American Baby Company 100% Cotton Percale Ruffle Crib Skirt, Celery

American Baby Company 100% Cotton Percale Ruffle Crib Skirt, Celery

The elegant 100% cotton percale crib skirt adds a touch of fashion to any crib bedding set. The durable 100% cotton centerpiece covers the spring or board to help protect the mattress. Deep 13.5″ crib bed skirt has a finished baby hem and split corners to help make changing it quick and easy. Machine wash cold with like colors. Tumble dry low for best results.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 220 thread count 100% cotton percale
  • Centerpiece is made of 100% durable cotton
  • 13.5″ skirt has a finished baby hem and split corners
  • Fits standard size cribs
  • Mix n Match with our solid color separates

Verified reviews


Too turquise, not baby blue

This dust ruffle went back. I had a hard time finding just the right shade of blue I wanted, just a soft light blue, and this one was too turquoisey, it almost looked dirty in color. It was a little on the thin side, also. You could pretty much see through it. Not what I wanted.

Aurelia South Wayne, WI

Good classic crib skirt

I looked everywhere for a plain white crib skirt and finally found it here. It has a nice weight to it. I did need to iron it after I washed initially. Easy care.

Trisha Fleetwood, PA

Works as expected, but nothing special

There’s nothing super special about this crib sheet, but it works. I have a low profile crib, and on the lowest setting this sheet does not touch the floor, so if you want a longer crib sheet you may want to consider a different product.

Millicent Erie, KS

Pain in the rear to iron

This crib skirt looks fine, but is 100% cotton. Usually I’d consider that a good thing, but it came out of the dryer very wrinkled and took forever to iron. A cotton-poly blend on something like a crib skirt that doesn’t come in contact with skin would have made things way easier. I’m keeping it, but if I were to reorder I’d consider another brand.

Geneva Summerdale, PA

So happy Amazon carries everything!!!

I only buy white bedding and had trouble finding a solid white crib skirt… This is just what I was looking for. Since I don’t let it sit in the dryer, I have not needed to iron it (a problem other reviewers have mentioned).

Aimee Walpole, MA

Nice, but not the color I expected

I ordered this along with the American Baby maize dot crib bumper. When comparing between the yellow and maize options online, I went with maize hoping it would be more on the gold side. I’d still call it a pastel yellow, but I’m making it work! I have yet to run it through the wash, and I will update this review with any wash results afterward.

Aisha Fishers, NY


I thought this was decent at 1st. I wasn’t happy about the material bc it seemed really cheap. I also bought the sheet to go with it and the colors were different. It really doesn’t ruffle nicely like a bed skirt should. But most of all when i lowered my daughters crib it would hang 2 inches on the floor. I got a normal size crib. I had to tuck it in under her mattress. In addition, i wish the would put ties on these things bc every time i go to change her sheet it moves everywhere.

Graciela Tremont, PA

Serves its’ purpose. cheap, white crib skirt

It’s a cheap white crib skirt, which is what I was looking for so this works out well. It’s a thin material that took a lot of ironing after washing to make it look nice. I mean a lot of ironing.

Kristin Midvale, OH

Perfect for boy or girl room

I originally bought this crib skirt in light pink for my daughter’s room last year. Now that I am expecting again, we knew we’d end up making the same purchase. The skirt comes in adorable colors that match any nursery theme. It is super soft, especially after washing, and fits our Baby Cache crib perfectly. I chose this crib skirt over the one that comes in the big bedding bag kits at the baby stores because of the quality and the price. Great purchase.

Ann Lohrville, IA

Good basic crib skirt – nothing fancy, does the job

I had the hardest time finding a crib skirt that wasn’t part of a whole bedding set. I purchased this one in white and blue – they are basic but do the job. Decent price. Arrived quickly. No complaints.

Essie Cortland, OH

Exactly what we needed

Perfect fit. It has slits at the sides for the brackets on the crib and is a lovely cherry red.

Corina Wheelwright, KY


This skirt fits the crib perfectly and is just what I wanted. Highly recommend it if you want a pop of red in your nursery.

Latonya North Bay, NY

Great for the price

I wanted something simple for our little girl’s nursery. This is perfect and the price couldn’t have been better. It fits perfectly on the crib. The only thing is that it wrinkled easily when I washed it initially. But nothing that a good ironing couldn’t fix!

