American Baby Company 3-Pack 100% Cotton Terry Washcloth Set, Celery

American Baby Company 3-Pack 100% Cotton Terry Washcloth Set, Celery

The Cotton Terry 3 Pack Wash Cloth Set is 100% cotton woven. This set includes three 10″ x 10″ wash cloths. The set is extra soft and super absorbent. Machine wash with like colors and use non chlorine bleach to wash if needed.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 100% woven cotton terry
  • 3 pack washcloth set, each measures 10″ X 10″
  • Extra soft and super absorbent
  • Designed for baby’s comfort

Verified reviews


nice thick washcloths

I love that these are the thick cotton washcloths instead of the carters ones that are soft, however they are some kind of blend that feels too cheap. When I was my son with these I feel like I’m really getting all his chubby folds clean.

Edythe Nocona, TX

Average washcloths

I think that these washcloths are just okay. They are soft, but not super soft. I find them a little too thick for cleaning in my little one’s ears.

Lottie Lowell, WI

Good Small Washclothes

Good size for a child, but not quite as soft as I hoped. Okay for the price.

Amelia Drexel, NC


These are very soft on baby. They are also extra big for baby. Normal baby cloths are too small. These are perfect.

Bette Erskine, MN

Decent washcloths but nothing out of the ordinary

They are ok to me. At the same time, I think other washcloths work just as well. I needn’t have bought those especially for the baby.

Phyllis Yakima, WA

Thick, soft washcloths

I love, love, love these washcloths…so much that I think I might buy them again. They are very thick and well made. They actually pick up messes unlike many other wash cloths that are sold!

Audrey Hartfield, VA

Soft but not plush.

I don’t like them, I think they are too rough but my gf does. I have a set that I use and the feel softer than these. I would have preferred to just save the money and use them on him. My gf however is happy with them. Because of this I gave it a 4*

Shirley Gallatin, TN

Best baby face cloth

Other brands are tiny, flimsy. These are real facecloths, just a bit smaller and a bit softer than what was in my closet.

Sandy Cable, OH