American Baby Company Full Size 30″ X 40″ – 100% Cotton Swaddle/Thermal Blanket, Blue

American Baby Company Full Size 30″ X 40″ – 100% Cotton Swaddle/Thermal Blanket, Blue

The coziest blanket for your baby, available at discount prices. Complete your baby crib bedding set with this high-quality 100% cotton thermal blanket. 30″ x 40″.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Full size receiving blanket 30″ X 40″
  • Great traveling blanket
  • Soft stretchy fabric, can be used to swaddle
  • Affordably priced shower gift

Verified reviews


These blankets are ok, but are a little scratchy..

I bought a few receiving blankets for my newborn.. This was one of the ones I bought. I like it, but even after a few washings its still scratchy on his new skin. I am not truly happy with it and I would not buy these again.I am glad I also bought the organic receiving blankets from this same company and Hudson for a couple dollars more and OMG, those are so soft and a little bigger then these, that I did go back and buy more.. Those I can also use for swaddling and feel great about their softness and feel even better because they are organic.I use these receiving blankets as burp cloths and over the basinet, but not against my newborns soft skin.A good buy, but not what I was looking for in a receiving blanket.. I want soft and these are just not soft..

Penelope Lake Providence, LA

Another thin blanket

Although it’s thin it’s perfect for when I take them out in the stroller as a light cover. My daughter loves to use it for peek-a-boo and has since she was 3 months old. Living in the desert tends to be hot but going from hot to air conditioned stores can be an extreme so this is light enough to come in handy when needed.

Allene Iona, SD


Great receiving style blanket. Perfect size. It is a little stretchy which is great for us because we have big babies and need that extra little stretch when swaddling.

Marguerite Dutch Harbor, AK

So think you can see your skin thru it…

Disappointed to find that’s super thin. You would think that a thermal blanket would have some thickness to it. I thought I could use this as a nightime blanket for my 20 month old but it’s not going to keep him warm. Need to keep on my blanket search….

Monica Alexis, IL

I use it every day

This blanket is great. Not huge, but larger than most blankets. Great quality. We use it daily. I’ve given it as a shower gift.

Beverly Willards, MD

We like this blanket

This is a very breathable blanket. My daughter gets hot so fast. She is always throwing the blanket off of her. She is more likely to keep this one on her than others we have. We live in Florida and she needs more breathable items.The color was just what we needed as well.I have washed it a few times and it did not shrink.We like this.

Ofelia Marissa, IL

Very Nice

This is a very nice medium weight blanket. It was a great price and I am very happy with it.

Aida Atlanta, IL

Not the size stated

I got this blanket today and it seemed small. I measured it and end to end, including bindings, it was 25" wide and 29.5" high. Certainly not 30" x 40" as stated. If it shrinks even more when it washes, that’s even worse.

Octavia Union, MO

NOT American, great blanket

Made in China. I have no idea why they’re called the American Baby Company. Seems a little disingenuous.Other than that, the blanket is fantastic. It’s huge so a great size for swaddling. Additionally, it is VERY stretchy and grippy so it really stays put when you swaddle with it. It’s not a thin blanket. Here in Washington DC, we use it as a snug under layer and put a thick blanket over when we go out in the winter. It washes extremely well (we’ve washed it probably seven times now) and it remains very soft and the same size.

Terri Levelock, AK

Best baby blanket

These blankets are so much better than the typical flannel receiving blanket. I have four, they are soft and of the they are a good size for infants.

Nannie Delray, WV

Awesome for a Newborn

This blanket is soft, stretchy, and warm but lightweight. I love the color and it is actually great for swaddling! It was perfect for my newborn, but seems a bit small for her now. Great price, great purchase!!

Kellie Navarre, MN

pretty nice

These were the best blankets we got for swaddling. It was surprisingly difficult to find inexpensive baby blankets that were a little stretchy. I wish these were a little thicker. We sometimes double wrapped and they worked pretty well. They’re cheap. They do start to fall apart after a few months. I liked the colors and the fact that they were 100% cotton.

Annie Rosie, AR

baby gear

I am restocking my baby gear for a new grandson expected in a few weeks. This blanket is great and washed beautifully.

Dina Jerico Springs, MO

Nice than expected

This is a light blanket made from moderate weight cotton – very soft and well made. The fabric (I got both white and purple) were not see through in any way even before washing, and they’ve thickened up even more. These are a very popular choice around my house for an all-purpose blanket!

Bonita Gering, NE

Wonderful newborn blanket

This is very soft and lightweight while still keeping baba warm. I live in the Caribbean and this perfect for everyday because its not to hot or cold. It’s very good quality, and the stretch is great!

Marquita Lafayette, CO

Shower Gift

Nice feel to his thermal blanket and it will work great for the cooler weather here in NH. It has some give to it so baby can still move and be comfortable when swaddled.

Sheri Coeur D Alene, ID

Excellent for Swaddling

Purchased this for my son and it is good quality and the stretch factor has allowed it to grow with my son when other thermal ones didn’t. Definitely recommend!

Sybil Wakefield, OH