American Baby Company 100% organic cotton interlock crib sheet, Natural

American Baby Company 100% organic cotton interlock crib sheet, Natural

The 100% organic cotton interlock crib sheet fits standard size 28″ X 52″ crib mattresses and toddler beds . This soft and cozy crib sheet is natural in color, and is free from dyes, bleach and pesticides making them ideal for baby’s sensitive skin. The unique 3 panel construction with 9″ deep corner pockets provide a smooth secure fit. Can be machine washed cold with like colors, mild detergent, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low for best results.

Main features

  • 100% Organic cotton interlock
  • 9 inches deep pocket with elastic all around for a snug and secure fit
  • Measures 28″ X 52″ X 9″
  • Designed for baby’s comfort
  • Free from harmful chemicals

Verified reviews


Doesn’t Fit

Even following all the directions for washing, it isn’t long enough and it is too wide. We bought 2 of these and 2 from Under the Nile. I much prefer the Nile ones, plus, they come in color!

Abbie Creswell, NC

Favorite sheet!

All of our crib sheets are organic cotton, but this one is the BEST hands down. I thought all of our other sheets felt really soft compared with conventional cotton, but this one is even softer! Feels like a smooth thick organic cotton stretchy t-shirt. The fact that it is natural in color makes it even more soft than dyed organic cotton sheets. CHOOSE THIS SHEET for your child’s crib. You will not be disappointed!

Arline Lakeside, CT

Great at first, but morphs over time

Great: organic, super soft and cozy, stretchy, and initially fits mattress wellCrappy: the elastic separates from the fabric over time and the shape morphs after multiple washingsIt’s so weird. We’ve had two of these sheets for probably a year now and they were awesome at first. I loved them. However, they have slowly shrunk from end to end and, alternately, have stretched out from side to side. They still fit the short ends of the mattress but are a little more snug on those ends. At the same time, I now have a bunch of excess material to tuck under the sides. Strange. As mentioned, the elastic has also started to separate from the sheet in a couple of spots. Not a huge deal but craftsmanship could be better.

Carol Laconia, NH

Nice sheet…but fits oddly

I like the sheet, I like that it is organic. It feels nice to the touch and washes well. The only issue I have is it is an odd shape. Its a bit wider and shorter than it should be. It fits….but just looks a bit off.

Stacey Union City, NJ

Love it, love it, love it.

I bought one organic ABC crib sheet and one non-organic ABC crib sheet. Both have impressed me thus far. Both fit a standard crib mattress. The organic sheet IS softer than the regular sheet (although both are remarkably soft), and I love the feel of it. It feels like a much more expensive sheet! I read in the other reviews that it shrinks in the dryer, and so I have been very careful drying it – hanging it dry when possible, and drying it on the delicate cycle when not. Thus far, I have washed it several times and it has washed well and I have not noticed any shrinking (nor have I had any trouble fitting it on the mattress). Overall, this is my favorite sheet that I’ve bought for my son’s crib, and I plan to buy more.ADDITIONAL INFO: I wrote this review in June, 2009. It is now January, 2011. This sheet is still soft, still fits the mattress (I’ve been drying it on my regular settings in my dryer for the last year, at least, without any shrinkage). All the other brands of sheets I bought no longer fit, or are no longer soft, but these have endured. I’ll be buying more of these sheets for my daughter’s crib, because I am so impressed!

Melisa Flagler, CO

Soft and Cozy

These sheets are the softest, stretchiest sheets I have seen for such a reasonable price. I don’t know how they will hold up over time, but the initial wash in cold water and dry on normal heat did not shrink them as much as my Carter’s sheets, and they are so, so soft! I really wish I could find some to fit on my own bed. They went on the mattress without a fight and I even have them layered (mattress pad, stay dry flannel pad, sheet, flannel pad, sheet) so I can just peel off the top layer in the event of a middle-of-the-night mishap. I bought mine at my local BRU store. The package says TL Care, which is American Baby, and they are the same sheet. I love them so much I bought two more! Hopefully they will not get holes in them and will last a long time. Overall they are a nice neutral organic option.

Maryann Avant, OK

soft, but not quite the right shape

I’m not sure how well this sheet would fit a crib mattress right out of the packaging, but after a single wash, it was closer to square than rectangular. It still fits on the mattress, though the corners of the sheet don’t align with the corners of the mattress. My son couldn’t care less, so i don’t worry about it.The fabric is very soft, even after dozens of washes, and i’ve had no trouble with staining or discoloring with the sole exception of an incident involving blueberries and a sudden stomach upset at bed time.

Faye Morgan City, MS

This sheet works great and for a good price

I am coming back to buy a second sheet and so I thought I would leave a review. I originally bought one of these sheets and then I got one of the aden and anais muslin sheets on eBay with a cute pattern on it. Well, this sheet is way way better than the aden and anais sheet I got. For example, the aden and anais muslin sheet is extremely difficult to put on the mattress (which is standard size crib mattress). It barely fits and you have to pull and maneuver and stretch it to get it on. This ABC sheet is large enough that you can easily put it on without enlisting your spouse to help you or cursing at the mattress. It is also super soft, way softer than the muslin and just seems like a nicer quality material. Anyway, I’d certainly recommend this to anyone who’s looking for a nice organic crib sheet.

Agnes Montgomery, WV

Soft and comfy

Unlike other organic crib sheets I’ve tried, this one is nice and soft and doesn’t smell like industrial waste. I’m about to bin a different set that I bought and order another of these instead.

Melody Barnes City, IA

Very soft!

A high quality jersey sheet. We only used them for a few months, but not because of the quality (we coslept more often than not)

Young Ardsley On Hudson, NY

So soft!

