American Baby Company 100% Cotton Percale PORTABLE/MINI Crib Bumper, Aqua

American Baby Company 100% Cotton Percale PORTABLE/MINI Crib Bumper, Aqua

Our 100% Cotton Percale Portable/Mini Crib Bumpers fit standard portable mini-cribs measuring approximately 24″ x 38″. Available in various colors/prints to compliment the nursery. Machine wash cold, tumble dry low for best results.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Bumper: Outer fabric 100% cotton percale, filler 100% polyester
  • Superior 100% percale cotton portable/mini crib bumper
  • Helps protect your baby’s head from the crib rails
  • Soft pastels to enhance any room decor
  • Fits 24″ x 38″ standard mini/portable crib
  • Hand Made. Product size may vary by one or two inches

Verified reviews


Not Bad

Please if you have an infant don’t use a bumper babies can suffocate, it is highly recommended that the baby only have the bedsheet and use a sleep sack. I work in the ER and have seen first hand the bad outcomes of putting things in the bed with baby especially bumpers, with that being said this was purchases for my son who knaws at the crib and also becareful that baby does not get ties into mouth and the snap off the bumper and form a choking hazard. Product is soft and great crisp color.

Patsy Homerville, GA

Great product

It launders well. Who doesn’t love that? Fit our Mini Crib perfectly. Quality product at a good price. Would recommend.

Lorene Stamps, AR

Great for travel

We used this when we travelled with my son because most hotels have those cheap metal port-a-cribs. My son is a roller and would often sleep wedged up against the rails. The metal cribs get cold and wake him up if his skin touches the rails. I’m not usually an advocate for bumpers, but in this case… sleep won out. Can’t always bring the pack and play.

Edwina Artesia, MS

A little big

When I received this it was way too big for my Delta portable crib. I washed it hoping it would shrink a bit and it did. Unfortunately, it already has a tiny rip on the outside of it and while it fits the crib, at the point where the two ends come together, I can’t tie them around the bar. It’s too big and causes a gap in the bumper. I did try to read the very small instructions they provide on amazon and that did help secure the bumper a little better but not as well as I’d prefer. Overall, it fits good enough and I’ll make do. Just hope the rip doesn’t get worse.

Olga Plainfield, PA

Fits mini-rib, not much in way of padding

The bumper is not very padded, so my son has bonked his head a few times. He didn’t cry as it was not a hard hit, but you can tell by the sound that his head hit the wood frame on the crib. If you are planning on getting this to protect your kid from any hard hits, look elsewhere. It’s a soft pad that keeps the warmth in the crib, helps with hands and feet not getting stuck between rails and potentially causing serious damage (broken arm?), but it’s not perfect.My son had figured out how to lower the bumper and does so only when awake. It’s no big deal, but it was not exactly what I had expected when I ordered it. I expected more padding, but I digress. I is serving it’s purpose nicely.

Jeannine Troy, TX

Nice job!

Matched perfectly. Looks great. Exactly what I was looking for. Pre ordered and got quicker than expected. Wish it had more dual tie ons.

Trina Etowah, AR

High quality crib bumper

I have just ordered a second bumper. The first was a gift to my daughter for her first baby. The quality of the materials and construction is as it should be. We know the baby is safe in his crib

Marilyn Vilonia, AR


Fits dream on me mini crib perfect! I dont know why it matters if there are bottom ties, it doesnt make a differance, if you have had a regular bumper before, little ones still slip their feet through. Stays in place, and you can move it around to match ties to railings. Great buy!

Lucile Myton, UT


We have a mini crib, and its hard to find cute bedding for it! Our youngest had taken to sticking his legs and arms out the slats and getting stuck – then being understandably upset. I never used bumpers with the others, but never needed them either! These fit our mini-crib PERFECTLY. I bought a few others at the same time & returned them because they just didn’t fit right.These aren’t too big or bulky for the mini crib and do the job. No more stuck legs or lost pacifiers. Wish this was available in more prints, Id buy an extra even though I don’t really need it.

Lorrie Montverde, FL

Not actually for a mini crib.

This doesn’t actually fit a mini crib. I use a Dalani Emily Crib and the bumper ties in awkward places and crumples if touched the slightest bit.

Loretta Antrim, NH

A bit bulky!

Bought this for the portable crib but it was a bit bulky. There’s not much room in a portable crib and this took up more room than I liked. But it did work.

Virginia Chappells, SC

helpful in our situation

I didn’t think having a mini-crib would cause any trouble for my baby’s sleep. But as she got a little bigger (4-5 months), she was accidentally waking herself when her arms involuntarily swung around in sleep. When her hands hit the hard slats of the crib, she woke up. As soon as I noticed that was going on, bumpers came into my mind, but I was hesitant because they are not recommended by AAP. I waited weeks to finally decide to order this and I am glad that I did. We’ve had it for 2 months and we’ve not had the same problem since.

Randi Herkimer, NY

Good deal

Once my granddaughter was old enough to have a regular bumper in the crib (versus a breathable one), I purchased this. It is your basic bumper and worked fine. Easy to put in the crib and I was very happy with it.

Patricia Carleton, NE

Perfect for my Mini Crib

Fits my mini crib perfectly.Affordable price!!Loved how it also came in just plain white.There are 6 sets of strings to tie to the crib bars (one for every corner, and one in the middle for the long sides of the crib).The fabric is nice and soft.

Barbara Grundy Center, IA

Skeptical after reading reviews, but pleased with product.

I bought this bumper to fit the all elusive Dainci mini crib dimensions or the mini Kalani crib at my mom’s house. No issues. Easy to tie on. Soft fabric, very pleased with the quality! Plenty of ties to ensure secure fit and safety. Easy to machine wash. Fits well without bunching or gapping issues. My daughter cliff hangs on the sides of the crib when she sleeps and there is no issues with sagging or bending with this bumper. I had bought a breathable bumper, however, her little legs and arms broke through, under, or over and she awoke scared and trapped. No issues here with durability. Very pleased with product and would recommend to a friend.

Melanie Bristol, IL