Ameda Store N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags with Adapter, 20-Count

Ameda Store N Pour Breast Milk Storage Bags with Adapter, 20-Count

Easily collect, store and pour pumped milk. Strong, multi-ply design helps prevent splitting or cracking. Pump directly into bags with unique flange adapters or transfer from bottles without tape or twist ties. Unique pour spout helps prevent spills. Easy close, re-sealable zip-seal bags.

Main features

  • Easily collect, store and pour pumped milk
  • Strong, multi-ply design helps prevent splitting or cracking
  • Pump directly into bags with unique flange adapters or transfer from bottles without tape or twist ties
  • Unique pour spout helps prevent spills
  • Easy close, re-sealable zip-seal bags
  • Includes 20 storage bags and 2 adapters
  • Sterilized, BPA free
  • Freezer safe

Verified reviews


I only bought this for the adapter

Overall, I liked the idea of having an adapter. I thought I could test out the bags, as I have tried others. I really dislike the bags. They were small, and the spout didn’t really pour very well. I also didn’t like the zipper part at the top. So, what I do is use bags I like by cutting a small slit in the middle below the name, then zipper around the adapter and the bags don’t tear, work well and I know exactly how much I pumped. Works perfectly and is easier if I don’t want to wash bottles.

Angelita Plano, IA

Don’t bother. Get Lansinoh.

These bags are OK. Theoretically they make sense but they aren’t very practical.I got them because they had an adaptor so you can pump directly into the bag rather than have to pump in bottles and transfer. It’s nice in theory but not very practical. First, I never get more than 2.5 oz per side so I cannot fill up the bag anyway. So, to get the most bang for my buck, I would have to transfer milk from a bottle to the bag and that’s very messy and difficult. Second, you can’t set the bags down anywhere while pumping. You need to be able to hold them or keep them still – which makes it impossible for you to do anything else while pumping. Third, the little spout thing doesn’t make it any easier to pour than a bag without the spout.I’ve tried Ameda, Lansinoh, and Medela bags. All are fine in that I have never lost any milk. At the end of the day, Lansinoh bags are way cheaper and hold more milk than the Ameda and Medela bags.

Misty Paulden, AZ

Great option for on-the-go Moms

I bought this kit to leave at my work for those days that I either forgot or filled all my available bottles and needed more. For that purpose, they’re great!My only complaint is that it’s extremely awkward to double pump with two separate bags at the same time as these are not sturdy enough to stand on their own when connected to the breast flanges. I find they work best if you’re going to pump one side at a time and therefore have a free hand to manipulate the bag and the flanges once finished. I spilled a bag once, trying to steady both of the full bags while trying to remove the flanges.

Jordan Williamsburg, KY

Great bag, even for non ameda pumps!

These bags and the hook attachment are my favorite of many brands. They connect to many types of pumps (I used mine with Medela). Easy one step pump and storage, and I love the tear off pour spout. So much nicer than opening a gripper seal and trying not to spill such precious milk! I don’t produce more than 5oz a side so I love the smaller 5oz size. Larger milk producers might not be happy with them though.

Hope Dodge Center, MN

Awesome, but check if you get free ones through Obamacare

I find. Pumping into these bags so much more convenient than pumping into the Ameda bottles and then having to transfer the milk to my son’s Dr Brown’s bottles. The bags significantly cut down on the number of bottles I have to clean every night. You have to be really careful, though, about making sure you’ve sealed them properly because they don’t deal as easily as the Lansinoh or other milk storage bags. Before ordering these, you should check with your insurance company to see if you can get free ones through Obamacare. I’m almost positive you can get free bags and refills along with your free breastpump, but which pump/bags varies with your insurance provider.

Cheri Carlton, OR

Ripped and spilled milk

Returning it now! the bag ripped and we lost hard earned breast milk..gurrr. Recommend the Ameda bottles to store or another storage bag

Evangelina Watsonville, CA

Not worth the price

I bought this when I was first starting to pump because it was the brand that went along with my pump. After I saw how many I would need, I quickly realized that stocking up on these would be a very inefficient option. I switched over to Nuk which was more cost-effective and worked just as well for milk storage.

Alana Derby, NY

Convenient storage

Would highly recommend especially for use in conjunction with Ameda pump. These are convenient and easy to use. Will plan to use these exclusively for storage.

Cassie Campbell, MN