Ameda Store N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags, 40-Count

Ameda Store N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags, 40-Count

Easily collect, store and pour pumped milk. Strong, multi-ply design helps prevent splitting or cracking. Pump directly into bags with unique flange adapters or transfer from bottles without tape or twist ties. Unique pour spout helps prevent spills. Easy close, re-sealable zip-seal bags.

Main features

  • Easily collect, store and pour pumped milk
  • Strong, multi-ply design helps prevent splitting or cracking
  • Pump directly into bags with unique flange adapters or transfer from bottles without tape or twist ties
  • Unique pour spout helps prevent spills
  • Easy close, re-sealable zip-seal bags
  • Includes 40 storage bags
  • Sterilized, BPA free
  • Freezer safe

Verified reviews


Good idea, bad quality

I was really excited when our local stores started to carry these bags. They are more rigid than other bags I’ve used, which I love, and the easy pour spout is ingenious. However, in the first 10 bags I used, I had 3 that leaked – immediately. Was very disappointed with the quality and will not be purchasing them again.

Jewel Ward Cove, AK

leaked milk

I love my Ameda purely yours pump and I have been pumping into bottles, then transferring the milk to Lansinoh bags and storing them in the freezer and fridge. Grandma then transfers the milk into bottles or drop in liners when she feeds my son. It just seems like too much transferring. I wonder about lost nutrients, and also having to wash/throw away things. So I thought these sounded like an awesome answer to my problem. First time I used them I was on my way home from work and noticed drips from my cooler. Never did I think a bag could leak like this. It looked like it was from the seal, although when I checked it, it seemed tightly sealed to me. But all 4 ounces formed a trail from my small office fridge, down the hall and steps, outside on the sidewalk, an in my car. It was maddening! I threw the rest of the bags out because I wasn’t going to risk that happening again. And up until that time I had never had a leak from a Lansinoh bag. I know I was careful to close the bag, but if you have to triple check, then it isn’t worth it to me. I was out at a store and bought the Medela pump and store bags like these. Then I read those reviews, and they are even worse! So I will return those and just use bottles and wash them and transfer to my bags like I have been doing. And by the way, I did just get my first leak from a Lansinoh bag too! This was a tiny little pin point hole in the bottom and was leaking very, very slowly into my fridge. I don’t know if I caused it from my cooler or moving them around in the fridge. They have that good double seal mechanism so I know the seals are good. But I’ll be keeping my eye on the them for a while to make sure this isn’t a re-occurrence.

Angie West Yarmouth, MA

ziplock seal isn’t great

This is the only breast milk storage bags I’ve used so I don’t really have anything to compare it too. But my biggest complaint is that the zipper seal doesn’t seal tight very well and leaks often. Because of that, I will probably buy a different kind next time.As other users have commented, the volume measurements are totally off because of the way the bag sits, but that wasn’t really a problem for me because I pumped into bottles, saw the measurements, then poured it into the bags.

Alejandra Siloam, GA

Hold up well in freezer.

These bags hold up well in the freezer, much better than my usual brand (Lansinoh). However, I don’t pump directly into them, I pump into a bottle and then pour it in and the opening of these is very small so it can be difficult to neatly our into them. Also, the notches that are cut into the plastic to fit the adapter are right above the zipper so if you are tired and bleary-eyed and pouring with a less-than-steady hand it’s easy to waste milk when it splashes out those holes. It’s really hard to tell when the zipper is closed on the these and I don’t think they freeze flat very well. But all of those things are forgivable because I haven’t had a single leak yet.

Tanisha Timewell, IL

Don’t lay flat

I got the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump so I thought these would be perfect because they came with an adapter to pump right into the bags.Pros:- They stand up wonderfully in the fridge. The bottom is super sturdy.- You can pump right into the bagCons:- Really only holds about 5 oz- If you put a full 5 oz they will not lay flat in the freezer.- Because they don’t lay flat you cant stack them in the freezer.

Isabelle Pine City, MN

Love the small size.

I exclusively used these milk storage bags. I love the small size. Many other brands are enormous and are only marked to hold the same five ounces but then have at least five ounces more of air space. What a waste! I also love the tear off spout. It makes it super easy to pour the milk into bottles without spilling. There’s nothing sadder than spilling hard earned breastmilk on the counter!

Natalie Regina, NM

The spout was fine but I would use scissors to open it up

I gave 4 stars bc I prefer a larger storage bag for my milk, for it not having a double seal, and for the tear and pour spout. The spout was fine but I would use scissors to open it up, along the tear line, and the opening resulted in a weird flow from the bag that I had to cautiously watch to make sure the milk got where it needed and not on the counter.

Kaitlyn Evarts, KY

Good bags

I haven’t tried other brands, but these bags work great. I pre-measure the amounts of milk which I collect in bottles, because I have trouble using the measurements on the bag. But if you don’t over fill, and remove as much air as possible, they reliably freeze without bursting the bag and are easy to seal. They’re also easy to cut open and pour from. I’d recommend these for anyone freezing breastmilk. I did have one bag burst, but I filled it full (5 ounces) and probably didn’t get enough air out before sealing. Never had a problem yet with 4 ounces.

Keisha Alamogordo, NM

They’re good but overpriced.