I love, love, love this sheet! It is soft, fits on the mattress well, and organic; total package! It feels more like a cross between a flannel and knit sheet rather than a traditional cotton sheet. I have been using it for about 4 months now, and have not had any problems with it shrinking as other reviewers have. Overall, I would highly recommend it.

Krista Lindenwood, IL

Shrinks lengthwise, but super soft.

They started off great, and then after about a year they shrank. But lengthwise only, the width stayed the same. I washed only cold and dried on low. Wonderfully soft and wearing well with no pilling. If it weren’t for the shrinking, I would give them 5 stars.

Natasha Tram, KY

Soft, comfy, and organic

I bought two sets to keep handy. These sheets are soft and comfortable. To clean, I wash and dry on regular. Even after drying, they still fit fine.

Charlene Fleming, PA

Much better than the one with my set!

I bought a very expensive organic set with Mamas & Papas because I wanted the best out there. When this American baby company Organic Cotton crib sheet arrived I was very impressed with the quality!! Overtops anything I have seen so far! The thickness and quality of the material is excellent and for that I highly reccomend this product and will definitely order another one.

Helena Indian Springs, NV

Feeling good about organic,,,

I bought these for my daughter who is very “green”. I was a little concerned as some reviews stated they “shrunk” slightly. But the softness quality seemed to be worth the risk. I suggested she take them out of the dryer slightly damp. I am a traveling nanny and am always looking at the quality of products in the nurseries I work. I recently came to visit my daughter and of course went straight to the crib to check it out!I was so impressed with the softness and she said after many washings, has had no problem with shrinkage. A decent price for a quality sheet.

Traci Vesta, VA


Many reviewers talked about how soft it is, and that’s why I bought it. I love the feel of it. It is a couple of dollars more expensive than other sheets, but I think the softness is worth it.

Allene Barrington, IL

love this sheet!

We love this sheet! I actually went and bought another one, so I would have one to spare. It is unbelievably soft and cozy, no wrinkles even with my wiggly baby, feels good on the skin. My son loved it the first time I laid him on it. My husband and I wished there were sheets like these for grown ups.

Pauline Utica, KY

A good thick super soft cot cover

This is the second one of these covers I have bought for my daughters cot. They do shrink a bit if you put them in the dryer but not enough to cause an issue of fit for me. Super soft, nice and thick and a nice clean cream color (some can be a bit dirty looking)

Sheena Lakehead, CA

Great, super soft sheet

This is a wonderful sheet for a baby’s crib. SUPER soft, fits standard cribs perfectly. I’d read that they can shrink sometimes after washing, so I air dry mine and haven’t noticed a problem at all. Love it!

Zelma Davey, NE

Like this alot

It feels so good. Wow. For such a cheap price, I didnt expect much but its worth it. Im buying more. Its soft. Fits my sons toddler bed perfect. Hasnt stained after bed wetting. I even enjoy laying down on the bed now to read bedtime books. Good buy.

Carmella Shippingport, PA

best crib sheet i’ve found – save time and money and just buy this!

LOVE this crib sheet. it’s super soft and a nice weight cotton, thicker than other interlock crib sheets. i bought this 3 months ago and it’s been washed and tumble dried many, many times and has stood up very well. it appears to be a weird shape, but once it’s on the mattress it’s a really good fit, nice and tight but not so tight it’s at risk of ‘popping off’ the corners of the mattress. i bought this in the pale green color as well. the green is a slightly thinner cotton but still fits just as well.every baby needs 2 – 3 of these in the natural color!edit: after many months, this sheet is still soft, has retained its shape and it’s the only brand crib sheet i will use for my son. i’ve bought many other brands in the past and this brand and style is by far the best! with another baby on the way, i plan on stocking up on these before the price jumps or they become unavailable or something weird.

Graciela Nuevo, CA

Very soft sheets!

These sheets are extremely soft ! I love the color of the Ecru, very soft and neutral for the nursery.

Ursula Brookings, OR

Excellent quality I strongly recommend

I am very happy with this product. It is soft and great quality. i was ver impressed. It is also excellent value. It is made of organic fabric and it is cheaper than non organic crib sheets. my daughter looks very comfortable sleeping on this beautiful sheet.

Carolina Campton, NH

Sooo soft!

From all the fitted sheets that we got this is my favorite. The others may be cuter with the colorful designs, but at the end what matters is the softness. This feels like just the perfect baby-soft.

Carissa Clarkston, WA

Soft and Fits Perfectly

I plan on ordering another of these sheets. It is extremely soft and fits the mattress very well. I’ve washed it several times and it hasn’t shrunk — still fits perfectly and only seems to get softer.

Christina Toms River, NJ

Soft, soft, soft!

I love this crib sheet — it’s very soft and the price is reasonable. I haven’t had a problem with shrinkage. Given that the fabric stretches quite a bit it fits our mattress just fine after several washes in warm.

Lucia Davis Junction, IL

So soft!

The color is such a nice sage but really, these sheets are SO SOFT! They fit the crib mattress perfectly but I cannot get over how soft they feel. Love it!

Luella West Linn, OR

very soft

adds a little padding to my baby’s firmer mattress. It’s extremely soft. I do find that I have to stretch it a little to fit my colgate mattress, but it’s nothing that would make me question purchasing this product again.

Greta Ithaca, NY

Wonderful Sheet

We love that’s organic an SO soft! Our little guy slept on it for the first year and a half of his life and it is still in great shape.

Ebony Delphia, KY

Great sheets, great fit, very soft and durable

I am extremely ahppy with these sheets. I bought more because they are fantastic and I have many cribs to fill with lots of little ones.They fit my standard size crib mattress perfectly (much better than sheets i purchased a TRU).The material is soft, but not so soft it would pill. the sheets have been washed many times and they are good as new.You cannot go wrong with this.

Bettie Hartfield, VA