American Baby Company Full Size 30″ X 40 “- 100% Organic Cotton Thermal Swaddle/Receiving Blanket, Natural

American Baby Company Full Size 30″ X 40 “- 100% Organic Cotton Thermal Swaddle/Receiving Blanket, Natural

The 100% organic cotton thermal receiving blanket in natural is free from dyes, bleach and pesticides. The fabric is soft and stretchy and can be used to swaddle. It is generously sized measuring 30″ X 40″. The fabric is very soft, ideal for baby’s sensitive skin. Machine wash with like colors, mild detergent, using gentle cycle.

Main features

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Measures 30″ X 40″
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Thermal cotton is stretchy making it easy to use

Verified reviews


Organic… but made in China?

Hmmm… not sure about organic & China working together. It seems to me there are not very strict regulations on China-made products (even baby products — remember learning fairly recently they were making toys for our US babies that contained lead in the paint?!) So that makes me unsure that what I am getting here is really organic cotton. The feel of these is cheap (yes, I may be factoring in my China aversion sub-consciously!), and the style is just ok, definitely not “cute” or otherwise attractive. For the price though, not a bad deal if you are ok with their origin. I think I will keep my eyes out for an organic cotton blanket made in the USA, and return these. PLEASE, AMAZON, require a “made in”/origin field in your product descriptions.

Elba Weed, NM

Perfect for swaddling a newborn

I bought this blanket and several other receiving blankets in anticipation of our baby. This blanket was perfect and the only one that worked for swaddling. It is large and stretchy enough to swaddle with, but it is also breathable and pretty soft. I just bought three more.

Mona Barry, TX

Not so soft

When I ordered these, I also ordered another brand, Hudson Baby Organic Receiving Blanket. I wanted four blankets and had it narrowed down to these two, so I split the order in half. These are fine, but I was really excited about the others. They were bigger and much softer. I’ve also ordered sheet savers by American Baby and was not all that impressed. Nothing really wrong with their products, but I haven’t loved any of them yet, so probably won’t buy anymore.

Leigh Lawton, PA

seems ok but….

I just imagined the blanket to be thicker, warmer. Thermal – was the reason I bought it and I cannot see a difference to the simple receiving blankets I bought.

Ana Hico, WV

very small

I assumed too much when the name said ‘full size’, if i stretch it from corner to corner it will measure 30" x40", it is too small for me to use it for anything. It would fit a tiny newborn only.

Valarie D Hanis, TX

Soft blanket, great for swaddling

This is one of my two favorite blankets for swaddling my newborn son. Although a bit big for swaddling a 8+ pound baby, and not a square, it is super soft, stretchy, and I like knowing I’m providing an organic, dye-free blanket. Blue is so overrated. Now that my son has grown and is over 10-lbs, the blanket is easier for swaddling.

Francine Lagrangeville, NY

Soft and thick

Live these blanket, they are soft and thick just perfect for the Canadian winter and soft natural color. I really love them!

Randi Pflugerville, TX

Great blanket!

I always include a thermal blanket in baby shower gifts. A thermal blanket like this one was always very handy when our girl was a baby. Many times after giving these as gift the parents have come back to thank me and told me how much they use it. One even has a child that loves to sleep with it as a security blanket. I love the fact that this one is organic/eco friendly.

Jennifer Honoraville, AL

Soft soft soft

We love this blanket! It is the softest blanket we have and it is well made. It is a nice thickness, not too light or heavy. I highly recommend this. I also love the color, it’s simple.

Gracie Wrightstown, NJ

Great blanket for swaddling

The stretch in the material of this blanket makes it great for getting a snug swaddle. I love the fact that it’s 100% cotton rather than a blend. The waffle texture is soft and feels great. I prefer it over the flannel Carter receiving blankets although those are decent for swaddling as well. I wish I’d gotten a few of these first rather than waste my money on the far too small Gerber flannel receiving blankets and the terrible Ikea receiving blankets. They are both cheaper per unit and you get exactly what you pay for.

Cathy Saint Bethlehem, TN

This is great – soft, pretty thick

Love that it’s organic, and it’s super soft and thick. It’s that thermal material like your long johns. Pretty big, and a good price. Would recommend or buy as gift.

Agnes Henrietta, MO

Super soft

This is a super soft blanket, great for a lap/stroller blanket or while they’re in the rock and play…I just wish it were bigger! Fair enough – they post the dimensions, but I was still surprised by how small it is.

Cleo Amigo, WV

Great quality and value

The blankets are big enough to be used for different needs. They are very soft and cuddly. Really like them, also they are a great value for organic cotton ones.

Lena Churchville, MD

seriously? love

seriously? we love these blankets. we will soon probably have 10 of them. in green, blue, and natural. love!

Laurie Oaktown, IN

Nice Soft Blanket

Nice soft blanket and great size for a newborn. It is warm and breathable, baby doesn’t over heat. Washed nice and didn’t shrink on me. Plus the organic part is great 🙂

Helen Mainesburg, PA

Soft and large enough to swaddle

I’ve ordered 3 of these blankets because I love how soft they are. They are great for the winter and keep our dd nice and warm. They are also large enough to use for swaddling.

Mai Hobbsville, NC

Organic Sheet at a Good Price

I was so pleased to get organic cotton at a good price, for a change. It washes well and maintains softness.

Dorthy Martinsville, NJ

Baby Blanket

For the price, a very soft and lightweight cover for a small baby. However the seems have started to unravel after one week of use, so will have to repair so baby won’t get tangled up in it.

Eunice Newport, PA

Lightweight Toddler Blanket

Wonderful lightweight blanket, perfect for toddlers (& baby’s). This was exactly what we were looking for. My son loves blankets, but always gets to toasty for them & ends up waking up all fussy. This is perfect for him.

Josefa Van Nuys, CA

great for swaddling

I received this as a gift and now purchased a second because I like it so much. Very soft, just thick enough to be warm, and a little stretchy which makes it perfect for swaddling.

Elda West Winfield, NY

Very Happy

Very happy with this item. It is very light and thin so it is perfect for a little blanket to cover my newborn who is always hot. I live in Florida and keep the a/c on 70 but he still sweats. The other 3 blankets we have are just too thick. These remind me of a pair of long johns, in fact I am certain they are made from the same material and the same way.

Juana Sheldahl, IA

Soft and well made

This is a soft, well made blanket that is very comfortable for babies and is small enough to roll up small and be carried easily in a stroller or day bag. My toddler loves it.

Jacklyn Picayune, MS

Looks like a plain blanket

This is nothing impressive to look at — just a small thin lightweight waffle-weave eggshell-colored blanket, not as soft as I imagined and it also didn’t come with the plush teddy bear patch embroidery as stated in the description… Provides a little extra warmth while still being breathable. My baby has had this since she was 6 months old. Now at 14 months, she likes to stroke it between her fingers as she self-soothes to go to sleep so this has become more of a comfort object.

Nellie Steuben, WI


This blanket is nice and warm, but not extra hot like a fleece blanket. Plus it has nice stretch to it, which makes swaddling easy. It’s also very soft. I would definitely buy this brand again.

Hannah Mooresboro, NC