American Baby Company 100% Cotton Flannel fitted Crib Sheet, Ecru

American Baby Company 100% Cotton Flannel fitted Crib Sheet, Ecru

Our soft and comfy 100% cotton flannel sheet fits 28″ x 52″ crib and toddler bed mattress, with elastic all round for a secure fit. 9″ deep side gusset is form fitted with contoured corners. Your baby will be warm and c ounce y no matter the season.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 100% Cotton Flannel
  • Fits Crib and Toddler bed mattresses 28″ X 52″
  • 9″ corner pockets, and elastic all around the sheet for a secure fit
  • Soft and Comfy 100% cotton flannel
  • Designed for baby’s comfort

Verified reviews


Soft flannel sheet for baby but tears easily

Update: We’ve had the green sheet for two months and it’s been washed 3 times. Today I took it out of the dryer and it was torn in multiple places so the elastic has separated from the sheet – nothing else in that load of laundry was torn or pilled, so it’s just poor quality. The pink sheet has held up fine (bought Nov 2013), but the green sheet (bought Nov 2014) was destroyed after just 3 washings (and we wash baby stuff on gentle!!).—–I liked this sheet so much that I ordered another one! They are soft, warm and cozy. I haven’t noticed any shrinkage, both sheets still fit the mattress even after multiple runs in the washer and our very hot dryer. The colors are pretty true to what you see on the screen – that is to say that they are perhaps a little more saturated than typical baby pink and green, but I actually really liked the colors. If you’re expecting pale pastels, these aren’t good for you, but they are pink and mint green.

Jeanne Tennent, NJ

good quality, good price

Good quality crib sheet, very soft. Have washed a couple times and so far holding up well. No pilling so far like many other flannel sheets do.

Kathrine Bishopville, MD

Elastic torn appart from bed sheet already, almost 2 months of use.

Elastic already came appart from the sheet. Have been using it for less than 2 months. I liked this sheet at first, now not so much. I thought it would last longer.

Jane Nogales, AZ

Nice fitted SHeet

This sheet is soft, thicker flannel materiel. It fits well on the crib mattress and seems to be pretty durable so far. I would buy again!

Karin Francis Creek, WI

nice and warm

this is a great crib sheet-especially for the colder nights. my daughter’s room tends to be cooler even with our heater on, so i like knowing that at least her sheet isn’t freezing when she puts her head down. it’s also very soft and washes well.

Maricela Tallahassee, FL

A little loose

This sheet is a little loose on a standard crib mattress. It has held up well after a few washes.

Jewell Midvale, UT

chemical smelling

I washed this and it still reeked of chemicals. Also, not flannel at all but very thin fabric. did not put it on my baby’s crib mattress.

Laurie Strawberry, AR

Very soft

This is a nice crib sheet and it helps keep my baby warm on those cold winter nights. It is a bit large for my mattress, so it fits a little loose, but It’s not bad enough to be a safety concern.

Alyssa Hoehne, CO

Soft & Warm

I’ve been looking for a crib sheet that is soft and warm. Flannel like and yet pretty. This sheet meets all of my requirements and goes beyond. Washes and wears well. I will have to buy more!

Lauri Orangeville, PA

It tore after the second wash

I washed it once when I initailly recieved it and it was fine. I washed it again after the first use, and it came out from the dryer shredded into pieces! Not worth the money, buy something else.

Lee Hooper, WA

Flannel crib sheets are cozy.

You know how when you go to bed and first lay your head on the pillow and it’s crisp and cool? Yeah, some babies hate that feeling. So get them a flannel sheet. In the same room, the flannel won’t feel as cold to the touch. (Flannel is also cotton, but it’s prepared differently from “regular” cotton.)We have about six of these sheets now, not because they wear out, but because we ordered more for our second child. The sheets have been going through the laundry for two and a half years now and they’re just as soft and pill-free as when they were new. We use them in all seasons, since rooms can feel cold even in the summer, because of central air conditioning.Bottom line: If you’re looking for a flannel crib sheet, this is the one to get.NOTE FOR PROSPECTIVE PARENTS: This is my one piece of advice that I wish I’d known when we were buying things in advance of our first child’s delivery. If you’re like most modern parents, you’re going to have a lot of tiny beds with different-sized mattresses, mattress pads, and sheets. You’re also going to be doing a lot of laundry. These various sheets are different sizes, but it can be hard to tell which is which when they come out of the dryer. You do not want to be fighting with the sheets when it comes time to remake a bed after a vomit or feces incident.The solution is to choose ONE color for the sheets of a particular size and stick to it. For instance, get all green crib sheets. Make all of your co-sleeper sheets cream. For the pack ‘n’ play? All brown. (The brown will hide travel smudges, too.) Buy white or yellow toddler sheet sets. Also, get alaundry markerand write a code for the size on the mattress pads’ labels.People got you fancy bedding sets (which, if they contain padded elements, can be dangerous for infants)? You bought into the hype and got all kinds of crazy sheets for the crib? Return them if you can. Or consign them. Or give them away. Seriously, having a unified color for each size sheet will simplify your life for YEARS to come, especially if you have more than one kid.

Kasey Stoutsville, OH


You don’t see flannel sheets for infant cribs that often. It is very nice and soft. The chevron design is very modern.

Liz Mechanicsville, MD

Pretty and fits well, but doesn’t seem to be as quality made

I have a couple of American Baby crib sheets and have been quite satisfied with them. I figured this would just be another nice budget-friendly sheet as I’ve come to expect from the company, but even after a short time it doesn’t seem to be holding up as well as the others. Is it the flannel material? I noticed some "weakening" just after the initial pre-wash (on a gentle cycle and a line dry). No real breakage or even anything truly noticeable, but again, this just doesn’t seem to be as well-made as my other American Baby sheets.That aside, I do love the feel of the flannel and the fit on the crib mattress is wonderfully secure for a great fit. Good qualities, but this isn’t quite what I expect from the company.

