American Baby Company 100% Cotton Sweater Knit Blanket, Celery/Gray ZigZag

American Baby Company 100% Cotton Sweater Knit Blanket, Celery/Gray ZigZag

Our 100% colorful zigzag cotton sweater knit is made from ultra soft 100% cotton yarn; measures 30″ x 30″. Just right for traveling and cuddling plus makes a perfect shower gift. Machine washable cold; Tumble dry low.

Main features

  • 100% cotton sweater knit
  • Durable, practical and great for travel
  • Made with baby’s comfort in mind, exceptionally soft to the touch
  • Super for playtime, cuddling and more
  • Coordinates with American baby company separates
  • Measures 30″ x 30 “

Verified reviews


Soft knitted blanky!

Very nice and soft, but small, my measurement showed 30×28. This would be perfect for infants or just as a throw blanket for the toddler. Overall, the knitting looks good, the edges looks to be done well. I am not a knitter, but we have received a hand knitted blanket and it felt a bit thicker than this but this one is feels more densely knitted. Overall, I am satisfied.

Ada Flat Rock, OH

great for chilling mornings

The measurement is 30 x 30, which doesn’t seem that big. But it is great to put on top of a baby or toddler in a car seat when it is cold. I use it on my son, who is two, in the mornings when it is a little chilly in the morning. I just tuck him into in the carseat and he sleeps on the way to daycare with the blanket keeping him warm.The colors are great for either a boy or a girl. I will be having a little girl in a couple of months so I plan on using this with her as well in the bassinet or just cuddling when cold.It feels just like a sweater, it isn’t too thick or too thin in my opinion and it can be tossed in the washer as well.

Candy Pennville, IN

Soft, Cozy Feel and A Sophisticated Design …

The “American Baby Company 100 Cotton Knit Blanket” is a cozy, very soft cotton knit blanket. The blanket’s knit is a stockinette stitch. The gray, white and pastel design is a more sophisticated look than many blankets that are made specifically for infants. The weight is light enough for warmer climates, but is heavier than the readily available flannel receiving blankets.This item is packaged for gift giving. However, you should take care when snipping the threads that anchor the layers of the blanket together. A ribbon that surrounds the blanket near the top fold protects the blanket from accidental snipping. However, the stitch at the bottom portion of the blanket is done directly on the blanket’s surface. Even if you use extreme care, it is easy to snag or snip one of the yarns making up the blanket.When washed on gentle cycle in warm water and then dried on the delicate cycle, the “American Baby Company 100 Cotton Knit Blanket” shrunk to 29” wide; the length remained 30”. After only one washing/drying, the blanket showed some piling. The edges remained intact.If you travel, this blanket would also be a useful item in your carry-on. It is compact, but large enough to cover your arms and shoulders. The design is not juvenile and the blanket is easy to wash. Because of its dual utility – for both baby and Grandma – the “American Baby Company 100 Cotton Knit Blanket” receives five stars.

Kristi Milton, WI

and tats commented on the blanket being nice and well made

The American Baby Company sweater knit blanket is cute decorative blanket. The knitting is double sided (ie. you see the knit on both sides, and the purl side is hidden). It is made with a thin small thread and because it’s cotton it’s soft. This is definitely a cute showy blanket. My mom, who crochets, knits, and tats commented on the blanket being nice and well made.Because it is knit, it’s a little different from other baby blankets. It has some stretch, and won’t line dry as well without stretching out. So, think about the stretch and the knit material when you think about how this blanket would be used. For comparison, the absolute most useful baby blankets I have and ones I use every day are the Aden and Anais blankets. Those are thin gauzy material and much larger, so big enough to swaddle with and thin material that packs small and is never too hot for baby. In contrast, this knit blanket is not thick, but not thin either. So, only use it to swaddle in winter. It’s also just ever so slightly thicker and bigger than a hand towel or wash cloth, that I won’t use it to wipe snot, spilled food, etc off of baby. (It’s also a fancy blanket that feels wrong to get dirty.) The natural stretch to the knit material also makes it different from every other baby blanket I have. Ultimately, I will only use this blanket to cover my nearly a year old son while he sleeps and to play peek-a-boo with. That’s not a lot of use for the cost, but it’s pretty.For washing and drying: This blanket washed and went through a dryer cycle just fine. It is currently about 33 by 33 inches, even though the product is listed as 30 by 30 inches. I don’t think it shrank in the dryer. The surface of the material stayed looking nice after a wash and dry.Although this product is labeled "American Baby Company" it is made in China. I think that it really is cotton, because sometimes I think they are liberal with the translation and really mean cottony or whatever. So, "American" in the product name is just a marketing tactic and a lie.

Desiree Ben Hur, VA

Ideal for Summer Use Or Travel

This pretty gender-neutral (pale green/gray/white) blanket is just the right weight for newborn summer use. Other reviews mentioned it was rather small (30″ x 30″) but I personally like this size. There’s enough room for swaddling and because it is isn’t bulky, the blanket is ideally suited for car travel. It washes up nicely and retains softness. The blanket is knitted cotton. American Baby Company recommends drying flat, but I have not had any problems tumble drying it on low. It comes attractively wrapped with a pretty gray bow.

Angelina Gastonville, PA

Five Stars

Beautiful blanket so soft and very tough feeling like it will last 🙂

Maryanne Olivia, MN

Nice soft blanket, esp for warmer climates

Make sure to read the measurements on this one: it’s 30×30, like a small receiving blanket. If the size suits you, this is a very nice blanket for various temperatures. It’s very soft, and I found that it does fine in a low heat dryer. I would not recommend a baby blanket that had to be air-dried, that’s just not practical.It’s plush, but because it’s cotton knit, it’s not overly warm. It says sweater knit, which is vague. This is thicker, softer yarn than the thermal blankets, but the knit is finer than what I think of when I hear "sweater." It’s soft and fuzzy but doesn’t seem too prone to snags or unravelling.This is particularly nice since so many of the softest baby blankets now are fuzzy boa-style fabrics that can just be too hot.

Alma Riley, OR

Soft and snuggly!

This is a wonderful baby blanket. The texture is very soft, and the design and colors are very attractive. It is not overly feminine or masculine, so it can work for either sex. It is machine washable, and just the right size for an infant.

Mercedes Knifley, KY