Ameda White Adapter Cap

Ameda White Adapter Cap

Ameda White Adapter Cap Ameda breastfeeding pumps are uniquely designed to provide comfort to mothers. New mothers use Ameda pumps to have an easy and soothing breastfeeding experience. The Ameda White Adapter Cap is a replacement part for the Ameda pump. The White Adapter Cap is a part needing replacement due to wearing out or losing the piece.

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The cap does the job, but…

The cap does what it should, but it took a very long time to get here. I’m a little spoiled by Prime, but it took well over a week.

Wendi Grant, MI

A must have for Ameda pumps

I hate that the parts on the Ameda go bad so quickly. I’ve had issues with the caps hissing and not suctioning properly causing me to either have a dip in supply or pump longer to get the right volume. It’s been such a pain! Wish I’d gone with Medela instead.

Lindsay North Bonneville, WA

Comes as shown and correct part!

Correct items for the replacement for this part. Works just the same as the original piece. Comes as shown in the picture just the cap no tubing.

Claudette Ore City, TX

The perfect replacement cap… but costly!

These stretch and go ALL THE TIME with this model breast pump and these are the perfect caps for replacement. However, they are pricey for having to replace every month or two!

Paige Bartow, WV

Necessary for use, but a bit fragile

I dropped one of my caps on the ground and snapped the part off that the tube goes over. Due to that I decided to order several extras and was glad to see that they cost less than $1 each. These are the exact caps that came with my pump, so I have no complaints other than I wish Ameda made them a bit sturdier.

Pamala Richfield, NE