These are great bags, but pricey. The spout is a great feature but not necessary. A word of caution, always use your bottles to measure. The measurement marks on the bag are very inaccurate.

Carla Blue Mountain Lake, NY

Good bag, but not the best for the money

I haven’t had any real issues with this bag and have been using it as well as other brands for the past four months. All I have really noticed is that lower price bags do just as great when it comes to storing milk! I have tried these, simplisse, lansinoh, and medela. And they are all great bags. This one does have the cool rip and pour feature, but is that worth the extra money? I guess that’s up to you!

Kelly Spiritwood, ND

Leaky, unstable bags

These bags leak everywhere. I just finished pumping and sat the bag down in my bed and now my bed is covered in breast milk. All that milk wasted. Not the first time either. My complaints -1- they leak2- the measurements dont seem to be as accurate at all my bottles and other breast milk bags.3- they are ” suppose” to stand. They absolutely do not.4- the bag is very sharp and stabs my inner thighs when I pump.5- does not hold 5 oz with room to expand.One good thing- the pour spout. That’s it. Will never buy these bags again.

Jamie Saraland, AL

Havent used these yet

I haven’t used these yet but I like the fact that you pump into the bag then freeze it without having to use a bottle and add one more thing I have to wash.

Constance Penn Laird, VA

NOT accurate

I love the fact these hook onto my pump with the extra piece, and I do love pouring the milk out the spout – definitely easier than other bags. BUT when you seal the bag, the milk amount rises so the volume shown isn’t accurate (shows about an ounce more than what’s actually in the bag)…which is just a pain.

Jacquelyn Zullinger, PA

Great design, except for two things

I used these bags for the majority of the time I was working and the baby was still drinking breastmilk during the day. I love the ability to just tear a little corner off and pour out the milk pretty cleanly (especially considering all the effort it takes to get each precious droplet of milk with the pump). I also love the fact that they stand up pretty solidly on their own.But there are two things I’m not so excited about with these bags. Unlike some other bags with a double "ziplock"-esque seal at the top, these – if they tip over or slosh around too much while you’re carrying them back from work – have a tendency to leak (not a good thing for such precious bits of milk). I learned my lesson with this pretty early on, and treated them like Faberge eggs from there on out. Also, the measurements on the side are a broad approximation at best – I found they were anywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 of an ounce off. Again, I learned my lesson early on and just counted on the measurements on the bottles I used with the pump instead of the measurements on the bags (of course, if you’re pumping directly into the bag, this makes it really hard to know how much you’re getting).

Kelli Elmendorf, TX

its ok

It’s nice and convient when freezing milk, however I’m really dissapointed it didn’t come with the adapter you need, only the 20 count comes with the adapter. My wife just pumps like normal then pours it into the bags. I suppose once we get the ones with the adapter it will make a little less of a clean up since you won’t have to clean the bottles. The price is probably around right for them but seems a little expensive to use these all the time at $0.50 a bag

Bernice Rochelle, GA

All brands leak or have other problems but these work if u know how to use them

I get these for free from my insurance company so I don’t purchase them on amazon but thought I would do a review to help out. Look, ALL breast milk storage bags leak or have some annoying quality about them. We can send a man to the moon but we can’t figure out how to store breast milk. Amazing, don’t you think? But here is the deal with these bags. I have been using them for four months and, for me, they do not leak at any of the seams, only at the top seal. A couple of times I am certain it was because I didn’t check the seal well enough before freezing. But I would argue they shouldn’t be that hard to slide lock. Most times I am sure there was something wrong with the seal… Because when I double check each time and squeeze the bag a little, I can hear air coming out of the top quite often. So I started putting them upright in a Tupperware container propped up against the frozen peas so they would freeze upright and, even if the seal was defective, I didn’t lose milk. So for thawing, I never drop in water and let soak. I stand with a large bowl in the sink filled with water and dangle the bags into the water, never letting the water go over the seal. Laborious? Yup. But I have read ALL the other brands’ comments and leaking seems to be a common thread.Now, the pour spout is something unique to ameda and I actually like it a lot. I know some reviewers don’t for their own reasons, but I do like to cut the spout with a scissors and pour easily into a bottle. I have spilled a little a couple of times, sure, but no one is perfect.Do I recommend these bags? I do. Just be aware there will be some flaws in the product. I have also tried Lansinoh from a free sample and while I like the thickness of the bag, I can’t figure out how to pour the milk out easily. The other breast milk bags are a strange design… As if the people who designed them don’t actually know the bags are for more than just storing… They are should be for pouring as well.Best of luck.

Edythe Lake Forest, IL

Doesn’t hold much

The bag is too small. 4 ounces fills it to the top. If you put in 1.5oz, it fills the bag to 2oz.I like the strength of the bag and that it stands up well with milk inside. I use it for small amounts of milk.

Tessa Rockdale, TX

Awesome storage solution!!

Love these for breast milk storage. Easy to use for storage and easy with no mess when ready to use. Would highly recommend.

Leann Soudersburg, PA

Inaccurate measurement

The measurement on these bags is completely inaccurate. It’s so important to know just how much my newborn is eating, and luckily I noticed that milk level I was pouring from the bottle to the bag didn’t match up. The bags are more than an ounce off. The bags themselves work very well, just wish the measurement was fixed.

Velma Eure, NC