Eileen Montour Falls, NY

Soft and warm

Much softer than what I anticipated after reading some other reviews. It’s not thickest flannel sheet I’ve owned, but it’s a good quality at this price point. I love that my little guy has a soft, warm sheet for winter nights.

Edith Glenview, IL

Great Sheet

This sheet is soft and warm, my toddler loves the fun yet modern design. It nicely fits his quite thick organic toddler mattress because of the deep corners. When we first opened the package, it smelled horrible (like vinyl plastic) so we immediately tossed it in the laundry which took care of the smell. It looks great out of the laundry still and it did not fall apart or shrink (we wash everything in warm water, high heat dryer).

Joyce Malad City, ID

Great on Toddler Bed

We live in an older house, and keep the heat down in the winter. We use flannel sheets on our own bed, but had only used standard cotton sheets on the crib mattress. We put this sheet onto the toddler’s bed (same size mattress as the crib), and it has been good. Soft flannel, and warmer than regular cotton.We haven’t had any issues with the sheet fraying or tearing, but we don’t wash it as often on the toddler bed as we would if it were in the crib. (There, sheets were lucky to make it a couple of days without needing to be washed!) It’s not my favorite pattern, but it’s neutral enough to be used for a boy or a girl.

Camille Cunningham, TX

ripped when putting it on

The elastic ripped aweay from the sheet when putting it on for 1st time. its soft but thin. wish there was a thick organic flannel sheet out there…

Octavia Milan, NH

Soft and warm

This sheet is soft, warm, and fits just about any crib mattress. Great value for the money. Saw these at another baby store for almost double the price and these save you money too.

Elba Penland, NC

Too early to fully tell if there’s any big flaws (will update later)

We got these sheets because we’ve purchased the cotton version. Just like these flannel sheets, the cotton version looks great, but it wasn’t perfect.[Good]The pattern design is great.Unlike the cotton version of this bed sheet, this is nice and soft.[Bad]Fraying: It hasn’t broken yet, but we are noticing some fraying along the elastic after a single wash.[Misc]It may be due to the material but it doesn’t look as nice as the cotton version since flannel tends to not look as smooth.[Verdict]It doesn’t hurt to try these sheets since Amazon has a great return policy. However I would read all of the reviews first to get a better picture.

Deena Bonduel, WI

Nice sheets

These sheets are nice. They hug the crib mattress corners very well; better than most crib sheets. They are soft, but not as thick as I expected, I do like them though and would purchase them again.

Beulah Akron, OH

Snuggly warm

This is exactly what I needed for my daughter’s crib over the winter. Cozy warm and fits the mattress snugly!

Carmela Moore, TX

Great sheet! Super cute!

With the current popularity of chevron, this sheet is a must have for your nursery! It’s super cute and works great for a boy or girl! The flannel fabric makes it super warm and cozy for your little one especially in the winter months. The best feature is it’s nice deep pockets which even after washing and drying fits easily on your standard and deeper crib mattresses. This is a great find!

Angelia Tupper Lake, NY

Great sheet

Fits the Moonlight Slumber mattress perfectly, and is very soft. Got it to make the cold winter nights more cozy, and it worked exactly as desired. Much more warm then our Carter’s Easy Fit sheets.

Lynnette Boyle, MS

Great Crib Sheet

It is soft and a very cute color and both the texture and color have held up to over a dozen washes. I wash it in hot water and put it in the dryer on low and it has not shrunk at all, still fits the crib mattress perfectly.

Lois Exeland, WI

Love Love LOVE

These sheets are so soft and wash wonderfully. I love having something cozy to lay my son on now that it’s getting cold at night.

Sydney Rogers, CT

So far so good. Love that it’s 100% cotton

We got these sheets and thought they looked really cute. It is 100% cotton, which I love. So far it has held up. It fit on our crib mattress well and our son sleeps fine on it. I have not seen any issues with it so far. It also was fine after washing but that was just one wash so far. I’ll update if it breaks apart but so far the material seems to be made pretty well.

Ines Center Point, IA

I regret buying these cheap sheets

I just got this flannel fitted crib sheet yesterday. I washed it in baby detergent because it had a strong smell from the plastic packaging. When I pulled it out from the dryer I noticed that the sheets have unraveled from the elastic. The sheets fell apart and I hadn’t eveN used them yet. Horrible!

Audrey Talmage, NE

Nice sheet but might be too bold and busy for sleeping

This is a soft flannel sheet, fits mattress well and washes without deteriorating. However, you’ll want to see this in person to decide if it’s the right color and pattern. Grey and zigzags are very popular now, but my issue with this version has to do with the shade of gray: it’s a bit dark, especially in low light, which makes me wonder if it’s too visually stimulating for baby when trying to sleep. I’d prefer a softer gray.

Claire Sadsburyville, PA


Finally found a flannel sheet that didn’t pill!!! Thank heaven for small miracles. So much easier to put a sleeping baby on a warm flannel sheet than the regular cold cotton ones.

Edith Swainsboro, GA

Better than the regular sheets by ABC

I wanted flannel sheets for my baby’s first winter since it’s getting cold. These are a good price and they’re much better than the regular sheets also made by American Baby Company. I personally don’t find these to be thin but then again, I don’t have any thick flannel sheets to compare these with. Prior to washing, these were quite loose but after the first wash & dry, they shrank up just right but not quite snug. I think these would work well if you used a thick mattress protector underneath. They did fuzz up a little, the way you would normally expect flannel or fleece type of materials to do. Pink is indeed a bubblegum pink.

Molly West Columbia, TX