American Baby Company Bedding Gift Set, Mocha

American Baby Company Bedding Gift Set, Mocha

Two super products bundled. Our 100% organic cotton embroidered receiving blanket in mocha has a cute teddy bear embroidery on one corner. Included in this bundle is our 100% organic cotton thermal receiving blanket in natural is stretchy and can be used to swaddle an infant. Both blankets are organically grown and free from dyes and pesticides. They are generously sized measuring 30″ x 40″. The fabrics are very soft; ideally made for baby’s sensitive skin. Machine wash with like colors mild detergent, use gentle cycle.

Main features

  • Embroidered Blanket 100% organic cotton interlock; Thermal Blanket 100% organic cotton
  • Organically grown cotton is free from pesticides; cotton is durable and practical.
  • Both Blankets Measures 30″ x 40″
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • These organic blankets make a perfect shower gift

Verified reviews


Wonderful Blanket Set – LOVE it

These beautiful blankets are certified organic and PESTICIDE FREE. It doesn’t get any better than that for our babies who are so sensitive to environmental toxins. I so appreciate the time, effort and expense taken to make these blankets safe for our babies.Thermal BlanketThis is a lovely natural beige measuring 30′ by 40". The fabric is soft and textured and breathes nicely. I was able to swaddle my baby and the fabric had a nice give to it that allowed me to wrap a bit tighter and keep my baby comfortable. The edges are soft and double secured with matching beige thread and rounded corners. Very soft and perfect for a summer night or slightly cooler night. The quality of the blanket is higher than Carters and the other baby blankets on the market at Target and Babies R Us (I have many).Receiving BlanketThis blanket is slightly more brown, but still a light color. It has an embroidered bear in the bottom right corner (which is cute, but I didn’t like how the underside felt). The texture of this cotton is soft and breathable. My baby doesn’t sweat as much swaddled in these – maybe because they’re organic, I’m not sure. Again, the corners are rounded and the stitching is top notch and double secured.WashingI washed both blankets in my washing machine using Eco Nuts and both came out fresh, still in original shape and no shrinking. Tumbled dry on low with my wool balls (no dryer sheets for me!).Highly recommend these blankets for expecting mothers and new mothers. Love.

Blanche Maher, CO

Lovely Set

This isn’t really a bedding set, but two separately packaged receiving blankets sold as a set. They measure 30” x 40”, which is a good size for a receiving blanket. They work well for swaddling. They are both a lightweight material but well made. These are much nicer than the standard receiving blanket three-packs I am used to. The mocha blanket is a lightweight cotton, about the thickness of a t-shirt. The ecru blanket feels exactly like light thermal clothing.At the time of this review, both of these blankets sell separately, and the total cost is less than this set. There is no reason to buy it as a set, as there is no special packaging that makes it worth the extra cost.

Lorna Capels, WV

Lovely soft set

The waffle pattern one is like long john underwear but softer, and the darker one is like the softest t-shirt. Very soft, and I love that they’re so natural. A great gender-neutral choice for baby.

Madelyn Gilmanton, WI

Fine, but nothing special

These are perfectly fine baby blankets. The color is neutral and the size is sufficiently large (without leaving you with all sorts of extra material). The organic cotton is a nice touch (but not a must-have for us).I was not too impressed with the texture or softness of the blankets — we definitely have softer ones, and the baby seems a little off-put by the thermal (waffle weave) blanket (the least-soft of the two in this set).It certainly doesn’t matter to the baby, but I didn’t like the bear decoration on the blanket. Very generic and I didn’t think it was very cute. I’d like it better if there were no decoration, rather than that bear.If these are on someone’s registry, they’d make a fine gift. I wasn’t overly impressed with them.

Angelique San Marino, CA

Incredibly soft and gender neutral

I love these blankets! They’re well made and I love it that the cotton is organic and free of pesticides.The interlock blanket is more of a t-shirt material and great for everyday use. The thermal would be perfect for when the weather is more chilly. Both are a great size to swaddle baby and because the colors/design are gender neutral, I would make these my go-to presents for baby showers.

Helene Everett, PA

Super soft, quality receiving blankets

American Baby Company Bedding Gift Set, MochaI think the above item title is a bit misleading, as these are not specifically bedding items (i.e. sheets) but receiving blankets. Also, they are packaged separately, not as a gift set as indicated. Finally, only one of them is mocha in color (with a charming teddy bear appliqué), the other is off-white or ecru with a thermal texture.Nevertheless, these blankets are fantastic. They’re very well made; the stitching and fabric are of the highest quality and it’s comforting to know the cotton they’re made from was cultivated without pesticides. I thought they couldn’t get any softer, but they certainly do after a tumble in the dryer. The colors are natural and neutral and will work for any nursery and baby. A great basic– one can never have too many!I removed 1 star for the fact that they are made in China. The title “American Baby Company ” leads one to believe these are made in America, which is in my opinion deceptive.

Eva Oceanside, CA

Neutral-colored baby blankets

Both of these blankets are good products. The brownish one is softer and a little stretchier for swaddling. And the thermal one is is little more heavy duty. You could use it for swaddling on colder days. Very neutral, calming colors.

Kelley Seaton, IL

beautifully soft

This blanket set is soft and beautiful. Such a great neutral gift, and a great alternative to all the pastel items. I also see this ideal for parents desiring more natural products.

Matilda Point Harbor, NC

Awesome Product

The American Baby Company has done it again with a super baby product. This bedding gift set is super soft, very durable and great for the new baby. The Mocha color will go great with any décor the new family chooses, and will be perfect for a boy or girl. The binding on the blanket is very strong and will last for year to come. What a great gift choice this would be!

Ladonna Batavia, NY

Ideal baby blanket set

This set includes a pair of 100% organically grown cotton (i.e. no pesticides) blankets, in pleasant gender-neutral mocha shades (finally – something not in yellow or pastel blues/pinks), using non-toxic color agents. Useful full-size 30"x40". Nicely stitched reinforced borders. The blankets come packaged together, but each is different in fabric/texture:1. The thermal blanket is that waffle-like material commonly used for thermal underwear, etc. Nice and soft, and would make a great inner "liner" blanket for double blanketing in cold environment outings.2. A flannel type texture, cuddly soft. A darker, complimentary shade of mocha compared to the other blanket. Has a bear embroidered in one corner.A nicely presented, baby-safe, and very useful gift set – and of course makes a nice gift for your own baby.

Shana Sharon, KS