Jane District Heights, MD

Simple & perfect

Mrs. Boyer here. I wanted something simple to make the space underneath the crib usable storage space. After trying several patterned & colored bed skirts to tie into the soft yellow & dove grey decor, I ultimately opted for this bed skirt to go with my little girl’s white crib. I was a little concerned that the skirt was split at the corners while the crib supports are offset by about two inches, but figured I’d give it a go. So glad I did because this bed skirt works perfectly. It’s long enough to hide what’s under the crib & there is enough leeway in the design that I can adjust the skirt to fit over the supports without any gaps. Well worth the money. Simple, ironed easily, and after a warm water wash & low heat tumble it didn’t shrink at all that I noticed. At 13.5" long I thought it would be too short with the crib adjusted to the highest level, but it works just fine, and won’t need to be hemmed when we adjust the height down. Totally recommend this product if you’re looking for something simple, classic, and of good quality.

Jean Lyndora, PA

Dust ruffle/crib skirt

Perfect length, fits crib well, color is spot on. I am happy with this purchase and would suggest it to others.

Sheila Fredericksburg, IN


comes a little wrinkly, but i don’t mind, looks great, works with my nursery decorations an all. very simple and pretty

Susana Norman, NC

Decent sheet

I was looking for a plain white crib skirt for my son’s crib. The sheet I saw at Buy Buy Baby was of very cheap quality. This sheet is an improvement but not as thick as something you would find at Pottery Barn Kids. Overall a decent sheet for the price.

Bernadine Todd, NC

Fits great, great quality for the price.

I was shocked when I first started looking at crib bedding. How can something so small be so expensive. I bought this crib skirt as soon as I found it. It looks great in my daughters bedroom. I have her crib on the highest setting right now, and the skirt skims the floor.UPDATE: Just moved the crib mattress down to the lowest position and the skirt does bunch up on the floor, but it still looks great!

Brittney Verbank, NY

Nice crib skirt

I’m pleased with the quality of this crib skirt. The fabric isn’t too thin and the splits on the corners make it fall nicely around the crib. Currently my mattress is on the highest setting and the skirt is about 3" from the floor. It looks like the skirt will skim the floor by the time we drop the mattress to it’s lowest level which should be perfect.

Maryellen Cedar Bluffs, NE

Great crib skirt

Great ruffle crib skirt. Fits perfectly on my crib providing an elegant touch to it. Very decent price given my research and unisex also. I would recommend it to all moms that need a ruffle crib skirt.

Lela Livermore Falls, ME

Cute crib skirt, great price

I had been looking at crib skirts on Etsy but ultimately couldn’t justify spending $40+ on something just to decorate the bottom of the crib. This is exactly what we needed – a pink crib skirt and it was super cheap too. It’s held up well for the past 18 months so definitely a great buy. Very happy with my purchase.

Lauren Kingstree, SC

American Baby Company 100% Cotton Percale Ruffle Crib Skirt, White

The crib skirt is white and it fits my baby’s graco crib. I love that i can hide little things under her crib and the sheet covers it and diapers, wet wipes cannot be seen!

Nellie Bonesteel, SD

Just perfect!

Bought the matching crib bed skirt in the solid soft pink. The solid color leaves me open to decorating themes. Soft, fits crib very well, wrinkles from packing ironed out in a snap. Very pleased!

Marina Sheboygan, WI


This crib skirt went great with my nursery, and it’s high quality and doesn’t wrinkle after laundering. I would definitely recommend!

Josefina Llano, TX

Fits standard crib mattress

It’s a pain to iron, but it fits the standard crib mattress. Not much else to say, it is what it is and serves it’s purpose. Softness doesn’t really matter.

Patrice Overton, NV

Does the job, but the material wrinkles easily.

I bought this ruffle crib skirt because it was what I was looking for: a low priced ruffle to dress up my baby’s crib. The only downfall is that it wrinkles easily.

Lottie Dickey, ND

Very cute!

I have been using this for 9 months. It washes nicely and looks great. I am so glad I purchased this rather than one of those sets. I highly recommend.

Lillie Philipp, MS

Pottery Barn Look-a-like

I found a similar crib skirt at PB for three times the price. This crib skirt looks just as good on our crib! I also have washed it many times and it still looks great. It is very wrinkly after shipping and washing though so I usually iron it to give it a cleaner look.

Nell Smyrna Mills, ME


I didn’t like any of the crib bedding sets I saw in stores, so I was glad to be able to buy pieces on Amazon. This skirt is of good quality, washed and dried well. Needed to be ironed after though. The grey does look a little darker than the image, but it still went with my color scheme so I didn’t really bother me.

Annabelle Issue, MD

Very wrinkled

There are not many simple bed skirt options out there. This one is just ok. It doesn’t iron very well.

Sheila Navesink, NJ