

Adrienne Sligo, PA

Not in Ameda packaging

I purchased these from E-Retail Shops. They did not come in Ameda packaging but instead in a clear plastic with no identifying marks. After I called I was told that they are bought in bulk and sterilely repackaged. This should be made clear on the website when purchasing. I will be returning them and buying them from another seller.Followup: I mailed back the diaphragms to E Retail Shops (and am waiting for a refund). I then bought them from Healthcheck Systems, which is an authorized Ameda dealer as listed on their website. The diaphragms came in the Ameda packaging as pictured in the product image. I am much happier.

Cathryn Spencerport, NY

Worked as intended

This product is just what it claims to be and fit the Ameda Purely yours pump cups. Always good to have a few extras just in case.

Jasmin Lebam, WA

When your cat decides these are toys…

Replacing these improved the suction of my pump after my cat decided to claw up the originals! Now she’s decided the suction tubes look fun too, so I’ll need to buy those. Sigh. 🙂

Maribel Lone Tree, IA

Ideal Replacement

I lost this part to my pump and after placing the order I received it the next day at no additional cost! Great service.

Bonita Pickens, SC

What the wife needed.

Works perfect with the breast pump of the same make. No better way to extract your boob juice than this.

Ashlee Becket, MA

Works perfectly

I bought when I lost one of them that came with my pump. They work perfectly and I would recommend.

Sharron Mc Leod, MT

Works with my Lansinoh pump!

Exactly the same as the one that came with my pump which is a Lansinoh. Fits perfectly and works perfectly.

Bridget Austerlitz, NY

a key part of the pump

I lost one of these and was miserable pumping one breast at a time at work for a couple days…takes so long!! It was faster to get these through here than on the Ameda website

Trisha Henryton, MD

Good quality

Without these, your Ameda pump will not work at all. I bought these as back up because these are small parts and easy to lose.

Alyson Corinth, NY